(11-23-2007) What is your reaction to the town of Lexington's proposed ordinance to restrict where sex offenders live?

What is your reaction to the town of Lexington's proposed ordinance to restrict where sex offenders live?

  • CL, Lexington
    Why not? They seemed to have managed to keep the homeless out already. Why not sex offenders now?
  • dm, irmo
    someone mention a concentrationcanp for sex offenders? wrong then we would have to feed em.these people are sub human,end of story!!!!
  • MS, Swansea
    Why stop at sex offenders,which also includes people busted for relieving themselves in the alley. Ban the drug dealers and murderers too. If they can get that through the courts maybe next they can go for shoplifters and jaywalkers.
  • DC, West Columbia
    I think any measure to remove potential harm to our children is a good one. The ones who are grandfathered to stay in Lexington should be required to have a disitinctive mailbox that lets neighbors and potential new neighbors know where they live. Those convicted have already had an opportunity; We need to do whatever it takes to offer our children an opportunity.
  • LM, Gilbert
    I support what Mr. Frazier is trying to do and would love to see stricter laws enforced on sex offenders. Sex offenders get a slap on the wrist and then let go back in to society to commit the same crime on innocent children. Our children need protected.in all ways possible. Mr. Frazier is taking the right approach in trying to protect our children.
  • vc, chapin
    We need to re define sex offender. When you hear those words you assume it is a grown person, molesting children. But minor caught having sex with each other, as most of us have, are also convicted under this law. I say before we ban them all, we should get a more sane and reasonable definition of the offense, rather than going into an immediate and high minded panic. I do not condone abusing children one bit, ever. But we have carried this a bit far, and if we are not careful we will all end up accusing each other of things, real, imagined, or just petty.
  • DF, Chappells
    What this will do is raise the constitutional question of a sex offenders basic fundamental right to own property and live on it. The Ga. law just got struck down as will this law. I am sorry to say that the "radical" good doers are speeding toward the United States Supreme Court with this issue and are very likely to have no authority as to where the sex offenders are allowed to live in the end. I suggest that if an offender wants to molest a child that offender will and where they sleep at night has no bearing on it.
    Hope Lexington can pay for all the suits they'll be getting from the ACLU. Just another bible thupmer wants his narrow minded way.
  • RS, Gilbert
    I think it's a good idea. I think all towns and counties should look at doing the same thing. I wish the Lexington County Council would enact this ordinance. When they say it's taking away their rights to live wherever they want to, tell them they lost their rights when they violated our children.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Don't we already restrict the liberty of registered sex offenders? Is this proposal in response to an increased threat? Or did the proposal to build a concentration camp fail to pass?