(11-13-2007) What is your reaction to the decisions on the Tiger Burn and Cocky's Funeral?

What is your reaction to the decisions on the Tiger Burn and Cocky's Funeral?

  • SG, Alcolu
    I am extremely proud of both South Carolina universities for making this respectful decision. Such a thing would have been of very poor taste and part of the healing process begins with equal gestures of sensitivity and understanding. Our prayers are still with the families of those students who died in the tragedy. Go Gamecocks...Go Tigers.
  • AW, Orangeburg
    Since the fire in NC just happen a couple of weeks ago I feel like it is too soon to do the normal rallies for the cocks vs tigers It may can happen like normal in about 2 years later. It would bring back hard ship of the Family and friends of the vitums if they do the burns this year.
  • DT, West Columbia
    I know this is going to be read as insensitive by some, but I see these cancellations as something of an over reaction. Yes, seven young people died in a fire recently, but since that tragedy there have been over 100 deaths reported in "The State" obituaries alone. Where are all your tears for them? Was the beach house fire so much more horrible than these, or did it just make a good story for the TV news? And are the officials who canceled these pep rallies really all that worried about the fragility of the students' emotions, or are they more worried about what the media is going to say?
  • MC, Chester
    I think, considering the recent fire and tragic deaths, it would be very appropriate to cancel the Tiger Burn and the funeral of Cocky.
  • LR, Columbia
    I think that this is the only decision that could have been made. If not for any other reason but out of respect for the families and living victims and their friends and families. If they want to attend, they shouldn't have reminders of a terrible time in their lives.
  • vc, chapin
    Appropriate, this year.