Soldier with 218th sacrifices coming home for Christmas

SWANSEA, SC (WIS) - Many of the soldiers serving in Afghanistan want nothing more than to come home to their families this Christmas. But Sgt. Louis Wright decided that he would give another soldier a gift this season. Sgt. Wright switched his leave so another member of the 218th could come home and see his family.

Sgt. Wright's son, Al Wright, says, "I'm proud that he saw the need to allow someone else to be with their younger kids. I was fortunate we had him every Christmas. That's what Christmas is all about."

The Christmas tree in the Wright's home doesn't have an angel on top of it; it has an American flag. It's a flag the family's husband and father is fighting for in Afghanistan, a flag he was supposed to see while on leave this Christmas.

But when Sgt. Wright overheard another member of the 218th looking to spend this Christmas with his young kids, he stepped up and gave away his ticket out of Afghanistan so a fellow soldier could be home for the holidays.

Eartha Wright says there's "nothing like having your father home with your kids during Christmas."

Wright says for the first time in the 28 years the couple has been married, they were apart for their anniversary. She marked December 24th on her calendar as a day he was supposed to come home from the war zone, also a day to celebrate Sgt. Wright's birthday. She was a little disappointed that he decided to wait, but is one proud wife and looking forward to him coming home. "I believe he will be the first to cry to see his family. He has never been away."

The shirts Sgt. Wright's two grandkids wear have a picture of the Sergeant. The kids, like the family, say his sacrifice to come home is just another reason to be proud of him. Al Wright says, "We just decided to postpone the Christmas festivities until the New Year because we would like to celebrate it with him."

Reported by Stewart Moore

Posted by Chantelle Janelle