(11-14-2007) How will the made in China recalls influence your purchase decisions this holiday season?

How will the made in China recalls influence your purchase decisions this holiday season?

  • CG, columbia
    It has made a huge impact, it seems everything my children want is on the good old recall list. So I along with my family members are in full boycott of all toys made in china. Back to the basics here, I intend on shopping with local shops that make good quality wood toys that will not force my child into a coma or possible kill them from lead poisoning or anything else that has been put into our toys.
  • DT, West Columbia
    The "made in China recalls" will not effect my personal shopping decisions at all. I am writing because I think it is important to point out that while Chinese imports are the big news story lately these aren't the only products to be concerned about. Almost any product can become the subject of a future recall. The operative word is future. All a concerned consumer can do is to buy from reputable retailers, save your paperwork, and take your chances. Happy shopping everyone!
  • KB, Lexington
    I have a 15 month old grandson. I have already told everyone to be very careful shopping this Christmas. I asked them to try and look for things not made in China.
  • SY, Irmo
    I have always tried to buy made in America when ever I can but todays practice has some stores removing or not showing where an item is made. I understand that in some cases a product made over seas will be re-packaged with a USA label. Most times if you shop at a smaller or Mom & Pop type store you will get made in America products and sometimes even locally made products. Doing away with NAFTA and tax breaks would help a lot.
  • JG, Columbia
    I just wish we could go back to the good old days...when everything was made in Japan.
  • BS, Hopkins
    Since I was young, my mother and grandmother always stated that the best gift comes from the heart, so keeping that in mind...I make all my gifts myself. Knitted sweaters. Handmade raggedy ann dolls. Even handmade socks and underwear. No size exchanging and no refunds required. Just a "thank you". The biggest gift at Christmas is inviting several of the military who can't go home for the holidays to my home and treating them like family. Oh, by the way, there is always an extra pair of mittens, socks, and even handmade wallet ready to be presented to someone. Happy holidays to everyone. Think American-made and something from the heart.
    i am boycotting "made in china" i have been boycotting "made in china" for sometime now and the quality of goods purchased in my home has improved 100 fold! the issue has become imported from china. even my apple juice brand (yes BRAND) has had to change! i now READ the labels and i am boycotting china!!!!! i feel much safer this way! i wish you all a safe and blessed holiday!!