Health Alert: Gentlewaves for radiation burns

NATIONAL - Radiation treatment can damage the healthy skin cells in the treatment area, leading to painful skin burns and changes in the texture of the skin. Now low-intensity LED lights are being used to protect and heal the skin in patients receiving radiation therapy.

Pamela Morgan has won her fight against breast cancer. Her radiation and chemotherapy treatments are over and the cancer is gone. But the radiation treatments left behind burns that covered her stomach, chest and back. "It looked like chicken pox. It was itchy and scaly. There were lots of little spots. "

Pamela heard about a treatment called Gentlewaves, developed originally as an anti-aging treatment by dermatologist David McDaniel. Gentlewaves uses low intensity light to trigger injured skin cells to heal themselves. Dr. David McDaniel says, "This is the Gentlewaves LED unit and it consists of hundreds of small LEDs that are arranged so that it's one optical unit and you can basically place it over the skin to be treated."

When skin cells are injured, they need extra energy to recover. Experts say the LED lights in Gentlewaves provides the boost the body needs to heal. Dr. McDaniel says, "Gentlewaves can protect and defend the skin from the burn initially, help heal it quicker and also there's growing evidence that it helps dimish and prevent the scar."

Pamela's radiation burns are gone, "It helped, it helped a lot with the inflammation, the red, itchiness and it helped it slowly heal up."

With no complications from the treatment, Pamela is finally able to put her battle with breast cancer behind her.

Posted by Chantelle Janelle