Some members of 218th return to their families

MIDLANDS, SC (WIS) - Some members of the 218th National Guard Unit are back home with their families.

WIS News 10 caught up with Master Sergeant Jerome Smith and his family. We first introduced you to his wife Janice back in May. She showed us a patriotic garden in her back yard. It's in honor of her husband.

Now, Janice is reunited with Jerome and they're making the most of their time together before he again answers the call to duty.

Master Sergeant Smith says, "I mostly just been sitting back, just kind of relaxing."

For Master Sergeant Smith, being with his family is one of the best things about being home from Afghanistan. He's home for 15 days on R&R leave.

Smith's wife Janice knows this visit is just a short time to catch up on a lot of things, like his wedding anniversary, his birthday, and Father's Day. Smith says, "I'll just take one day at a time."

After being in the military 30 years, this is his first overseas deployment. "That's my job, that what I'm committed to, I'm committed to the cause."

In just a few more days, he heads back to duty, and there is only one thing Janice can do, "just focus on his return."

The Smith's know the dangers of war and the Master Sergeant has seen it first hand, but he knows that's a reality of his fight for freedom. "You hope that when you go you can bring everybody back with you, but war is war."

All of the members of the 218th are not home. Master Sergeant Smith says they rotate the 15-day leave every week. When he goes back, he will still have six more months to complete his tour, unless an extension is given.

As far as Janice's garden is concerned, she says when her husband comes back, she'll replace the yellow flowers with another color.

Reported by Brandi Cummings

Posted by Chantelle Janelle