Health Alert: Natural beauty

NATIONAL - Teenagers are under a lot of pressure to look and act a certain way, but now there's a workshop designed to help young girls face self-image challenges from the inside out.

An 8th grade health class took a field trip to the Natural Beauty Workshop.

Said Diane Whiting, :I do a unit in body image and self esteem and with 8th grade girls, it's particularly important."

You remember 8th grade, don't you?

The pressure for perfection doesn't just come from peers.

Stacey Antine says, "Their influences with the media, the magazines, the television, the internet, I mean they're exposed to so many things about what's acceptable."

Stacey Antine designed the workshop to empower girls through better health.

"We know the girls at a young age are very body conscious and so it's really a great time to actually educate them about nutrition and, you know, how they should feel about themselves from the inside out," she said.

The girls learn how to read nutrition labels, how to energize the body with a hydrating melon salad and they have fun with a facial mask that can make your mouth water.

Abir Ali says "it was, like, really cool that you could use fruits and, like, yogurt just to make your skin look better."

There's also time for thoughtful discussion.

"I always mention, you know, not to be competitive amongst each other, be supportive of each other. Compete on sports and academics. But not for boys," said Stacey Antine.

At the end of the day, the message is clear.

"Beauty is what you make it and it doesn't have to ebb what the media has to say. It's just you being happy with what you are inside and out," said Christen McHale.

The workshop is held in New Jersey, but here in South Carolina, you can check out the following resources:

Posted by Bryce Mursch