Beauty Tips from AVON

Dull hair? There's help at hand!
If you color your hair, you should know that sun exposure and mineral deposits in tap water can dull your hair, making it appear tinny or brassy. Advance Techniques Color Protection Shampoo contains UV filters and other protectants that coat each hair strand. Follow with Advance Techniques Color Protection Conditioner. It infuses hair with moisture-sealing conditioners that maintain vibrancy and extend the color life of your hair.

Lip liner made easy
The key to using lip liner correctly is either to match it to the color of you lips, or to choose a shade that closely matches your lipstick. If you tend to only re-apply your lipstick occasionally, it's safer to select one that matches your skin tone, since once your lipstick has faded or worn off, you'll end up with a ring around your lips. Rather than drawing a thick solid line, blend lip liner seamlessly into your lip by using tiny horizontal strokes to build up the color subtly. Glimmersticks Lip Liner comes in nine shades. One is sure to be a perfect match for your lips.

Liquid eye liner definitely makes lashes look thicker. And just a trace of rich plum or navy placed precisely at the outer corners of the eyes can add polish to your everyday look, especially if you dot it along the roots. Apply COLOR GLIDE Liquid Eye Liner after your eyeshadow and before mascara.

Take years off your eyes
Wearing too much mascara can make us look older. Heavy lashes cast shadows under the eyes, accentuating fine lines and creating dark circles. To get the right look, use an eye lash curler, which helps to make lashes naturally frame your eye. Then apply Daring Curves Mascara. The specially designed brush defines lashes to create maximum lift and impact with the least amount of mascara.