Health Alert: Small group training

NATIONAL - It's one of the biggest fitness trends of the year, and it's all about teamwork.

Three gym "rats" found each other watching their athletic daughters' workouts. Tamara Kraus says, "I'm here with my daughter for gymnastics most of the week anyways, so I've gotten to know a lot of the other moms and we thought instead of sitting around downstairs eating at the deli, and getting bored watching the girls, we'd come up here and actually do something a little bit for ourselves."

Who knew they were trendsetters? Fabio Comana says, "One of the growing trends we've identified last year and into this year is what we call semi-private or small group training, where people come together and they can work with one trainer in the same session and there's a lot of benefits to that."

Barry Lovelace trains the group and says there's cost savings for each participant because they share his training fee. But that's not all. "I see them come in here, they don't really want to be here but they know if they're not going to be here, the other ones are going to get on 'em."

Kraus says, "I have to be accountable to somebody, so if I don't show up, it kind of brings the class down. And I'm going to hear about it the next time I'm sitting down there at gymnastics. Why weren't you there? You better have a good reason."

The group meets for hourly sessions, two or three times per week. Kraus says, "Knowing I'm going to have fun with my friends when I get here, perfect excuse to come."

It makes the trendy bunch sit up and take notice of this growing trend in the fitness industry.

While the costs of personal training vary from region to region, the group pays approximately $35 per person, per session.

Solo sessions with a trainer are often $50 and up.

Posted by Chantelle Janelle