Introducing ANEW Ultimate Age Repair

A luxurious, ultralight serum that provides the maximum level of Pro-Sirtuin TX Technology. Use every morning and night before your moisturizer. 1 fl. oz.
2X more concentrated.


Skin on the face, neck and under the chin feels firmer. IN JUST 3 DAYS Skin feels more elastic, with natural volume and bounce. IN JUST 2 WEEKS†† 100% of women showed a reduction in fine wrinkles. 100% of women showed an improvement in skin tone.



How does Ultimate Age Repair Night Cream differ from Ultimate Age Repair Elixir?

Anew Ultimate Age Repair Night Cream's rich emollient formula is designed for use at night; and the Elixir's ultra-lightweight formula should be used under the Night Cream or your favorite morning Anew moisturizer. The Elixir is doubly concentrated, and designed to deliver maximum anti-aging benefits when used with the Night Cream.


How do Age Repair Night Cream and Elixir differ from Anew Ultimate Transforming Lift Night and Day Creams?

Anew Ultimate Age Repair products feature first-to-market technology. They are formulated using the latest research on human longevity to unlock the power of Sirtuins (Youth Proteins) to help reverse advanced sighs of age damage and visibly change the way skin naturally ages.


What are Sirtuins?

Sirtuins are naturally occurring Youth Proteins that can extend the healthy life span of certain living organisms.


Do Age Repair Night Cream and Age Repair Elixir contain SPF?

No. Customers should use the Anew Ultimate Day Transforming Lift Cream SPF 15 UVA/UVB in the daytime. Apply the Ultimate Elixir first, as part of a complete skin care routine.


Who should use Age Repair Night Cream and Age Repair Elixir?

Any one who wants to address advanced signs of aging, which would include loss of elasticity, volume and cushion, as well as deep wrinkles and age spots.

†Based on a consumer-perception study.
††Based on a dermatologist-supervised clinical study.