(12-05-2007) Can Oprah influence South Carolina voters?

Can Oprah influence South Carolina voters?

  • TE, west columbia
    I think she will influence some who may not be behind Obama to get behind him, but I hope that the voters will not vote for him just because of Oprah. I hope the voters of South Carolina respect Oprah's opinion but make their own minds up based on what Obama has to offer and what he can do and will do if elected.
  • BS, Charleston
    Anything for an opportunity to get their name out...why do people tend to believe everything Oprah says and does?? Not me...
  • FW, Gilbert
    I think she is just like everyone else. Just a person with an opinion. my quoestion is who is paying for the use of the stadium. Is it being paid from Obama's campaign dollars or are we the tax payers of South Carolina flipping the bill. The Streets will be blocked off and police will have to be paid for traffic controll. Also police inside the stadium will have to be paid. Who is paying these bills not to mention the clean up after this is overwith. F.W.
  • MP, West Columbia
    Instead of an admission fee to attend the Obama Rally, wish she had requested a Voters Registration card for admittance. Real substance, less celebrity I suspect.
  • MH, Columbia
    I think this is a very shallow attempt to try and influence people based on race. I believe if Obama wasn't an African-American candidate, Oprah would be supporting Hillary based on gender. This is a prime example of the depth of support that she offers.
  • WT, Elgin
    After all the years I have watched Oprah, I have become very dissapointed. Her views are, by my opinion, very biased. What if Osama was white? Would she be here backing his limited experience for the White House? I think not, and that is shame on Oprah, and shame on Osama for using her for his benefit.
  • RS, Irmo
    I guess if you're on of those people that think Oprah can do no wrong then its possible they'll follow her over a cliff and do what she tells you to do. However, most voters make their own minds up and generally resent celebrities trying to tell them how to vote.
  • JC, West Columbia
    Who is Oprah and why would anything she said influence anyone on who to vote for? Silly question. Most people know how to make up their own mind.
  • AB,
    Yes, because there are some real idiots in this state
  • BP, Lexington
    Sadly, yes, she can sway a few people just by her endorsement regardless of Obama's positions but this brings up another question: Should we have an IQ test for voters? I vote yes.
  • aw, Lexington
    If she can, it will be a sad time, if we have to look to someone like Oprah to tell us who to vote for, that means we are not able to make that choice on our own.
  • td, wedgefield,s.c.
    some people in s.c. can acually make up their own minds without someone from out-of-state trying to sway them with their fame...if Mr.Obama cant make it on his own merit,then mayby he shouldnt.I do think Oprah has let alot of fans down by using her name to sway people on a political issue.I hope most people can see through it. thank you for allowing me to vent my opinion.
  • CJ, Dalzell
    Her reputation of everything that she touches or endorses pretty much turns to platinum instead of simply gold proceeds her. I believe that voters who were fortunate enough to get tickets to this event are going to satisfy their political curiosity as well as being a part of South Carolina's history by attending this campaign event.
  • RS, Columbia
    I certainly would hope that a talk show host oopinion would just be that an (opinion) and people would not let money or fame influence there decision when they vote.
  • MB, Columbia
    No. Oprah can bring high visibility and publicity which is beneficial to any campaign or media star, but in the privacy of a voting booth, she has no influence. People may attend her event because she is Oprah and famous, but it doesn't mean that they are there to actually support the persons or event being held.
  • PS, Whitmire
    No,People like me will listen to the candidates and they will decide on whom they would like to vote for.Hopefully, these candidates are independent and don't need someone famous to help them to win.
  • DC, West Columbia
    Oprah is a well respected person and could have an influence on some voters. I believe that the majority of the voters that she influences are voters who may not vote based on qualifications alone. I guess as as talk show host, it is possible that she is able to shed some light on his qualifications that would otherwise be overlooked. My final answer is Yes.
  • JP, Sumter
    I would like to hear an "honest" answer from Obama about wether or not he would take his oath of office on a bible on the islamic koran.
  • jg, columbia
    Obama will NOT get my vote if he is just one of Oprah's puppets, like Steadman and Dr. Phil.
  • LG, Ballentine
    Big mistake for Obama! He won't fair as well in our State because of Oprah's visit in my opinion. We, in South Carolina, aren't impressed by media stars endorsing candidates. We don't need someone else to think for us!
  • DB, Cayce
    Sure, like any celeb, she can influence those that do not have the initiative or intelligence to think for themselves.
  • CU, Lexington
    Only if they do not think for themselves.
  • JP, Columbia
    Yes she will have influence. However, only on those that are not willing or cannot think for themselves.
  • DH, Hartsville
    Absolutely NOT - I will not vote for anyone that needs a so called TV personality to stump for them....candidates should stand alone and on their own...present their platform and let the registered voters make the decision.
  • KL, lexington
    Probably, since so many don't have a mind of their own. So many don't even have a clue what to look for in a candidate.
  • BC, Prosperity
    No. Most people will research the facts and not look to others to decide for them.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Oprah will influence some of course. But a better question would have been: can Oprah influence enough South Carolina voters to change the outcome of the state primaries? My answer: I doubt it.
  • DJ, Cayce
    If you have no mind of your own, sure she can "influence" peoples choices. Wake up people! Research the Candidates, find what issues concern you and vote for the best person for the job. Not for who Oprah says you should.
  • DJ, Cayce
    If you have no mind of your own, sure she can "influence" peoples choices. Wake up people! Research the Candidates, find what issues concern you and vote for the best person for the job. Not for who Oprah says you should.
  • vc, chapin
    Only the ones who can not think for themselves, research the candidates and their positions and vote according to who represents their personal feelings the most. Voting for someone just because Ofrah or anyone famous person tells you to is irresponsible
  • O, Prosperity
    Maybe a few but I'm not one of the few.
  • LS, columbia
    I think Oprah can bring awareness to the voters about the importance of listening to ALL the candidates and let them form their OWN opinions. It is nice to show your support for a candidate but the ultimate reason for casting your vote is that you are well informed about the issues, not just one issue. Think about why you are voting not because someone tells you to vote for their candidate.
  • cf, Columbia
    I would LOVE to see Oprah for "free", BUT, I am NOT pledging my support to vote for Obama. And no, she is not worth telling a lie!