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NATIONAL (Consumer Reports) - We have details on how to keep your lawn mean and green. Consumer Reports just tested 40+ mowers to find the best.

Patti Cavaniola works at a lawn mower store. She says when people are looking to buy, they have a lot of things to consider. "There's all kinds of machines. And you have the question of what's right for my property and what I want to purchase."

Consumer Reports tested more than 40 different mowers. Prices range from $170 to $860. There are self-propelled gas mowers, gas mowers that you push, and electric mowers with cords - and ones without.

John Galeotafiore says, "Electric mowers and gas push mowers are fine for smaller yards that are mostly level. But if your yard is about 8,000 square feet or more and has some hills, your best bet is to get one of these self-propelled models."

Consumer Reports tests mowers in Florida. They assess things like how well mowers handle and how evenly they cut grass.

In one test, mowers with rear-wheel drive perform much better. An expert explains, "Those offer more traction than those with front-wheel drive - especially important when mowing on hilly terrain."

Two self-propelled mowers were named best buys. The Toro 200-73 costs $370. The Toro 200-76, with an electric starter, sells for $460. Buyer beware - when you're shopping for a mower don't assume that mowers with bigger engines cut the best.

Consumer Reports found mowers with less power cut just as well.

Consumer Reports has a video report on how it tests lawn mowers that you can view by clicking here>>

Posted by Chantelle Janelle

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