Health Alert: Ironman MD

NATIONAL - For Doctor Michael Kelly it's a regular day at the office, but he's not your every day doctor, he's an accomplished triathlete who's competed in the Hawaii Ironman.

"There's nothing but positive energy, which is very unlike the day-to-day world we all live in," says Dr. Kelly.

As an orthopaedic surgeon, Doctor Kelly also knows the combination of swimming, biking and running is easier on his body than just one discipline.

"I think it's much healthier and I like to use that concept of cross-training in treating my patients, as well."

Competing at the triathlon level requires dedication to a consistent training schedule.

Dr. Kelly says, "The individual races I've chosen are, for me, such large obstacles that I don't have the guts not to do my days' work."

And if you're headed to the mother of all triathlons, the Hawaiian Ironman, you're looking at some daunting distances. Dr. Kelly says "it's a 2.4 mile open water swim. The bicycle, which is the longest component, is 112 miles and then it's a full marathon, or just over 26 miles for the run."

While "winning" might seem the objective, Dr. Kelly says it's not.

"Because anybody that crosses that finish line, as far as anybody who does the race is concerned, is a winner."

It's a winning attitude Doctor Kelly brings home to his patients.

If you're ready to take the triathlon plunge, Doctor Kelly recommends linking up with other triathletes and training together.