Columbia mayor to proclaim "Stephen Colbert Day"

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - His candidacy started as a joke. But as we told you Wednesday, Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert is now showing up in national Democratic presidential polls.

In a weekend poll, he tied for fifth with Senator Joe Biden. Now the city of Columbia wants to step into the spotlight with Colbert. Mayor Bob Coble says the comedian will be in town this weekend to be honored by his home state's capital city.

The USC Horseshoe includes a rich history that includes the state's oldest freestanding college library - a place where 20 years ago, the Pope told us he loved us.

And this Sunday on the Horseshoe we'll have another historic first, when Columbia's mayor meets with the first South Carolina native to run for president while simultaneously hosting his own comedy show on cable TV and promoting his new bestseller.

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert declared his candidacy last week. Columbia Mayor Bob Coble says Colbert will be in the capital city Sunday morning as the mayor proclaims "Stephen Colbert Day."

Coble hopes to spotlight the city and the university. "I mean there are two parts to this. One is the humorous or satirical part, the political part of actually running. But for us the Colbert Report is a national program that reaches an audience that there's no way that the city of Columbia could reach in terms of getting a message out."

The Colbert candidacy is pretty funny to a lot of people. It's also getting some serious press: The Washington Post, The New York Times, and of course, WIS News 10.

Some media are pointing out that for all the satire involved - young voters are showing signs of being energized by Colbert's effort to get his name on both the Democratic and Republican primary ballots here.

Coble is willing to take part, even if some of the jokes are on his city. "If we weren't made fun of, we would be the first guests or the first location that wasn't. So we certainly would expect that. I think that's part of the humor of it."

Colbert's appearance on campus is scheduled for 9am.

Reported by Jack Kuenzie

Posted by Chantelle Janelle