Health Alert: All-filler facelift

NATIONAL - If you've wondered if it's time for a facelift, but aren't quite ready to face surgery - an all-filler facelift might be worth a look.

Joan Bolot sells real estate. She's often the first face clients see. "Some of it I would suspect too, it's my own confidence level. I feel better when I know I look the best I can. And so I think you put forth a better presence if you feel good about yourself."

Joan had been toying with the idea of a facelift for awhile, but, she says, "It's voluntary surgery, you know, and I know may people that are dealing with horrible issues there where it's none voluntary, so I guess there's a part of me that thinks don't press your luck."

She's been seeing plastic surgeon Allan Wulc for botox shots. Now she's there for an all-filler facelift. Dr. Wulc says, "This is an alternative that I suggested to her that she's embraced enthusiastically."

Doctor Wulc uses large amounts of restylane. "It's really like an artistic material. So, just as women use makeup to enhance certain features externally in their face, you can use this as internal makeup and where ever you place it you can enhance features and subtract certain elements that are less pleasing."

Just ten days after her "filler facelift," the changes are obvious. Joan only missed a couple of days of work and won't need a "refill" for months. Dr. Wulc says, "Usually nine months to a year later go in and touch it up, just slightly, and get, or you don't need to use for example five syringes, again, you'll just need to use a single syringe to get the same benefit that the patient had initially a year before."

So what does an all-filler facelift cost? Depending on the doctor, each syringe of restylane runs anywhere from $450 to $800. In Joan's case, Doctor Wulc used five syringes.

Posted by Chantelle Janelle