WIS News 10 Troubleshooter FAQ's

WIS News 10 Troubleshooter
WIS News 10 Troubleshooter

Frequently Asked Questions

Scam Alerts

Are you at risk of being scammed by a foreign business offer?  Are you at risk of being scammed by a sweepstakes or lottery? Are you at risk of being scammed by cashing fake money orders?

If so, check out fakechecks.org>>

Complaints against businesses and companies

To file a complaint with the SC Department of Consumer Affairs click here or call (803) 734-4200 or (800) 922-1594.

To file a complaint with a company or business with the Better Business Bureau, you can click here or call or (803) 254-2525.

Lemon Laws

Is the new car you bought a lemon? Take a look at your rights under South Carolina's Lemon Law, click here>>  

Family Assistance

To inquire about assistance with family needs such as food, rent, childcare, financial assistance, counseling, etc., contact the United Way of the Midlands by clicking here or dialing 211.  The 211 referral service is available to residents of Richland, Newberry, Lexington, Fairfield, Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties.  Callers outside the 211 dialing area may call 733-5408 or 1-866 892-9211.