Home where Augusta woman starved to death will be demolished

AUGUSTA, GA - An Augusta, Georgia, woman and her husband face charges after the woman's sister was found dead in their home.

They're accused of starving the woman to death. She only weighed 46 pounds.

At the home, piles of animal feces three inches deep filled the toilets and sinks and covered the floors, rooms were infested with roaches and cobwebs decorated the ceilings.

It's hard to imagine anyone living in those conditions, but on Sunday, first responders went to the Peterson home where they found 30-year-old Christina Baxley dead.

Deputies say they saw Buel Peterson carrying Baxter into the front yard and place her on the grass.

They say he refused to let them in the home, and that's when they become suspicious.

Richmond Co. Coroner Grover Tuten said, "You could count every bone in her body and her hands were drawn in like 'C' shape."

Investigators say Baxley's sister, Jeanne, and brother in law, Buel Peterson, kept
her in the home, starving her for years. They're calling it the worst case of abuse and neglect they've ever seen.

"This is a lady that couldn't walk, talk, or hear. She couldn't cry for help and the people who were looking out for her didn't do what they were suppose to be doing."

Richmond Co. Sheriff's Sgt. Richard Roundtree says, "Over a three year period they deprived her of the basic necessities. Their living in conditions with live animals. This person was a prisoner inside their own home."

About a year ago, neighbors made calls about the smell coming from the house, but until now, they had no idea what was hiding behind closed doors.

Neighbor Amanda Usry said, "There was a smell coming from the home, but I just though they hadn't cleaned up the back of the house. They had a lot of dogs back there."

Instead, it's a deadly accusation that has shocked many people in the neighborhood.

Jeanne and Buel Peterson are charged with involuntary manslaughter. If found guilty, they could face ten years in prison.

WIS has learned the home will be demolished.

Posted by Bryce Mursch