(12-13-2007) Do celebrity endorsements make a difference to you when choosing a presidential candidate?

Do celebrity endorsements make a difference to you when choosing a presidential candidate?

  • TM, Batesburg
    Absolutely Not: I ask my Brothers & sister in laws and my cousin and his wife before I make any kind of decision. But as far as Oprah or any other celeb influencing me & my family NO WAY.
  • PH, Pawleys Island
    The only "celebrities" I would let have an influence would be people whose judgment I respect, e.g. Newt Gingrich.
  • AS,
    No, not at all! In fact, it pretty much turns me away from the candidate all together. If the candidate had the confidence in their campaign and new he/she had the support of the American people, they would not use celebrity endorsement to draw in votes. It's a poor means of digging for votes if you ask me!
  • TW, West Columbia, SC
    It doesn't effect my view unless they say something that is thought provoking. It is not who says it,but what is said.
  • RH, blythewood
    Depends on who is a celebrity? Would you consider the press or news media a celebrity? Seems like to me the press criticizes all the candidates except for Hillary.Kind of makes you think they're scared of her. After all anyone who crosses her either goes to jail, looses their career or dies in a plane crash.
  • jg, Columbia
    No. A candidate for President should be able to stand on his/her own message and record, not ride the coattails of a celebrity. Seeing the way Oprah fawns over Obama is actually a turnoff in my opinion, and I happen to be African-American.
  • SW, Irmo
    Of course not, and I'm insulted by those who imply otherwise! While I love Oprah and was excited to see her in person, I can assure you that the crowd, including me, was there to hear OBAMA. I have yet to decide who to support in the upcoming primary and hearing him helped me come closer to a decision. Oprah was an interesting addition and made the event more entertaining; if that helps a candidate draw a crowd, so much the better. Ultimately, there is far too much at stake to vote with anything but the most careful consideration of the issues and the candidates -- no matter who their celebrity friends are!
  • CW, Irmo
    No.I think it's ridiculous that a celebrity's opinion matters more than someone from another career. Just because they can get on stage doesn't mean their opinion is wisdom. It's about money. Vote informed!
  • A , West Columbia
    If someone use's a celebrity to help them campaign, that is a complete turn off for me. I would cast my vote on someone else that stands on their own two feet. In the case of the Clinton's, I know alot of people look at Slick Willy as a celebrity and he is doing alot of campaigning for well..... you know who(I could be ugly) but I won't. I have never voted for a Clinton and never will. If a person is worthy of running for president in this country, they must be worthy of representing themselves soley in order to impress me. I think alot more people need to wake up and look at the low morals this country has resorted to and stop worrying and about who's who in the entertainment business. We are surely doomed if we do not!
  • PM, Columbia
    I think a movie star shows the candidate is oart of the left wing. Celebrity endorsements don't mske a positve differece to me at all.
  • BS, West Columbia
    Celebrity endoresement does not make a difference in who I vote for. Who a celebrity endorses does make a difference in whether I will pay to see movies with that celebrity or if I will buy their music or movies.
  • OW, Springfield
    I can't see any American citizen even think about voting for a person who does not belive in tne American flag & for what it stands for. This only tells me that Obama & Oparh both doesn't belive in the flag of this country. How can a person so such nature even be aloud to run for president anyway???
  • KL, Lexington
    Celebrities do not live in the "real world" and don't have a clue about the needs of normal folks. They are absolutely not living in reality and cannot possibly know what is best for this Country. They only care about their own little perfect world.
  • JH, Elgin
    I make up my own mind about who I want to vote for. Just because a celebrity endorses a certain canidate it doesnt mean that he or she is the best person to be the president.
  • TH, columbia
    Not one iota. A candidate should be able to stand on his or her on record rather than the shoulders of a celebrity.
  • TC, Columbia
    I usually turn completely off when celebrities endorse candidates. Most celebrities such as Sean Penn have very little education so they are lacking in reason and intelligence capabilities. I don't listen to them and feel that I am perfectly capable of doing my own research on candidates. While I respect Oprah, I can make up my own mind. I like that Obama has little experience with "old" politics I just don't think he has the experience or the best ideas for America. I would like to see him keep working in the Senate or run for Govenor so he can have more experience. Also, with the exception of the war he has not completely answered other questions or stated how he stands on issues....none of the others have either!
  • EE, Lexington
    Wouldn't influence me to vote for them. Obama and Oprah must not have a clue about the "chicken curse". Obama doesn't have a chance of winning the national championship; oops I mean the presidency after his visit to Williams Brice:)
  • BB, Columbia
    No, I don't think most celebrities have reality based lives so I am not inclined to listen to them.
  • BC, Prosperity
    Absolutely not. Most people go because it is free and see a celebrity
  • FB, Columbia
    Celebrity endorsements have absolutely no effect on who I choose for President. While I think it is honorable of celebrities to take time to help out. I think sometimes it has the opposite effect and I also wonder if the public turnout was because of the celebrity or because of the politician.
  • SM, Lexington
    Absolutely not! I'm not that weak-minded. They need to sell themselves, not have somebody else do it for them.
  • DC, West Columbia
    celebrity endorsements do not make a difference in who I vote for for Presidet.Celebrities are all props, makup and first rate heir dressers. None of these things represent reality or truth.T.V. Hosts are great for entertainment but are not qualified to make up my mind for who I vote for to run this Country.
  • TC, Irmo
    Not at all! I love Oprah but I do not like Obama. 25,000 people showed up to see her, not him at Williams Brice. She is a goddess to a lot of people and I guarantee you if she ran for president- she would probably win over Hillary!
  • KB, Lexington
    Not even in the slightest. I have my own mind and I will make it up.
  • MR, Columbia
    Celebrity endorsements do not make a difference in my voting. I find that they can't really identify with average citizen because they don't have the same issues. Where we are struggling to make ends meet, they are enjoying the "high life" with nothing to worry about. Candidates need to run on their own merits and let their voice be the one that brings you to them. I wonder what percentage of celebrities are actually registered voters and do vote in elections???!!!
  • wf, batesburg
    No - I heard a soundbyte from Oprah during one of their stops saying that having Obama in office would bring the ideals of Martin Luther King to the White House!?!?! What is that?? Is everything racially motivated? Obama had best turn his attention to solving the nations problems instead of recruiting "celebrities" that try to create more - My advice is run on your own merit - not the so-called "fame" of someone who really has no more idea of what's going on than the average informed citizen.
  • SP, Columbia
    If anything they turn me off from a candidate. Oprah was looking for publicity and she got it what she needs to endorse in a diet plan. As for obama, I lost my father to fanatic Japan at Pearl Harbor, I served two tours in Vietnam and I am not ready to trust a muslim yet.
  • VC, chapin
    No, never. I am a college graduate, a veteran, and a taxpayer. I work hard for my money, and I study the candidates' positions long and hard before I decide. And anyone who lets others do their thinking for them is a lazy bum and doesn't deserve the "right" (should be a priviledge) to vote. Celebrities have no special knowledge of a candidate that the rest of us can't get. You get what you vote for. If you bother to vote.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Celebrity endorsements do not impress me. I actually consider them somewhat suspect. In any case I prefer to do my own thinking.
  • VM, Columbia
    No, they do not. They have their opinion and I have mine. I actually find it a turn off because it all comes down to who has more money. Plus, here lately, it seems more like a popularity contest. You know, who knows who, not what the candidate actually believes in.
  • PS, Columbia
    Certainly not! Most celebrities live in a different world than most Americans. Their morals,values,and everyday lives are quite different than most Americans. I would tend to listen to the views of a close friend, rather than a celebrity. But when are Americans going to have a political candidate willing to tell us how they plan to fix problems,rather than getting a celebrity shadow to cover over the real issues with popularity stunts. We all know what the problems are. Tell me how you will fix them!
  • CM, Blythewood
    I can't recall many celebrities endorsements for any particular candidate but for a celebrity as well known as Ophra to endorse Senator Obama means that he has to have an agenda that is great for the masses. It is not the same old political sales pitch as usual. Promises have been made and yet things stay the same. When the endorsement is done by Ophra it does make a difference to me.
  • me, Seneca
    I would actually be less likey to support a candidate that feels they are too weak to stand on thier own and sway the voters without bringing in stars to help sway my vote!
  • WP, Florence
    No, I think most celebrities base thier opinions on generalities. I will vote for an individual that represents my opinions.
  • SL, Hartsville, SC
    No celebrity endorsements does not make a difference to me in voting for a presidential candidate. The candidate with moral convictions and who is willing to support Israel is the one we need for president.
  • IF, Columbia, SC
    No. I am ashamed and embarrassed and disgusted that entertainers set themselves up to sway voters to their way of thinking. Ditto for the politician who accepts them!
  • JJ, Columbia
    Celebrity endorsements do not make a difference in my choice of a presidential candidate. The issues which are important to celebrities are not necessarily important to the same magnitude and with the same consequences as to a middle-class working individual. The endorsement, however, if successful in encouraging those, otherwise, less likely to do so, to listen to the candidate, make a careful assessment, and ultimately, vote is a worthwhile strategy.
  • EC, Lexington
    A celebrity endorsement for a candidate has the same effect on me as a celebrity endorsement in a TV commercial, none.
  • HL, Pittsburgh
    NO in fact I think the celebrities should not endorse and should keep their opinions to themselves.
  • JJ, North
    I think that a canidate should be nominated by his or her own merit, not by the celebrity friends they have; after all, who's running for office?
  • WM, Irmo
    I think it is important for celebrities to raise awareness for the presidential nominees, but it should only play a small role in your own research of the candidates.
  • CF, Chapin
    Absolutely not! In fact, if a candidate feels the need to have this kind of endorsement, he (or she) may cause me to rethink my support.
  • BS, Sumter
    Absolutely not. They endorse who they believe to be the best, and I vote for who I think will be the best
  • CV, Elgin
    no, We need to go by our own opinion. We shouldn't be influenced by others. we need to choose someone who can make America a better place. I also think that Reigion has a lot to do with it. I Wouldnt choose a muslim after 911.
  • HM, Columbia
    No I listen to what they have to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • GD, Leesville
    NO! I look at the individual running and make a choice based on my own convictions, regardless of what others think.
  • SH, Columbia
    A celebrity endorsement has nothing to do with my decision when choosing a candidate. I was given a brain and I paid for an education; therefore, I don't need anyone to do my thinking for me.
  • JP, Sumter
    No. I think that celebrity endorsements actually hurt a candidate. It means they are as shallow and dishonest at the celebrity that endorses them. In the case of Oprah, look at the criminals she set up in her school in Africa.