Health Alert: Silicone or saline?

NATIONAL - Now that silicone gel breast implants are FDA approved again, are they any safer?

It's been less than a year since the government lifted a 14-year ban on silicone gel breast implants. Since then, doctors say the number of women getting silicone gel over saline has skyrocketed.

Breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic surgery in the US.

For one plastic surgeon, silicone gel has become the implant of choice. Dr. William Gorman says, "Since the FDA has put them back on the market, women are asking for silicone directly."

Krissi Smith, 37, is one of them, "I wanted to be able to and I have, wear the things I used to wear without majorly padded bras or bras that had to lift me so much and all that."

Silicone implants have a slightly higher price tag than saline. But Doctor Gorman says more women are choosing silicone because they look and feel more natural, with less rippling. But they're not perfect.

Dr. Gorman says, "We haven't probably found the perfect implant yet. A lot of different materials have been tried, we keep coming back to silicone. It seems like silicone is the most reliable implant material that we can find so far."

Doctors caution no implant is foolproof and some women still feel more comfortable with saline. Dr. Gorman says, "If a patient requests a saline implant and it usually is because her mother has one or good friends have them and have been happy with them and they may have some lingering concern about silicone."

Krissi is happy with her choice of silicone and loves the extra boost of self-confidence.

Doctor Gorman reminds us that all women over 40, with or without implants, need an annual mammogram. However, if you have implants, make sure you mention it to the technician.

He also advises his implant patients to have breast MRI's every two years to check for ruptures.

If you have any personal concerns about breast implants, talk with your physician or plastic surgeon.

Posted by Chantelle Janelle