Health Alert: Skin cancer doctor in cyberspace

NATIONAL (NBC) - More than one million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the US each year. Now one doctor is making the rounds in cyberspace to keep you informed about the most common cancer in the US.

Jim Quirk, 60, is no stranger to skin cancer. He's been biopsied and treated for the disease several times. "I've learned that letting something like this go can be quite serious. By tending to it right away, it's kind of a simple matter, really."

Now he's helping his doctor get that message out via the internet. Anyone concerned about skin cancer can now log on to YouTube to see what it's like to be a patient. Dr. Coyle Connolly says, "People don't really know what happens behind closed doors, our 'medical' closed doors. And to, sort of, make that an open window for them, they don't have to feel threatened by it or overwhelmed."

Dr. Connolly, whose practice is near the beach, came up with the idea after seeing more and more young patients with skin cancer. "You have to remember the sun damage occurs from an early age, and that's what we want to practice and preach is prevention."

YouTube viewers can watch the dermatologist examine and remove actual skin cancers. Dr. Connolly says, "I think it's important for people to really see that it's not a big deal to get a biopsy. You're talking about a few seconds, minimal pain."

It's your personal invitation to see how quick action could turn a potentially serious disease into a once-and-done minor procedure. Quirk says, "When you look at the simplicity of taking care of it when it first occurs, it's ridiculous not to, not to get it taken care of."

You can find Dr. Connolly's skin cancer videos on to - a search for "Coyle Connolly" will locate the videos. Be aware that some of the images may be too graphic for some viewers.

Posted by Chantelle Janelle