Health Alert: Headache relief

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (NBC) - Headaches, neck and back pain - they can put you out of commission. But a simple procedure may provide relief and give people a life they thought didn't exist  - a life without pain.

Adriana Grassi's life is physical fitness, "This is my job, my career. I love doing what I do. I think I can so help people changing their lives."

But her thriving career as a personal trainer almost came to a screeching halt when she developed migraines. Grassi says, "I had a problem training my clients because I had terrible migraines. I couldn't talk, I couldn't even see, sometimes, the light."

Pam Delrosso suffered debilitating migraines for 25 years, "My quality of life just went downhill. I'd be in bed for days on end."

Both women went to neurologists, had MRIs, CAT scans, and were given medications. Nothing worked. They found relief with a painless procedure called Orthoganal Chiropractic.

Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Alther explains, "Ortho, meaning 90 degrees. We're trying to get the skull 90 degrees to the atlas, which is the top vertebrae, and the atlas at 90 degrees to the rest of the neck."

Dr. Alter is one of just 250 doctors in the world doing the procedure. If the head and neck are not at right angles, Dr. Alter says that can cause severe headaches, neck and back pain. "The head, it's like a 10 to 14 pound bowling ball sitting slightly askew sometimes."

For Pam, treatment takes just a few minutes. The procedure gave Pam and Adriana relief they thought was impossible to find.

Pam no longer has migraines. "They don't devastate me like they did before. I'll get an occasional headache - maybe once a month, every two months. It goes away in an hour and it doesn't put me in bed for three days."

For Adriana, this also proved to be the sound of migraine relief. She's been headache free for months. "I would definitely say it's a miracle."

This procedure was developed in the 70's. It has been updated. It requires extra training and time on the doctor's part to determine the exact alignment of the neck and head.

Orthogonic Chiropractic is FDA approved and it's covered by many insurance companies.

Dr. Alther is located in West Palm Beach, Florida and can be contacted at 561-819-2225.

Posted by Chantelle Janelle