Fuel conservation tips from AAA

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - To minimize gasoline usage, AAA recommends the following conservation tips:

  • Cool the pedal. Speeding at 75 miles per hour instead of a safer 65 means your gas mileage is cut by 10 percent for every extra 5 miles per hour over 65.
  • Let your car breathe. A clogged air filter can cut mileage by 10 percent; a faulty oxygen sensor by up to 40 percent.
  • Take the junk out of the trunk. Having an extra 100 pounds in the trunk can cut fuel economy by about 1 percent.
  • Check the pressure. For every three pounds below your tires' recommended pressure, fuel economy drops about 1 percent.
  • Start your trip early while traffic is light and plan meal stops along the way to coincide with likely periods of congestion. Unless you're taking a scenic drive, avoid two-lane roads with lots of stop signs and traffic signals.
  • Use cruise control whenever possible to maintain steady speeds for the best fuel economy.
  • Air conditioning dramatically reduces fuel economy, so use it only when needed. Try to make do with your A/C's 'economy' Setting, which allows the circulation of unchilled air.

AAA also offers the following online resources:

Posted by Bryce Mursch