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Two-motorcycle accident in Orangeburg kills one, injures three

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - An early-morning motorcycle accident in Orangeburg County left one woman dead and three in the hospital.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol says it happened on Cannon Bridge Road. That's near the town of Cope.

WIS News 10 caught up with a long lost friend of one of the drivers.    

"It scares you a little bit. It makes you give second thoughts about riding," says Gary Swaboda.

Swaboda is dealing with the aftermath of Saturday morning's motorcycle accident -- one that hits especially close to home.
One of the people involved turns out to be an old friend.

"We all like bikes. We all like to ride," Swaboda told WIS News 10.
It happened in Orangeburg county on cannon bridge road just after 1:00am. The highway patrol says two motorcycles were traveling in the southbound lane. One was a '92 Harley-Davidson, driven by 44-year-old William Gregory sanders of cope.
The other, a '76 Harley, driven by frank Taylor iii of Orangeburg. Both were carrying female passengers.

The Highway Patrol says one of the motorcycles rear ended the other, causing all four passengers to fly off.
The highway patrol says the 47-year-old woman riding with sanders died.
While visiting the scene, Swaboda told us he used to work with sanders at Whitman mold, but hasn't seen him in five years.

"Good guy, fun guy, nice to be with, nice to work with," Swaboda said about his friend.

Swaboda says they both shared a love of bikes, and ironically Swaboda says he was going to buy the same Harley his friend wrecked Saturday morning.

"It does give you an eerie feeling, especially when you see all this," Swaboda said.

There's no word on the condition of the three survivors, and the accident remains under investigation by the highway patrol.
As for Swaboda, he plans to make a visit to the hospital to see an old buddy.

"All our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family and we're thinking about him," Swaboda said.

Reported by Trey Paul

Posted by Logan Smith

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