(11-30-2007) How much of your Christmas shopping will you do online this year?

How much of your Christmas shopping will you do online this year?

  • KL, Lexington
    As Always, all of it. In-store customer service really sucks! And no hassle or crowds and crabby people to deal with.
  • VC, chapin
    I work in retail, and it would be nice to remind people that retail sales people get an hourly wage, do not set or negotiate prices, and do not make the rules. They do what they are paid and told to do. So if you have some problem in the store, remember they are human too, do not make much money, and have probably been on their feet for seven or eight hours. And asking them to lower a price is the same as asking them to steal from their boss. Would you be happy if someone did that to you?
  • BH, Sumter
    Most of mine will be online. So many companies are offering free shipping, and had a lot of the Black Friday specials. With gas prices and being able to shop 24/7, it's just a lot more convenient.
  • HM, Orangeburg
    I have been taking advantage of the 'no shipping fees' that most stores offer when ordering online. It's fast and you don't have to worry about standing in a crowded store that only has two or three registers open!!
  • DM, Columbia
    None. I give gift cards and cash.
  • RJ, Lexington
    Some online but want be shopping in Lexington county, since I found out what a wonderfull Sheriff we have that treats people the way he treated that lady you ran that story on.
  • CB, Sumter,SC
    All of it! With free shipping at most sites that I plan to shop at and because I have to ship 90% of my items back home, internet shopping is the best bargain around. Why fight with the crowds?
  • DS, Columbia
    I will do about as much shopping on line as I do in the store, which will consist of mostly none.....my family has stopped giving useless gifts that nobody neither needs nor wants...as for the children, they already have so many toys that they do not even know what all they have; therefore, we will be giving to the needy who appreciate anything because they have virtually nothing. Children in this day and time do not have a clue what Christmas is about and that is very sad. I pray this world will wake up before it is too late for us all.
  • BY, West Columbia
    None, don't trust the net with my numbers yet. Thanks
  • GC, Lexington
    I'll not do any shopping, on line. I know it's easier, and no crowds means less frustration. But I also feel that it takes away from the whole experiance.
  • MH, columbia
    Just like every year and all threw the year all of it! I avoid having to pay this state any sales tax! Saved around $676.00 just Christmas paying no tax! M.H. COLA.
  • MC, West Columbia
    All but 3 of the presents this year have been bought online. As a result, my Christmas shopping is DONE! And no parking problems or crowds!!
  • DT, West Columbia
    Most, if not all.