U.S. Foodservice

When your hunger for success takes you to U.S. Foodservice, you get the opportunities that come with working for a multi-billion dollar company that's an industry leader. Yet we have a community focus, an entrepreneurial spirit, and we act like a local company.


Our business is based in more than 70 USF Divisions across the country. They operate like an independent business, and everyone from the drivers to the sales force to the management team is locally-based.


At U.S. Foodservice you get valuable experience working in the restaurant and hospitality industry, the nation's largest private sector employer. We are a trusted partner with organizations that include healthcare, hospitality, lodging, gaming, education, government, independent and multi-unit restaurants.

The expertise you develop...
the experience you get...
the contacts you make...
and the path your career takes are limited only by your imagination.


At U.S. Foodservice we offer compensation and benefits packages that are very competitive.  We offer the benefit choices you want and the coverage you need. Here are some of the basics you'll want to know about our benefit plans and programs.

Who is elegible for benefits?
Generally, associates are eligible for U.S. Foodservice benefits if they are full-time and scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week. Benefits are effective the first of the month following completion of one month of employment.

Are benefits comprehensive?
Yes. U.S. Foodservice offers a competitive comprehensive benefits program. It includes a choice of medical options with different coverage levels, prescription drug plans (retail and mail order), and a choice of dental and vision plans. You and your family are also protected from unforeseen events through life insurance and disability plans. And we offer company stock, pension (non-exempt associates only), and 401(k) savings plans. We also offer a variety of paid leave programs.