Grab-n-Go - - Columbia, South Carolina


If you are looking for something quick to eat look no further than the Rosewood Deli's Grab -n-Go case.  

Some of the things you can find on any given day include our delicious sandwich wraps including low-carb wraps   with  Applegate  Farms  deli meats,  vegan   wraps   such   as   our eggless  salad  wrap or the popular smoked tofu with chipotle dip wrap.

Choose from a wide selection of pre-packaged salads and dips such as Southern Style Chicken Salad, Pimento Cheese, Ginger Tuna Salad, Tabouli and Hummus to name a few. 

We also have quick meals to take home like pizza and quiche, as well as single serve entrĂ©es (low-carb and traditional).  

Look for your favorite of our dressings, gravies, and spreads; our classic dill vinaigrette and a new favorite, Spicy Chipotle Dip. We also have a delicious low-carb blue cheese dressing.  

Our packaged sliced deli meats are from Applegate Farms and are hormone, nitrate and antibiotic free! The roast beef, roast and smoked turkey, and pepperoni are great tasting too! We also have a selection of specialty cheeses such as halloumi, Amish yogurt cheese, and Clemson Blue Cheese, as well as sliced cheeses.

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