PPx Laser Hair Removal

Most traditional energy based devices are both painful and require extensive treatments as often 98% of the energy is absorbed by the surrounding skin, instead of the targeted area.

Photopneumatic (PPx) Technology, a new aesthetic technology, combines both pneumatic energy with broadband light. This makes PPx five times more efficient in treating, dermal and epidermal areas.

PPx works by gently drawing the treatment area into the tip of the handpiece of the Aesthera PPx system. Once inside, the localized area is exposed to a gentle broadband light. This technique makes PPx both safer and gentler as it practically eliminates the collateral damage associated with traditional technologies.

PPx is excellent for treating a variety of conditions

  • Removing Unwanted Hair
  • Age spots or brown blotchy pigmentation on the skin
  • Broken capillaries or broken blood vessels that cause "redness"
  • Telangiectasias or fine facial veins
  • Also used VERY successfully for Skin Rejuvenation and Acne Treatment

    In all instances, treatment time is significantly reduced by 30-40 minutes due to a variety of factors. Because PPx targets the exact area for treatment, collateral damage is greatly reduced, which decreases the amount of necessary exposures. At the same time, there is no need for pre-treatment or anesthesia, further cutting down on the time required for treatment.

    So What is PPx Therapy?

    Photoneumatic Therapy is an FDA cleared therapy and is the first no pain treatment for both dermal revision and permanent hair reduction.

    What's the difference between PPx Therapy and other laser or light based hair removal treatments?

    The key differences are as follows:

    • Treatments are gentle and painless.
    • PPx does not require anesthesia.
    • Treatments are faster. With better targeting of the specified area, less exposure is required. This cuts down on time, making the treatment faster and safer.
    • Treatments are more hygienic with no risk of infection.

    How long will the effects last?

    After completing the full series of treatments, the patient usually needs to return for touch-up work once a year. This may vary depending upon the person as well as the body part.

    How does the PPx treatment feel?

    Patients describe PPx as similar to a warm massage - it's that comfortable. You will feel a warm sensation as your skin is drawn into the the treatment tip and light energy is applied.

    How much time do I need off from work to recuperate?

    PPx requires no down-time to recuperate. You can immediately return back to work post treatment.

    Will I need anesthesia?

    No. Because PPx Therapy is so gentle, there's no pain associated with the treatment. No anesthesia is necessary.

    How many treatments will I need?

    Typically 3-7 treatments are needed to get excellent long-term results. However, the exact number of treatments varies from person to person and often varies between body parts being treated.

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