Clemson students react to death of one of their own

CLEMSON, SC (WIS) - The effects of that fire are also being felt on the campus of Clemson University. Emily Yelton, a Clemson student from Simpsonville, died in the fire.

Emily Yelton had her whole life ahead of her. A sophomore at Clemson University, friends say she was loved by everyone.
As news of her death began to spread across the campus, students wore white ribbons in remembrance of her.

"I was in shock and disbelief because I knew they were just having a great weekend and it's just a horrible tragedy," said Katherine Richmond.

Emily was killed in the North Carolina beach house fire along with six other students from the University of South Carolina.
She was a member of the Delta Zeta sorority, and her twin sister Meredith also goes to Clemson. Meredith's Myspace page says "I love my sister."

"Our hearts go out to the friend and family that knew them really well, I know that they are just in complete shock this is just a horrible tragedy," said Lauren James.

While the university hasn't gotten official notification of Emily's death, they are working to help students who are grieving.

"we here have brought counselors to meet with our students and met with a group of them last night are supporting them every way we can," said Clemson Dean of Students Joy Smith.

Smith has also been in touch with the University of South Carolina.

"We've talked about how our students are coping and how their students are coping and even thinking of ways to come together to help all of our students collectively," Smith said.

While the shock of the Emily's death is still settling in, students there are sticking together and continuing to pray for her family.

Clemson University is planning a vigil Wednesday night for the victims. The prayer vigil will be held at 8:30pm at Clemson's fraternity and sorority quad.

Posted by Logan Smith