218th member comes home from Afghanistan

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It may only be December 1, but for one military family Christmas came early this weekend.

WIS News 10 was there as a member of South Carolina's 218th made it home.

Talk about a special delivery. It's been more than six months since the Bader family has seen dad. And this year, Christmas came early.

"My Christmas is now. I don't need nothing else," says Rebecca Bader.

For this family, just having Lt. David Bader home is the ultimate gift.

"I needed this break big time," David told WIS News 10.

But he won't be home for the holidays long -- his break only lasts two weeks, then it's back to Afghanistan where he'll continue serving with the 218th.

"It hasn't been easy," says David.

Maybe not easy, but he says he and his fellow troops have been successful.

"Our men and women, South Carolina needs to be proud of them because we're doing some good things over there," he said.

As a part of his mission, Lt. Bader is helping to train and mentor the Afghan police. And he says so far, so good.

"Things are getting better. Years ago the main focus after 20 years was to work with the Army. Well now the focus is changing more towards police now," says David.

But for the next two weeks his focus is going to be on family.

"I've missed him. It's so good to have him home," says Rebecca.

Reported by Trey Paul

Posted by Logan Smith