Members of 218th attacked

AFGHANISTAN (WIS) - Five South Carolina National Guardsmen have received minor injuries in a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

The National Guard says the soldiers are in the 218th Enhanced Separate Brigade.

A suicide bomber detonated a bomb along an Afghan street on Sunday. Fourteen civilians died. The five soldiers had some scratches. They are all okay and have returned to duty.

The 218th has only been if Afghanistan a few weeks, and the attack has shaken some families here at home.

Mary Hansen's husband is Master Sergeant Rick Hansen with the 218th. We introduced you to him when he left for training in January.

"I've been around him 24 years - it's quiet without him," says Mary. She stays away from news coverage of the war. "For me, the less I know, the better," she explains.

Most people join a gym to get in shape, but for Mary it's "mainly keep busy while Rick's gone."

"Keep my mind occupied."

She's upset to hear about the attacks in Afghanistan. Even though each soldier was okay, and returned to duty immediately, it's tough to put families at ease.

"It upsets me. I worry if Rick's okay because he does drive there."

She also worries about her daughter's husband, Adam, who also in the 218th.

"I think it makes me wonder what else is going to happen - they've only been there two weeks."

Mary's husband told her of an attack he saw a few weeks ago.

"I know he said they went through the gate, the next people were killed. That's kind of scary."

"I don't ever think that could happen. I'm surprised when it does. I hope it doesn't happen all the time."

"They are in the middle of Afghanistan in a war. But there's no reason to worry yourself about that, 'cause it's not helping anything."

Reported by Jennifer Wilson

Posted by Chantelle Janelle