Give A Woman The Gift Of Life

There's never been a better time to give the most precious gift imaginable to one of the women in your life - the gift of life.

You can give your wife, mother, sister, daughter or good friend a gift certificate to Providence Women's Heart Center, and you just might help to save her life.

As part of its ongoing efforts to alert South Carolinians to the dangers of heart disease among women, Providence Heart Institute opened the Women's Heart Center. The center provides diagnostic services and screenings to help women assess their risk of heart disease. Designed exclusively for women, the center allows patients to choose from three different cardiovascular screening plans. All three of the screening options include a personal consultation on the test results and concrete recommendations on reducing any risk factors the tests might uncover.

Women can then share these results with their family physicians as part of an ongoing dialogue about heart disease.

To purchase a gift certificate, visit or call the Providence Women's Heart Center today at (803) 256-5560.