(12-20-2007) Is the veteran suicide rate a problem that Congress should address? If so, how?

Is the veteran suicide rate a problem that Congress should address? If so, how?

  • DM, Columbia
    NO!  Why congress?  They are not experts, even though they think they are, they need to let qualified experts handle the problem and run the government.  The time wasted holding hearings and investigating baseball, business, health and various issues could better be spent running the government.
  • KM, Columbia
    It is definitely something that needs to be addressed. War in Iraq and Afghanistan is having a major effect on the men and women serving there, and it's the least the government and VA can do to provide them with adequate mental care. It shouldn't take jumping through so many hoops for them to get care.
  • TM, Columbia
    Yes, vets face very traumatic incidents involving fellow soldiers as well as terriorist and civilians. Additionally, 15 months is too long to be subjected to this environment !
  • MB, Columbia
    Why isn't the question from WISTv "Is this a problem that the President or his staff should address?" Despite the Terry Schiavo debacle, it is not Congress's place to just address something like this. Sad but true. It is actually the job of the Executive Branch and its subordinates in the VA to identify and investigate any problems. If the end result if that funding or legislative action is required to fix the issue, then Congress should be engaged. Congress can put pressure on the VA to investigate by making unpleasant facts known to the public, but as the President likes to tell us all, he's the Commander in Chief at War. It's his mess and he needs to clean it up. Sadly, we have seen clearly that this President and his administration do not care about the troops unless they are needed for timely photo-ops or saber-rattling speeches.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Obviously suicide among veterans is a problem. But I don't see what Congress can actually do about it. Congress spends money, appoints commissions, holds hearings, and passes laws. I question that any of these responses would prevent suicide among veterans. More government action is not the answer to every problem.
    I have learned that when you have a problem, the last thing you want to happen is have congress involved. Veteran suicide is no worse today than it was during VietNam when the liberal press, democrats in congress and movie stars worked so hard to paint the soldiers as the bad guys.
  • DC, West Columbia
    Our Military branches are a Warior building factory. With time proven techniques, young men and women are challenged and molded in ways that expose them to be prepared for war. There does not seem to be a component in place to address teaching them how to deal with the emotional portion after they have been exposed to the traumatic realities of war. There should be a basic training for those deployed to war zones that evaluate the condition of their emotional state.Depression treatment is not a self taught skill, nor is recognizing symptoms and asking for help. After they are taught to kill, they should be taught how to live with themselves.