Increase Your Life span Through Better Eating Habits

Nutritional scientists, along with the biochemists, are proving more conclusively every day that most of our ills have their beginnings in poor eating habits.

If you want to live a longer, happier life, rather than allow the years to drag you along through a miserable, ailing, premature old age, you must take time to analyze your current eating habits. Compare them, one by one, with the stay-young dietary habits that make for a stronger, younger-looking, more vigorous you.

The first thing you need to do is become aware of your daily eating habits.

The kind and quantity of food you eat are largely a matter of habits formed in early childhood. This often explains why obesity runs in certain families. Often the tendency toward obesity lies in a common family habit of indulging in large meals of rich, starchy foods. Similarly, picky eaters are merely following some childhood eating habit.

From the age of thirty onward, if you value your health, good looks and ability to live a long and vigorous life, you must take stock of and be willing to alter your eating habits.

The high-energy carbohydrate foods that were tolerated during your earlier years now slow you down and build up deposits of fat in dangerous places. After the super-active childhood years, the exhausting teens and the procreative twenties, few of us are called upon to expend the same amount of daily energy. Yet many people go on eating a lumberjack's diet while doing work no more strenuous than sitting at a desk for a few hours a day, or performing a few modernized and mechanized household duties.

Modifying your eating habits to your age and activity level means more protein and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. And less - perhaps none at all - high-starch foods such as rich desserts, all-starch items like white rice and macaroni, highly sugared and carbonated soft drinks, or overindulgence in alcoholic beverages.

This menu-in-a-nutshell is your first and most important step toward the goal of a longer life and a younger-looking body. From now on you must accustom yourself to topping off a meal with fruits (or the permissible desserts) rather than with the rich pastries, cakes, candies and jellies you have formed a habit of expecting at the end of every meal. One of the best means of keeping your sweet tooth under control is by looking to honey, nature's own confection, and the only sweet food, besides fruits, that contains valuable food elements.

Bad food habits at any time, and especially during the years that subject men and women to the ordeal of their climacteric (change of life), may be the underlying cause of a physical and mental breakup that can devastate any remnants of youthfulness left to them.