Buy It & Try It: Chilly Pad

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - There's a new product that claims to help you keep your cool no matter how hot it gets outside. In this Buy It & Try It, we're bringing the heat to put the "Chilly Pad" to the test.

Working in the heat is no joke, just ask the crew at Big T's Landscaping.

"It is just blistering out here," says Thomas Foy, who's out in the heat 10 to 12 hours a day. "I think yesterday I drank 140 ounces of fluids."

"This week will probably be toughest week we'll have," he says. "I think Ben said tomorrow 102 or 103 degrees."

Foy says he really works up a sweat. He can't wait to see if the Chilly Pad will help him keep his cool. "When it's 103 degrees and something's going to stay cool, if it works, I'll definitely buy it."

You wet down the Chilly Pad, and then it claims it can keep you cool all day.

Foy says, "It feels pretty good."

That's at first, but how will it hold up throughout the day? Thomas wraps it around his neck as he mows lawns, cuts hedges and does some trim work around the edges.

The Chilly Pad claims the more you sweat - the cooler you get. Several yards and nearly five hours later, did Thomas lose his cool? "It was good at first but it kind of wore off a little bit."

He says it absorbs sweat well, so it's better than a towel, "but as far as keeping you nice and cool on a 104 temperature day, the answer would be no."

It's cost is $14.95 plus tax.

Reported by Judi Gatson

Posted by Chantelle Janelle