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Your comments on the Confederate flag

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Your comments on the Confederate flag

  • lp, elgin
    Mr. Stebbins, Perhaps you should not post your personal opinions as an editorial. WISTV has a lot of good programming and many tuners, however, your opinion may be viewed as the policy and belief of the station. Regardless of any disclaimer prior to, or after your "editorial." Do you remember when Spurrier said, "If you ask me?" I don't remember any one asking. The same could be said for your power to deliver your "editorial" through TV. You have the luxury of being a GM of a TV station. Most people can't have thier opinion as readily available to the public. I guess what I'm trying to say is, no one asked for your opinion either. Remember, some things are best left unsaid. The problem, with the band wagon, is people jump off when an opinion isn't popular any longer. Try not to back peddle.
  • mb, columbia sc
    take it down???????????
  • EW, Camden
    The SC Leg. came up with a great compromise. We have the Confederate Soldiers' Monument and ANV Battle Flag on one side of the SC Capital and the Afro-Amer. Monument on the other side. This gives all people of SC a place to go and honor their heritage. Why do we need to change something that honors all South Carolina? Let all of us go to the Capital and learn about each others history. The State should report news and not cause it.
  • SD, Gaston
    The flag should not be the big issue in our state. We everyone would stop the killing,steeling, and pay more attention to the bigger issues. Gas, children in education. The flag is part of our history yes but i could care less. I am a white mother of two and i have better things to worry about in our state. Everyone needs to come together and work together. Let the flag stay and look at the things in life that realy matters.
  • kr, blain pa 17006
    The flag flew over the state house for most of the period that I lived in SC, 1968-2001. It was offensive to me to have it there and I was really happy to have it taken down and placed on the grounds which is where it belongs. No one has any reason to feel it should now be moved.
  • PJ, Columbia
    This issue WILL NOT die until that flag is off of the State House grounds. I am so sick of these people hollering heritage and history. They have the right to honor their heritage even if it is one associated with hate, but I don't want to see it. These people are ignorant and make this state look ignorant. When I travel out of state that is one of the questions that I am asked. I am so tired of people all across this country thinking that we are all abunch of slow ignorant country folk. I wish these people would open their eyes and ears to what is being said. They can have all the heritage they want but take it away from my State House. I pay taxes in this state and my feelings should matter just as much as these "heritage hollerers". For once I agree with Steve Spurrier and he has the right to voice his opinion. I guess they will want to run him out of town now that he has taken this stand. But that is the mentality of the "heritage hollerers". Enough said, I think you get the point.
  • MM, Irmo
    I believe that the Confederate Flag, It has to do with the past of this great state that we live it. It is a battle flag, that is it. If poeple would take the time to learn about it and the war it was used in, they would know that. I also believe that we should take the flag out of the hands of people who do not honor it, example would be the KKK. They are part of the reason people believe that it is a "hate" flag. It has to do with Southern Pride and never forgetting what our ancestors went through.
  • rg,
    Forget the topic all together. Your job is to report the news. NOT make or have opinions on the news. Stick to what you are paid to do. REPORT! Nobody cares what your opinion is. You are WISTV leadership. Stop giving your opinion! This goes for ANY subject. Do you have any ethics? Very poor journalism. I will watch WOLO until you take your boring views off the air. I can promise you that I am not the only person in town that thinks this way. Thank you.
  • BS, Chapin
    This is ridiculous. I am not a racist... never have been... but what in the world is Black History Month?? Or Black Entertainment Television (BET). What if someone proposed a television station named for and geared towards white people? The history books that I have read were about our country as a whole, not a particular race. We have enough hatred in this country without adding silliness such as this. Maybe I am off topic, but I am just about fed up with this whole issue. Maybe these groups need to spend their time and resources on moving forward and get over the past. For years... Good Friday had been a legal holiday, but I notice over the past few years that the day that Jesus Christ was crucified has been replaced in many areas here with Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Are these people happy to have "overcome"? Nope... seems to me that they are trying to "overtake". Even Jesus has taken the back seat to this issue. Slavery was wrong and I am glad that I wasn't born during that time, but two wrongs do NOT make a right.
  • MB, Columbia
    I am new to the state, but I think the flag should come down. Would we (or should we) fly the British flag just because it is part of our history?
  • EB, Camden
    You wanted it off the top of the State's off the top of the State House. Get over it! There's more important issues for our state to be dealing with other than the Confederate Flag, which by the way is a part of our history. Move on!
  • KP, west col'a
    I whole-heartedly agree. While the flag is a part of our SC heritage, those who prominently display the flag use it to show their racism. A great example are the members of the KKK who may hide their faces, but they proudly wave the Confederate flag. South Carolinians who disagree are in denial if they think that others, locally and nationally, don't immediately think negative thoughts about the state as a result of the Confederate flag. I feel like I constantly need to defend myself when others learn where I live. We should only be known for the beauty and hospitality we offer, not hostility.
    I agree with the first response its history and it had nothing to do with racism and slavery. If the Black policticians would deal with real issues and leave it alone it would be dropped.
  • dj,
    the flag is not hurting anyone.why not complaine adout taxes , abortion,ect.
  • MR, Athens, Georgia
    I am a native of Allendale County, S.C. born in 1920. In my life time, I have marched under the Confederate Battle Flag AND American flags when a few Confederate veterans still lived and Confederate Memorial Day in Savannah, Georgia was a big event. I belong to the SAR, SCV, and MOSB. Variations of Confederate Flags are, of couse, suitable for organizational use and special remembrance ceremonies but should not be displayed to compete with national or state flags. The flying of the Confederate Battle Flag at the Confederate Monument in Columbia is quite appropriate, but should no longer be displayed on the Capitol.
  • kk, columbia
    when are we going to focus attention to the growing problem of people living in the streets, childrens without a home and abuse. the flag is a simbol from the past. I now my history and is part of it. so move on. there is more important things to be thinking about.
  • DB, West Columbia
    first thing you have missed is that the flag that flys is a battle flag, not the flag of the Confederate States. Plus the war was not over slavery, do your reserch. read more befor you try to start something.
  • cb, Columbia,SC
    It seems to me that what we need to do is repalce the stars and bars withthe actual flag that our state militia carried in the civil war. I believe that I saw that it was totally different and did not offend anyone. I would be interested to see what it actually was.
  • mb, columbia
    please take it down?
  • lm, cola.s.c.
    the flag belongs in a museum not on thestate house grounds. if it is offensive to even one segment of our community here in s.c. it should be placed in a place of respect thus bringing unity and harmony to the people of this state.
  • lm, cola.s.c.
    the flag belongs in a museum not on thestate house grounds. if it is offensive to even one segment of our community here in s.c. it should be placed in a place of respect thus bringing unity and harmony to the people of this state.
  • TC, Cassatt
    Let it fly if you don't like it don't come to S.C.!!!!
  • AD, Lexington
    Take it down. We lost the war, get over it.
  • HR, Jacksonville, Fl 32244
    The Confederate Battle Flag is not a symbol of racism. If you consider it as such, then that is your "problem" and the problem of other politically correct, left minded thinking individuals such as yourself. I am sure that you believe that the cause of the War of Northern Aggression was over the issue of slavery which it most certainly was not! Whatever happened to diversity? If you truly need an explanation of all that is our Southern Heritage, then there is no possible explanation for you.
  • CB, Clayton NC 27527
    The Battle Flag which many of my ancestors fought under defending their families and homes is not a symbol of racism. I do have some relatives that fought for the northern agressors. After reading about that period of time I arrived at the conclusion that the Confederates were justified in their support of their cause. What we see today was not caused by my ancestors that defended their property against invasion. The flags I fly are in memory of and to honor those who were willing to give all for my freedom which I have today. I shall fly my flags in their honor all of my days.
  • TC, Columbia, SC
    You are so liberal and politically correct , you have lost all perspective on the heritage and history that the Confederate Flag represents. History should be honored, even if it does not fit in nicely with current potitical correctness. Also, should we not worry more about and do more about poverty, employment, homelessness, affortdable housing and REAL IMPORTANT issues are a matter of the quality of life NOW. Thank you for letting me comment. Steve Spurrier should stick with football. At least he seems to know something about that.
  • KR,
    This really isn't about the flag, again, is it??? I think the lawmakers originally took the issue up to avoid dealing with more serious debates about education, health care, the homeless issue, etc. Now, it once again provides a diversion for Spurrier, so he won't have to address the discipline problems running rampant with the USC footbal program. My most profound thoughts on the whole thing??? I find it vastly amusing that the legislators approved a resolution to move the flag to the Confederate Memorial, and nobody actually seemed to realize where the memorial was located. Did they think it was stuck on the back corner of the State House grounds? Sorry, it's more prominently placed than any other memorial in Columbia. Perhaps people who waste time fighting insignificant issues can't be expected to fully research them and all their ramifications. I wouldn't mind so much, except the rest of the country isn't laughing with me--they are laughing at South Carolina. It's not about the flag, it's the fact we can't move past it and get on with important goals.
  • JW, Lexington
    I think that the only thing that holds people back is themselves. If a piece of material is a person's excuse as to why they don't succeed, then they need to look in the mirror and see what is really holding them back. The flag belongs on the Confederate Memorial on the state house grounds as does any flag or symbol which honors history.
  • WF, Aiken
    There is another aspect to the display of the Confederate flag than race. Many SC citizens are from the north, and having this in our faces is not being able to be one unified state. Put the flag in a museum with other Confederate memorabilia. The Union Jack is not flown anywhere in a prominent place.
  • TJ, Lexington
    I believe that WIS needs to stick to reporting the news in an "unbiased" way. Lately, it seems that every week I turn on the news Mr. Stebbins is giving his opinion. I'm a believer of free speech, but I also believe that Mr. Stebbins is in a position with the media that should report the news, not his opinion. If Mr. Stebbins wants to express his opinion, tell him to do it on his own time with his peers,family and friends...not on the news where I'm trying to get just that...the news.
  • rt, colorado springs
    spurrier's comments were lamenting on his inabilty to recruit,not in defense of"minoritys".how can you or anyone else deny A STATE'S RIGHT to honor their ancestors!?
  • BS,
    You can state your position anywhere in the United States. However, that doesn't ensure your position is sound. Punishing one group to satisfy another only creates friction between the two groups. Expecting one group to take your definition of the moral high ground because you think it is better for all concerned sounds like you are qualifying yourself as judge. You obviously do not "believe" that any native South Carolinian has a right to honor and value their heritage if that heritage contains a symbol that "some" find offensive. "Some" do not have the last word in a Federal Republic and the heritage of "some" is just as valuable as the "heritage" of others.
  • HH, Benson, NC
    My Confederate ancestor was an American Indian (Yup. That's right. He wasn't a white man) whose grandparents died on a forced march called The Trail of Tears. They were led by U.S. soldiers flying American flags. He might well consider THAT flag racist, but I'm equally certain that he'd defend someone else's right to fly it, and for a soldier to have it over their grave or monument.
  • GP, Whitney TEXAS
    No matter how 'politically correct' America becomes, what is fair for one group is fair for another. Confederates have just as much right to honor their flag as any other group; even more-so because it is an American flag. The war was on the American continent, fought by Americans. We need to get over this myth of Lincoln that Obama and others put forward for votes as it is simply untrue. The US flag flew over a country that Constitutionalized slavery long before the Confederate Flag did-Southerners were only defending their rights under the Constitution at that time; a far cry than what we see in the shameful govt. in Washington now.
  • CA, Newberry, SC 29108
    I think the flag should remaian where it is. Those who don't like the flag have an option move to another state and you won't have to be from a state that flies the flag. We have to many people who complain if it was not about the flag it would be about something else. As for Steve Spurrier well the way he puts his players down all the time makes me wonder why anyone would want to play for him in the first place. He always seems to have a bad attitude about how his players played in the game. I can honestly say I don't think he is the better coach here in South Carolina. Another thing is if he spent time with his players they might not be in so much trouble with the law. They keep USC in the news with the stupid stuff they do. I would much rather see positive things about the team not all the negative. Guess that's why I support Clemson.
  • DH, Hartsville
    "Take the flag down" would that not be giving has already been compromised by the removal from the top of the state house....think about it....this racist group will not be satisfied until the flag is completed destroyed and erased from everything that exists, heck, you can see more of the flag on t-shirts, license plates, posters, etc. what's to say they will not start a movement to have it removed from everything that would be in their view...they need to focus on their on problems, like abuse, teenage pregnancies, gangs, and drugs...put all of this energy into something positive that will REALLY make a difference!
  • TM, Gaston
    It seems to me that Mr Mel Stebbins Perspective that: "Last time we looked, South Carolina was part of the United States and, as Americans, we can state our position anywhere in the country, including here. The difference is that more folks will hear Steve Spurrier's words than yours or mine." is tainted with an ornamental tapestry of free speech. Does Mr. Stebbins want me to believe that a person, by his unique position(and being allowed by WIS media,) automatically knows what is best for society. The problem is WIS uses the media for Coach Spurrier's opinion. Why Don't you give me the same chance to speak my mind on TV that you give Coach Spurrier? You wouldn't do that! Why? Its called M-O-N-E-Y. I don't want your type of free speech!  
  • TT, Tampa FL
    I don't think Steve Spurrier knows what he is stepping into.
  • DG, St. Matthews
    The COnfederate Flag began as a battle flag and should not be viewed as a racist statement. It's part of the history of SC and our nation & should stay exactly where it is.
  • PH, Dalzell
    Why I feel the flag should stay where it is: first of all, if History was not important to the different cultures that make up this country, then why do we celebrate Black History Month,or have festivals (in Columbia) honoring the different ethic groups? Granted, a number of slaves were mistreated and even killed by their "owners", but there were also many that were educated and cared for by their "owners". If we are to place the blame on someone- then the blame should go to their own race. Their own people ran them down in the jungles and traded them for goods from Amereca. They were simply commodities to be bought and sold. If one truly looks back at history, you will find that all races have been enslaved at one time or another. There comes a point in life when we have to realize that our fate does not depend upon our ancestors, but each one has a choice-to be worse than our ancestors, to be the same as our ancestors, or finally, to be better than our ancestors. Many a black person fought beside their white comrades because the fear of being free meant that there would no longer be anyone to care for them.Once free, they were on their own-to survive. Removing the flag will not change history, and it will not make amends for any wrong doings that were done in the past. Today, we have gangs that "enslave" the members and insist that they kill their own kind. We have parents that abuse and kill their own children. Whether the flag is moved or not should be the least of our worries, we need and must concentrate on issues that will help all of mankind- not just one ethnic group.
  • RY, Florence
    Dear Mr. Stebbins, I respectfully disagree with you. The Confederate Flag is appropriately displayed next to the Confederate Soldiers monument at the State House. For those who say it offends them and we need to be tolerant. They are the ones being INtolerant. There are groups thats whole focus is to remove all traces of the Confederacy from public places. Examples are changing road and building names and even preventing the Confederate Flag to be flown in a CONFEDERATE cemetery! If a group got together and said the color blue offended them and we should remove it from all uses in the society - that would be ridiculous! The same can be said for those who want to take the flag down.
  • ST, Winston-Salem, NC
    I am originally from SC and my family still lives in Columbia. I currently attend Wake Forest University. My only response is that I think it shows how backwards SC is not because of the flag, but because the words taken from a college football coach about a political issue are the top story. Tell him to worry about football and leave the rest to the politicians.
  • RS, Columbia
    First of all for a coach to make lite of players breaking the law time and time agaian so they may play the game of football I don't think what he says about much of anything very important.(He is just a football Coach) 2nd the confederate flag stands for people standing up and giving there lives for what they belive in. Anyone that looks at the confederate flag as standing for racism should stop and look at them selfs and what that stand for. We all need to make a better effort on helping one another than creating issuse like this. Hvae a Great Day I plan To:
  • RC, West Columbia, SC 29169
    When we were young lads in the late ,30`s & ,40`s we would play war games such as the south against the north and if you were on the souths side we would wave the Confederate battleflag to show that we were the Rebels. It was all in fun so we thought, but now i am like the majority of the population in South Carolina, take it off the State House grounds and put it in a museum where it belongs.
  • MR, Parkland, FL
    So many people have expressed quite eloquently why the flag should stay. I'm glad you're stuck with Steve Spurrier and he's out of Florida.
  • KK, florence
    To:Mel Stebbins, I thought the job of the news was to be objective and apolitical. I am a member of The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp 1419, I hold the position of Camp Historian, My ancestor fought against the then Federal govt. telling him and his family how to live, he did not own slaves, too poor. My ancestor Is John Wesley Pricket, 34th Ga. Inf., was a P.O.W. at Vicksburg,MS, and his brother died at Sharpsburg, MD, both fought state's rights and personal freedoms all under the battle field standard.If you have a problem with the Confederate Battlefield Standard, that's your opinion, but to remove it from a monument, then you have to remove all flags from monuments all over the country North or South. South Carolina is in the USA and everybody has an opinion, but the press needs to remain objective and not try to ignore both sides of an issue.
  • JR, Columbia
    Maybe Spurrier is right maybe he is wrong. Either way I really do not care. My great-grandfather died during the Civil War defending the South. I do not feel any loyalty towards the battle flag. Only to the American Flag. The thing that upsets me is that the organizations that wanted the flag off the State House dome got what they wanted. It is not on the dome anymore. But now these same organizations are not satisfied. They want the flag completely gone off the State House grounds. If moved again will these organizations be satisfied then. Probably not. These organizations will probably not be completely satisfied until all copies of the flag are burned. So exactly how far does the state have to go to justly satisfy any particular organization for or against the flag? (Just one man's opinion.)
  • TD,
    We can have black history month, the black coaches association, the black legislative cacus, etc., etc., etc. Certainly we can have the flag. It was a compromise to put it where it flys now at the State House!! Certain 'folk' are never satisfied. Al, Jesse and the NAACP should have more things to be concerned about - gangs, crime, illegitimate births, etc.
  • hb, columbia
    As a 47 year old African American male born and raised in PA and living in SC for the past 12 or so years, i find the Flag insulting to say the least. However, just for the sake of expediency, let me say this. The flag is not a symbol of heritage it is simply the foremost symbol of why the rest of the country views SC as a backwards, intolerent, raciest state that it is. Many South Carolinians know the nation has this view of them, cemented by the flag issue but the people in this state choose not to care. As long as the flag flies on the State House grounds, SC will continue to be viewed in this light. For all the negative images this flag conjours up, you would think those in power (i.e the GOP) would want to change their image. Obviously they don't. Shame on them.
  • DO, Dallas
    Why is the Confederate Flag a symbol of racism? Is it because the KKK has used it? The KKK also displays the US flag and the US flag flew over slave ships long before the Confederate Flag was ever created. Also slavery was legal under the US flag. But nobody ever says the Stars and Strips is a symbol of racism. To say the Confederate flag has anything to do with racism is a discrace to the soldiers who fought for the South and also to the people who live here today. If organizations like your news program would stop saying the flag is a race symbol then we wouldn't have a problem. Go ahead and call the US flag a symbol of racism, I dare you. The US flag and the Confederate flag are both flags of America and they both stand equal together for what they stand for except for the issue of States Right, in which the US flag is against. If the Confederate flag should fly or not in South Carolina should totally be up to the people of South Carolina and not the decision of people like Steve Spurrier.
  • JH, Bankston
    The Battle Flag must stay.The naacp settled with having it put on the monument,a deal is a deal.Leave it alone.
  • MB, McBee
    Taking the flag down isjust pure ignorance to some. The Confederate Flag is our history because the South wanted to pull away from the North because of HIGH TAXES. We have the same problem TODAY, HIGH TAXES!
  • BD, lexington
    I think your TV station should stick to reporting the news instead of expressing opinions about the Confederate Flag. It seems to me that most South Carolinians want the flag at the capitol, so why don't you and Spurrier move onto to something else and leave the majority of people alone. That flag isn't hurting anyone, but I guess mudslinging sells. Just like all media, you prefer the hostile to the good.
  • AM, Myrtle Beach, SC
    The Confederate Battle flag is a Christian Flag. The cross on this flag is the St. Andrews cross, the same cross that is part of the Episcopal church emblem. To call this flag a 'racist' flag is pure ignorance, and an insult to Southerners and Christians. The Confederate Battle Flag is flying where it should, over the graves of the honored Confederate dead on the grounds of the South Carolina capitol. It will stay there because it belongs there.
  • LS, valdosta
    Spurrier is wrong about the flag, so is Stebbins. They are the ones who need to leave the state. Spurrier is a hypocrite -- his school flag glorifies animal cruelty, "Fighting Gamecocks". Stebbins wasn't taught the facts of our history. He should read these comments crefuully and get the real facts. the Confederate Battle flag on the south carolina Capitol grounds is where it should be -- over the graves of our honored Confederate dead. It's not moving from there. If Stebbins and Spurrier want to bash a flag that is a symbol of longtime slavery, trampling of the Constitution, racism and illegal invasions, they should bash the US flag.
  • AS, Cayce
    I agree that the so-called "flag issue" will not go away. I agree that the flag is now in front of all visitors now viewing the State House. There are a few things that I do not agree with you on. The flag has a rightful spot on the State House grounds. This flag is a symbol not of hate or racism, and anyone that thinks so needs a history lesson and I encourage them to do some reading. The flag now present on the State House grounds is the Army of Northern Virginia flag that represented the men who fought in that army during the War Between the States. It honors their sacrifice, courage, and honor. It represents their fight for states rights and what they believed in. This flag was removed from the dome, rightfully, and placed in its proper place along with the Confederate monument. People may not like it being there, but a compromise was made and agreed upon. Now the NAACP has changed their minds, gone against their own decision and object to the placement of it. I personally don't agree with having a monument on the grounds that honors only one race. As American's we have no race, that's what makes us such a melting pot of beliefs, religions, and races. An American is an American regardless of their background or heritage. In my mind there is no such thing as an African-American or Asian-American. You are either American or not. Most people that call themselves by these names have never even seen Africa or Asia or China, but because their skin is the same color as the majority of the people present in that country or their ancestors came from there they think that they can call themselves that. I am from English, Irish, and various others but I do not call myself an English or Irish American because I am not from those places. I am from America and therefore I call myself an American. I find the African-American monument offensive, but nowhere in the Constitution of the United States or of South Carolina does it say that you have the right not to be offended. History is just that, history. In order not to repeat mistakes you must learn from them and you can not learn from them if you do not know about them or the truth of them. We can not change the past but trying to ignore it or forget it will not change it either it will only doom us to repeat it.
  • AW, Florence, SC
    You are in a position that you could use your tools to educate the people of South Carolina. If the confederate battle flag is perceived as a symbol of racism it is not because of what the flag truly is, but rather what the media, film makers, and extremist rasists organization like the NAACP wish you to perceive it is. If there were a hint of racism in this 57 year old body I wouldn't have completed 24 years on active duty in the military and been promoted to E-9. If there were a hint of racism in my thoughts or actions I would not have taught in the Secondary School System for the last 15 years. I love the flag because it represents the majority of the poor, farm-boy turned soldiers who fought because they were illegally invaded by a foreign government after they had legally seceeded from the United States of America. They, like I, took up arms against an enemy because their country The Confederate States of America needed them. Not a single one of my 19 known ancestors who served the confederacy owned a single slave. Don't tell me they were fighting to preserve slavery. I don't know how educated on the war you are, but it is time the True history of the War was explained and if anyone needs to "get over it", it needs to be those who keep griping about our flag. If nothing else it represents the South; black, white, hispanic, catholic, protestant, jewish. It sincerely is a cultural flag of our ancestors that needs to remain right where it is.
  • WS, Suffolk, VA
    The Confederate flag is NOT a symbol of hate. It is a symbol of honor of the brave men who gave their lives while fighting for a cause most southerners still believe in. Every day the members of Congress and the Senate make it clearer that if only the South had won the war, the country wouldn't be in the mess its in today.
  • SB, Sneads, FL
    As an American, who is entitled by your comments, to get involved in South Carolina's affairs, I think you people need to get a life, and start to worry more about why there is so much crime and poverty in some areas of the state, along with the high out-of-wedlock birth rate resulting in more single-parent families and more need for welfare, and less about the effects of an inanimate peice of cloth, whose only real threat to society is if a sudden strong wind blows it down from its pole, and it wraps around someone's head and smothers him or her.
  • JS, Palm Springs, Florida
    "Last time we looked, South Carolina was part of the United States and, as Americans, we can state our position anywhere in the country, including here." With this in mind, being from Florida, I shall opine here. You said, "The flag went up over the capitol dome back in the 60's when South Carolina was embroiled in controversy over desegregation." This is true, though coincidental with the centennial anniversary of the War Between The States(WBTS). I am sure that if the records are searched, it will be found that the main reason for hoisting the Southern Cross on the capitol Dome was in commemoration of the centennial of the WBTS. Probably like most long term Americans, I have ancestry on both sides - cousins on the yankee side from Ohio, grandfathers from the Southern side from Georgia. So, I do have a say in the matter. Being that the majority of long term South Carolinians support the flag display and a minority does not, since the form of government we live under is supposed to be a representative democracy, therefore, the majority is suppose to rule. the flag should stay. Even the yankee soldier veterans, late in life, gave the Confederate Veteran (CV) his due: respect. So, why is it that modern day Americans from all races can not give the CV his due. Even Ted & Frank Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower respected the CV. Why should we not?
  • CK, Houston, Texas
    The Confederate Battle was moved to the Capitol grounds in a compromise that was agreed to by flag supporters and the NAACP. Are those people who agreed to this compromise and now want to remove the flag not honorable? Should the Confederate Battle Flag be replaced by the (so called) "Black Unity Flag"? Now THERE'S a true flag of racism! Y'all need to be honorable - Leave the Confederate Battle Flag alone! By the way, I attended the Confederate Flag Rally in Colunbia in January 2000; we had almost 10,000 marchers according to SLED, and we didn't litter the Capitol grounds like the "rally" that came a week later, which only had about 8.000 marchers (again, as determined by SLED)- a far cry from the "48,000" that was reported).
  • CJ, Kennesaw, Georgia
    In the early 1900s the United States flag was carried by a racist group at its march in Washington, D.C. This was their main flag. Should the American flag also be retired? The Confederate flag is flying at an appropriate and honorable place in Coluumbia, South Carolina. It is flying at the Confederate soldier's monument. The people want the Confederate flag to stay. Are we still We the People or We the Special Interests? Good question! Let both the United States and Confederate flags fly proudly wherever people desire to be free. Have a Dixie Day!
  • CW, Irmo, SC
    Last night was the last night that i will ever watch WIS News again. Mr. Stebbins views on the flag, like Spurrier's should be kept to them self and close friends. I will miss WIS sunrise, but feel allot better not watching any WIS news programs and having someone else opinion pushed on me.
  • GB, Orange, Texas
    The one thing the media and those in authority seam to want to forget about the Confederate Battle Flag. It is not a racist symbol. Just because some people say it is and our politicians and schools choose not to educate those who have been mislead doesn’t change the truth. Slavery was legal under the United States Flag for almost ninety years, and people in the north held slaves all through the War legally. The United States Flag is the official flag of the KKK. Which flag should be called raciest? Being educated by special interest groups, Hollywood, and the media, is no substitute for facts and history. Just because someone thinks something doesn’t make it true. Teach the truth and the hate will stop.
  • CK, Camden
    It's a shame that some hate groups have utilized the confederate flag to promote their cause. I personally see it as one of many symbols our country has to recognize our history. The stars and bars just happen to reflect a segment of southern history. Agree or no, there were many (including some of my ancestors) who fought for what they believed was a noble cause and for their country, not for oppression or racism. Many fought for the south purely because they were defending their homes and families.
  • RS, Kinston, NC
    It seems that the General Manager of the station is a very ignorant man when it comes to the Confederate Battle Flag. He brings up the same old tired argument about the flag without addressing the facts. The main fact that his misses on the whole arguement is that the flag was moved from the Capital to the graves under which the soldiers buried there fought. Does he also feel that the U.S. flag should not be fown over U.S. soldier's graves? I mean if he wants to be fair, the U.S. flag actually flew on slave ships and not the Confederate flag. It is easy to bash the Heritage of Southerners, becuase it has been done by anti-southern bigots for so long that it is acceptable to most people. I mean after all why are we called the Bible Belt? Because Southerners are so ignorant that we actually believe what is written in the Bible. I am sure that Mr. Stebbins would agree with that kind of remark. I am glad that Mr. Stebbins understands that the issue will not go away. Southerners are known for standing up for what is right and not backing down. So, Mr. Stebbins can keep up his attacks on our Heritage but is half-truths and lies won't change the facts.
  • BS, Winnsboro
    When i think about the Rebel Flag or see the Flag, i think nothing about racism. The Confederate Flag is the Rebel Battle Flag and most south carolina native's look at it as just that. As far as steve spurrier, put him on a bus heading "NORTH".
  • TC, Irmo
    Thank you WIS for speaking the truth! Many South Carolinians are proud to lead from the rear. In particular, ineducation. Our ignorance has held us back economically and socially. Thanks again for standing up!
  • jr, columbia
    I just wanted to start out saying im a die hard gamecock fan but spurrier's action on this is realy well none of his buisness i was born and raised in columbia sc and the flag means nuthing to me but a tradition if you want to be technicle thats not eaven the actual flag we held high in the cival war. what im trying to say is that flag is southern tradition that no coach esp. a gamecock coach can take away we took it off the state building and now it's in everyone's face good if we take it down then someone will just find somthing else to cry about. one last thing i know that everyone i talk to say's the same thing if u dont like our ways get out of here u aint done nuthen for us anyway.
  • TD, Orangeburg SC
    I have been a pure blooded South Carolinian for all 52 years of my life. I know most people think the confederate flag is a sign of our heritage and until the hate groups such as the KKK tarnished it's image it probably was....these hate groups have forever changed the way the world looks at this flag. It is a part of histroy and deserves to come down and be placed in a repectable setting in our State Museum. Let's move on....the time has come for a change!
  • GS, Phoenix
    It's a heritage of hate. It seems so obvious.
  • cf, columbia
    put it in the confed. relic museum.
  • EC, formerly of Batesburg, SC
    I agree -- TAKE IT DOWN. Let's do move on -- the rest of the country has
  • BP,
    This flag issue is not about heritage, it has not flown since time of the confederacy. It was hoisted there in the 1960's because of racism. Put the flag where it belongs for those you want to honour it. Put it in the confederate museum. GET IT OFF THE STATE HOUSE GROUNDS. This is not the real of the confederate, it has been changed several times since the initial flying. Let those who want to wear it on the backs of their jackets, motorcycles or head bands do so but GET IT DOWN...
  • js, sumter
    coach spurrier should take his new naacp membership card and try to get a position at the university of harlum to finish his career.
  • LC, Columbia, SC
    I recently heard of lesgislature addressing teens and cell phones. Believe me, teens are the least of our problem. I commute to Aiken, SC on I-20 every day...which is over 100 miles a day. There has to be 1 out of every 3 drivers on cell phones, including tractor trailers. I am usually almost run off the road every week by a tractor trailer trying to dial or text on a cell phone. Try doing that with one of those going 80+ miles an hour with one hand on the wheel! I believe hands free 80+ should be across the driver should be losing their focus while on the road. I actually believe more accidents are caused by this than we know...especially when tractor trailers are running up on someone. This is a serious issue on our highways. I worked 5 years with the top cellular company and never knew the dangers they present on our highways and interstates.
  • Mc, Lexington
    The confederate flag has nothing to do with racism!I feel sorry for the people who continue to blame every prejudice issue on this flag our ancestors INCLUDING african americans carried this flag in the war and fought for this flag we had soldiers die for this flag and to continously complain about this flag coming down sickens me. I saw media coverage on the clinton school issue and there was a man BURNING the confederate flag.How dare the media even give this coverage. This flag is south carolina heritage, IT DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HATE research the history. Why is this so important to people??? We have soldiers who are overseas fighting and giving up their lives for this country and all some of you people seem to be able to talk about is the confederate flag flying on the state house grounds. If I would have made the decision the flag would have stayed where it was. The flag itself has not hurt ANYONE. THE FLAG DOES NOT HOLD ANYONE BACK except the people who do not understand the history behind it and who want to make a prejudice issue out of it.
  • BC, Irmo
    The flag issue only continues to be debated in the media. I am not for the flag or against the flag. However, this was settled years ago. Steve Spurrier only voiced an opinion and WIS jumped on it. I don't think that keeps potential recuits from signing with USC. There are larger issues in SC that WIS should be reporting.
  • ar, west columbia.s.c.
    Born a south carolian we have a right stand tall for our voice.If you don't like the flag isue leave the state
  • DG, Lexington
    Back when the Confederate Flag was over the dome of our Statehouse WIS-TV released a poll that said that 60% of South Carolina's Black citizens favored relocating it to the monument where it flies today. If you have forgotten I can provide a copy for you.
  • CW, Chapin, SC
    The confederate flag has only in recent years become a so called symbol of racism because that has been the focus. The SC Confederate Battle Flag is NOT a symbol of racism, it is a symbol of the heritage that has brought South Carolina to the state it is today. It represents a time in history that should never be forgotten or belittled, and also should not be manipulated into the meaning of racism. Most people who are against the Confederate Battle Flag are just ignorant about history and have their own racists attitudes about the south. The Confederate Battle Flag represents a culture of people who worked and help drive the development of American society. Without these people (otherwise knows as slaves) the entire country of the U.S.A would not have benefited from their work – yes I said the ENTIRE COUNTRY OF THE U.S.A. W. Earl Douglas who was a black journalists from Charleston, SC said, “"If hate had been the prevailing emotion between the races, then it is a safe bet that the Confederacy would have never been born." Douglas also goes onto to say, "And the two greatest lies ever perpetrated by history are, number one, that the South instigated the war, and number two, that it was fought by the North for the purpose of freeing the slaves! The Negro was merely used as the excuse for that War while the real reason for it is reflected in every area of our lives where the tentacles of government form the bars of a new slavery. No! Don't furl that Confederate Battle Flag. Let it wave all across the South to remind Americans that there exists here a yearning for liberty, freedom, and independence that will not be denied. Let it fly as a testimonial to real men and real women who would rather work and fight and shed tears than to beg the government for charity." Can you see that the Confederate Battle Flag represents what ALL AMERICAN’ S want: Liberty, Freedom & Independence. That is what the South was after, not racism. Infact, how many people today have actually studied history and looked at the Emancipation Proclamation? Listen to the words of one of America’s greatest Presidents, “I am not now nor have ever been in favor of bringing about in any way the social or the political equality of a White and Black races. I am not now, nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor of intermarriages with white people. There is a physical difference between the white and black races, which will forever forbid the two races from living together on social or political equality. There must be a position of superior and inferior and I am in favor of assigning the superior position to the white man." - Abraham Lincoln. So, you see, Abraham Lincoln ended slavery, and had a plan to send all Negroes back to Africa. So, you see, infact, you can turn this around to say that the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was racists – not the south. In the south, there was separation; the whites respected the blacks and the blacks respected the whites. The Confederate Flag is not racists, it does not represent slavery either. The south did not bring in salves from Africa, the Northern vessels under the Northern flag brought them in. The Confederate War was not over slavery, it was over freedom, independence and liberty for the South to become it’s own country. Look at Lincoln’s purposed 13th amendment: "No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give Congress the power to abolish or interfere within any state with the domestic institutions thereof, including that a person's held to labor or service by laws of said State." Basically this states that Congress will not have the power to interfere with those held to labor or service by the laws of that State. Lincoln was saying to the South, that if you sign this, you can keep slavery. Again, proof that the Confederate War was NOT about slavery. The Confederate Battle Flag is not a racists symbol and should have never been looked at as one. The Confederate Flag represents a fight against the Union because the North wanted a 40% increase in tariffs. The North wanted to make money off of the South’s salves because the South’s economy was so prosperous due to the black and white man working together to grow the prosperity of the South. Again, I could go on and pull up more history that supports this. If the people who are against the Confederate Flag would have actually paid attention in school and actually learned about the Civil War and what prompted it, then they too would understand that the Confederate Flag is not a racists flag, nor is it a symbol of slavery. The Confederate flag is a symbol of freedom from a tyrannical government. It also represents the 250,000+ men who fought and gave their lives to prevent what is happening today. The Civil War was started due to Northern Aggression for a higher tariff rate, not to end slavery. The Confederate Battle Flag represents liberty, freedom and independence – it represents freedom from governments. It does not represent slavery – it represents the South’s fight against the North trying to take the South money; Money that was being made by the partnership between black and whites. For those who are ignorant about the meaning of the Confederate Battle Flag, and the meaning and purpose of the Civil War – need to go back to 7th and 8th grade history class. Even when the Berlin Wall was being torn down, the Confederate Battle Flag was flying high as the wall came down. Worldwide, the Confederate Battle Flag has been adopted as a symbol of freedom, liberty and independence from tyranny governments. If the rest of the world knows this, then why doesn’t a football coach!! Maybe the media itself needs to look at how they have “marketed” the Confederate Flag – they are the one who have turned the flag into a racists symbol. Perhaps the media needs to go back to middle-school history and learn the true meaning behind the Civil War and the meaning of the Confederate Battle Flag – LET IT FLY HIGH & PROUD!!!
  • AB, Elgin
    Coach Spurrier is right, the flag must come down. The flag represent too many wrongs done to ever make it right to fly it on State property.
  • mW, Chapin, SC
    I think the Coach has no right to say anything about the Confederate Flag, he only knows what the prejudiced media has presented. He is not from this state, knows nothing about the heritage of the State. My ancestors did not own slaves, they fought for state's rights, and that fact seems to have been changed to meet other groups' agendas. The flag is a part of this state's history. Those who do not understand Southern culture and history should keep their opinions to themselves, including the President of WIS. There are many prejudices present, including prejudices against the hardworking citizens who are not Afro-American or other nationalities. People who created this great State in the many years past deserve respect. It is the prejudice of those who hate the heritage of S. C. who are holding the State back.
  • BM, St. Matthews SC.
    This is a very tough issue. I really respect the coalition that reached the compromise from both sides of the political spectrum. Although I do agree that the flag is not in any less a prominent position. I guess I would refer to the members that agreed to the compromise in the senate and house. I imagine some of them are NAACP members and yet they agreed to the compromise. Where I get mad is that the NCAA would not look at the compromise as exactly what it was and lift the ban. NAACP may still want it moved but the NCAA should look at the compromise and the diversity that voted for it. Much like the NCAA's ban on American Indians being used as mascots, sometimes they are so possesed with what is politically correct that they forget it is about education and the growth of our young people. I know that education is one of the key messages of the NAACP. By the way I'm from the south and had a Great Great Uncle with General Lee. The war was a terrible thing that I hope we all learned lessons from.
  • WS, Lancaster
    the people are soooo upset about that flag, shouldn't visit Gettysburg, PA where they fly hundreds of them all over!!!
  • JP, Sumter
    From your comments about the flag being racist, I have to assume that you are as mentally deficient as the dummies that blindly believe anything the NAACP says. You have not studied the flags history or the real cause behind the Civil War. The war started (at Fort Sumter) because the Northern Shipping magnates convinced Lincoln that the South should not be allowed to sell and ship their textile products to France and England without going thru their warehouses and using their ships. They convinced Lincoln to build Fort Sumter to blockade trade with the Southern states. I am not saying that slavery was in any way acceptable, but it was not the cause of the war. If you are going to pretend to be a Journalist, you should at least investigate the truth before you print the NAACP lies.
  • JK, W. Cola
    Maybe its time for the people of South Carolina to start their on boycott starting with wistv, we can never move forward if the press keeps on with this flag. Its off the dome let it DROP!!!!!!
  • OW, Springfiel,SC
    Leave the Flag alone!! If the Flag needs to be moved put it back on top the Capital. Just suggest changing anything with Martin L. King name on it if you want to talk about racism. Now that the Gen.Man.for Wis TV has told us wher he stands I won't be watching channel 10 anymore. I have deleted it from my tv. I am now watching WLTX. SEE IF I CARE.
  • RB, Irmo
    Yeehaw! Take it down...yeehaw!
  • DT, Suffolk VA
    You are right in that this is the United States. Which is why, we "non-special" citizens have a right to heritage and honor, too.
  • SB, Camden
    Take it down. Put it in a museum. Move into the 21st century. Please. I love this state, and it hurts to have the nation see us as a bunch of racist hicks. I KNOW how the heritage people feel. I UNDERSTAND. But it's time to take it away from a public place of honor. Hate groups have changed it into a hate symbol. I'm sorry it has happened, but it has. Please move it.
  • SR, Lexington
    ATTENTION : Mel Stebbins/ WIS T.V. ? Don’t you realize the confederate flag issue has been settled. A compromise was reached and the confederate flag came off the top of the state capitol. The smaller version of that flag was put in the proper place, the confederate monument, on the state grounds, to honor the soldiers who died. Since then the Afro-American momument with many flags was erected on the same state capitol grounds. The history, heritage, and love and honor of our ancestors have all been satisfied. This compromise has silenced the previous controversy for most people. You can,t please everybody all the time! The state has been uniting better and racial tensions seem to be declining among most South Carolinians. Most people are working together in the communities across the state. I believe if people like you and Mr. Spurrier would spare everybody and keep your personal opinions to yourselves, it would serve this state much better! I find it totally inappropriate for either of you to use your positions to possibly increase controversy, re-ignite racial tensions, or affect our state negatively anymore. What possibly could be your purpose? I was under the impression that WIS TV was to report the news, not try to make it! Was this just your personal opinion (WHO CARES?) or is this all of WIS TV employees, staff, and owners postion? If this is WIS TV opinion, maybe I and many other viewers are watching the wrong TV station. If not, with you being the general manager maybe the same is true. Both you and Mr. Spurrier owe this state an apology, if not your resignation, for being so flagrant! I hope and pray your actions do not promote, incite, or start up the nightmare controversy that exsisted here a few years ago. Most rational thinking people realize this issue had been satisfied, compromised, or laid to rest. Leave it alone, please. In the future I would like to ask you and other public figures, to keep your personal opinions (on a touchy subject that affect so many people in different ways) to yourself as most of us do. Neither sides history can be changed, and the love and respect of each sides ancestors should be respected. Both’s history and respect is honored on the state capitol grounds, in their proper places.
  • bh,
    Let the citizens vote on this issue.The voting results will let the media and Mr. Spurrier know the number of people who support the flag and those who are offended.
  • CA, Sumter
    S.C. was the first to suceed from the Union,thus starting the Confederate States,we are proud of our state for standing on its own feet,Its history, not racism,leave the flag alone. If thats all thats holding this state back,then we are in serious trouble.
  • JC, Pierson
    Confederate history IS American history. Confederate Veterans ARE American Veterans. Diversity is a must. Dishonor is a disgrace. Who's heritage & history will be next ? Keep the honor, keep the flag.
  • CM, Brandon, FL
    The Confederate Battle Flag should stay. It is part of our American History. South Carolina was beset upon by the Federal Government and coerced into firing upon Fort Sumpter. They too wanted a peaceful secession. Therefore the flag is a great part of their heritage and they shouyld be proud to fly the flag.
  • CW, Tampa
    The professional race baiters have turned the flag into a cash machine; the flag represents slavery & repression....... As any issue the left attacks, they take a small part of the truth & inflate it out of proportion. In turn, the constant circulation of misinformation becomes "fact" over time. Too many well meaning folks buy into this "fact" of political correctness. Result: we all lose another part of the fabric that helped shape this great nation: our heritage. Just add this issue to other value attacks we are facing such as the Second Amendment, God in public, Family values, Less government, etc.
  • TK, Lakeland
    Please leave our heritage and our flag in place. it is not meant to offend anyone. It is our history. Do not bother it. It will not bother you. Thank you
    Spurrier is full of bologna. I will fly my confederate Flag I will honor the ancestors of mine who died in that illegal war, and I think every state who wants to fly the flag should be able to with out a bunch of no account yankees making it rough on them. Here in Florida it is worse than in SC but i still fly my flag, and I dare anyone to make me take it down. Spurrier is just thinking about money in his pocket. The flag does not hold you back South Carolina, it just makes you more respected by people like me, a true southern Gentleman, and others who would like to see states stand up, and put their foot down, and say, we are flying our flag, and if you don't like it, leave the state, or go to Hades.
  • JW, Florida
    I disagree with you Mr. Stebbins, once you take away your heritage, and the flag is part of Southern Heritage, you take away history. South Carolina has beautiful Southern History and that is why people love the State and come to visit and go to college in your city. Take the history away and SC has very little appeal. I don't want to visit a state that has no history or roots.
  • SE, Prince George,VA
    A few questions for the paper.So, the flag went up on the dome because of desegregation. Is there anything written in the state records(not newspapers) of that time stating such? Or is this the opinion of the anti-flag people? Once you have the flag removed,does that mean the eradication of all things Confederate,school,street,bridge names,statues,will now cease? I didn't think so. Why not mention why the flag was moved down to the monument? Tell people new to this story how it was a compromise. Tell them that by demanding the flag be moved,AGAIN,the anti-flag people are reneging on the compromise. And since you say the flag "holds us back", please explain what great phenomenon we can expect from SC, when a flag is removed from a monument.Of course, we've heard this before. Remember? When the flag was on the dome. "Oh, if only that red rag would come down,it's awful, it's holding us back". Really? Of course anyone with any sense knows that the social ills of the great state of SC,that are truly "holding you back", have nothing to do with that flag flying.But it is an easy target. And no doubt, one day it will be removed. And your abundance of crime, unwed mothers, and uneducated children will continue. But the flag will be gone! Congratulations.
  • JB, Cape Canaveral
    I don't agree with your opinion at all - not for one New York Minute. As to Spurrier - As a coach of young people, He is in a position to influence our children and blacklist them because of their ancestors - I am most concerned about this. We are Confederate Southern Americans and we are deeply hur and offended by the trashing to our children of their root, their ancestors and the cause they died for. It was not that long ago that our ancestors were living in pure hell from Lincoln's War and Sherman's March. The NAACP, and their ilk (NCAA) are the truly divisive ones pitting black against white. Now Spurrier is one of that ilk; He should be removed from any contact with our children.
  • RS, Spartanburg, SC
    I am 1/2 Cherokee, have numerous Ancestors who fought for the Confederacy, and completely fail to understand why the Confederate Battle Flag is singled out because some ignorant donkeys have used or still use it as a tool. There have been more people killed by others carrying the Christian Cross than any other symbol in the World, it is offensive to half the people in the world. The US flag flew over slavery more than 20 times longer than any Confederate Flag did. The US flag flew over Slave Ships and more slaves were slaughtered during the middle passage than died from all causes in the US history of Slavery, yet the US flag gets a pass, why? The truth is that the NAACP in a time of declining membership and contributions decided that they would attack the Confederate Flags, symbols, names and history because it stirred up racial tensions between the most radical racist both black and white. Nothing says money to the NAACP like a good battle with people who love their ancestors and history. I wonder why newspapers all across the US don't do stories about the NAACP? Pointing out the historical good the organization accomplished in the past, and questioning why, with all the problems facing the Black People in the US, the NAACP is focusing on a Flag? As an editor, tell me how the life of any single Black person would be improved if every single flag, monument, plaque, and name of everything Confederate were instantly erased? Then ask yourself if the same time and effort were expended in helping Black Children avoid teenage pregnacy, or attacking the drug culture, or retaining black folks who have lost their jobs because factories have closed their doors? No Confederate Flag, US Flag, or Christian Symbol has ever hurt anyone physically, and if you'll check there is no right under the US Constitution not to have your feelings hurt.
  • RW, North
    Let you know what we think. Interesting. You've developed your own opinion as GM of an "unbiased" news station and want to know what we think. We're left with only one of two conclusions, Mel. You're either a complete idiot regarding history or you simply choose to ignore it. Either way, the little GM badge you sport thusly doesn't have as much shine as would, perhaps, a badge from a box of Cracker Jacks. I'll repeat this only once, in simplified form. The Southern people were willfully invaded by the northern people due bring the Southern tithes back into the northern coffers. It's an old war. See British history. To justify their presence raping the South, Norhterners came up with a reason. Oo...I know. Yes, that right contestants, slavery. But even that excuse is against the Constitution per the 5th Amendment. Look it up. Yanks couldn't take away the salves in Southern states nor the Northern states. Northern? That's right. Wasn't illegal in the north until after the war (1866). Why not , during, Mel? Lincoln, Immancipation...Proclo.. Reconstruction after the war ripped apart a peaceful relationship between the races in the South. Eventually, the KKK, initially a needed group to fight illegal Reconstruction crimes, went as bad as you can get. They carried our Battle Flag as well as the flag of the United States! But, hey, we have the Northern myth makers and TV GMs try to tell us what our history was, is and will be despite the fact that it never changed to begin with. Mr. Mel? Go back home. 95 leads both ways. And if you're going to go Pentecostal and sing the Hallelujah Chorus on me that you're allegedly from the South, do it quietly. You're embarassing me that you've no better upbringing than in a public school's Northern doctrine.
  • BB, Atlanta
    If the NAACP says the infamous flag boycott is hurting the tourism business, but SC tourism statistics show yearly increases since 2000, then someone is lying. If the NCAA says Confederate symbiology hurts and hinders athletic recruitment, but coach Spurrier says it doesn't affect it at all, someone is lying. If the NCAA is supposed to punish states that have some form of Confederate symbol on a state flag or state capitol, but only focus on SC and Miss, then someone is lying (NC, Ga, Fla, Ala, Texas, Va. all have some form of the Confederacy) The whole entire "flag controversy" lies at the feet of the radical NAACP, who in 1991 stated "The Confederate Flag is an odious blight on the universe" and demanded the flag come down. It did, now they demand more. Life is hard and sometimes not fair. Compromises are made. The world doesn't revolve around me, nor should it them. The square Army of Northern Virginia Battleflag has never been tainted by a hate group, is a flag of honor and sits atop a war memorial. It is past time for liars to stop lying, hypocrites to stop double standards, and stop treating college coaches as some politcal candidate.
  • RP, Shiloh, GA
    Mr. Stebbins has a right to his opinions, and I suspect his station is not locally owned, but a part of some non-southern chain. While I find nothing to cheer about in his statement, I am particularly bothered by his statement about the flag being put up in the 1960s during the integration controversies. The facts are clear. President Eisenhower created the national commission on the hundreth anniversay of the War Between the States. That was one year after brown vs. Topeka Board of Education. In Southern States, the Hundredth anniversary was a celebration of the Confederacy, and the confederate battle flag was one of the most prominent emblems of that celebration. In fact, the flag was changed in Georgia as part of the comemmoration, it went up everywhere, on city city seals, etc. The claim by the NAACP and civil rights groups the flag on the SC capitol is just wrong, but the media has promoted the idea by giving those who mouth it (it is a wonderful example of marxist tactics, by the way), and never ever calling their hand on the lie. Consider your hand called, Mr. Stebbins. Are you promoting a deliberate falsehood,or just ignorant of the facts?
  • VG, Blair
    Dear Mr. Stebbins; With your name I am certain you are not a native South Carolinian, and your comment that you have a right to speak on our flag is the typical response we expect from an arrogrant yankee. Perhaps you should endeavor to contain your opinions since the saying, "it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt". If you find you must continue you might also remember the old Southern saying," A yankee knows about as much about the South as a hog knows about the Lord's plan for salvation".
  • RL, Columbia
    Due to the tragic events of 9/11, in recent years, it has been popular to wear American flag pins and state proudly: "United We Stand." These gestures are ways Americans support this nation. In 2007, how can any American support the Confederate flag which represented the division of this great country? Those who fought under this flag opposed the United States of , America in the year 1861. Individuals who oppose the US in the year 2007 are viewed as "terrorists." With this in mind, are South Carolinians who support flying the Confederate flag over American soil for the UNITED States of America?
  • DC, Camden
    We also know that for many this flag is a symbol of pride and heritage. Why can't the people who oppose the flag move on and quit using the flag as an excuse for their shortcomings.They came to a compromise to move the flag from the dome,which they did so why can't you people move on and leave the flag alone.
  • ED, Ridge Spring
    Leave the FLAG alone! Everyone has something that might be offensive to them so they want to FORCE their opinion on everyone else. Whats next remove the AMERICAN FLAG it was used during slavery also,when will they start to find it offensive and want it removed also. The SOUTH isn't the only area where slaves were owned people in the north owned slaves also. After the war was over people in the North continued to own slaves after the South was forced to Free them. So get a life and leave my flag alone!!!!
  • SG, Lexington
    I am in agreement that our heritage of a grander and gentler time should be recognized and the Confederate flag is one way to do that. However, it is only one part of our heritage. All of our heritage, not just a part should be recognized. I propose a Cirle of Heritage on the State House grounds that honors all of our heritage through the display of all flags th, at have flown over South Carolina. We are the seed of all of our heritage, not just one part
  • RM, Lexington
    Thanks Mr. Stebbins for your insight on improving South Carolina. Perhaps you and Mr. Spurrier can put your heads together and come up with some more ideas for improvements in this state. While I personally, as well as my ancestors, have have fought to give you the right to express your opinion, I also have the right to take your opinion for what I think it's worth!
  • TM, Cameron s.c.
    Blacks, whites and other races of Americans fought under the Confederate Flag against northern invaders. Who other than blacks does the African American monument represent? Is this not a racist symbol?
  • PS, Columbia
    Steve Spurrier, stay out of politics, it has ruined many good U of SC coaches. Control your players, or they will ruin you, on the field and off the field. Let's display the flag in an honorable place, where those who wish to observe it may do so with respect, the museum.
  • RH, Clayton North Carolina
    My family fought for the Southern Confederacy, they owned no Slaves, only 3% of the Southern population owned slaves, the Southern Aristocracy wich was slave owners fought to surpress the black man, the other 97% fought for Southern Freedom, this includes the 100,000 blacks, 10,000 native americans, countless thousands of hispanics, I have done extensive research on the Confederacy and the War Between the States, and anyone who does will have a better understanding of what that flag meant, it was not supposed to be a symbol of the KKK, and other racist groups, they raped the Confederate flag, like they rape the U.S. flag and other Christian symbols, to destroy history or to turn a blind eye to it is not wisdom but ignorance, to pretend that the Southern Confederacy did not exist and that there are people living today , who are decendants and are proud of there heritage is not a step in the right direction, I remember a poem, written by a Union soldier to the Confederate Veteran magazine, where he stated that never has anyone fought so hard like that for a cause they deemed unjust, and that he knew that the "rebs" would prove more to the Union flag because they would not abandon thier Confederate flag in defeat, back then everyone was on the same page and knew history, today there are too many ignorant people, weather they be the racists who spew thier filth around, or the ones who wish to destroy Confederate history and heritage because of those other ignorant people.....
  • WB, Columbia
    To be a true American there is only one flag and that's the United States Flag. The confederate flag would gain credibility in a museum. In it's rightful place, a musuem, the healing process would begain and all people can learn as well as grow from the past. Steve Spurrier was right and as an american he does have the right to speak on this or any other issue. If you love South Carolina, remove the confrderate flag and that line that divides this state. We should all have smiling faces an, d beautiful places. Our heritage should be what have we done in our life time to improve South Carolina's quality of life. Stuberness will not help our state reach it's fullist potential.
  • CL, Lexington
    I think no matter who feels or thinks what about the flag our state has wasted too much monies and efforts on the re-hashing of this controversial issue. Our state needs to focus more on all the handslaps these phedophiles keep getting and let our children see THEY are important to us and their safety, not a continous money wasted problem on a flag. Its not the flag of the USA so its time to let it go and move on. Let's spend time and monies protecting our children and making a better justice system.
  • cl, sumter
    Your feelings on the flag are not the issue here. The issue for me is the fact that a COMPROMISE was reached on the issue several years ago when it was removed from the dome to its present site. Both sides of the issue agreed(with no coersion). That makes it a dead issue...move on.
  • JH, columbia, south carolina
    Coach Spurrier is an idiot. It is very probable that Coach Spurrier has Confederate Ancestor's himself. Upon further research, I found a Lt. Edward R. Spurrier 1st Tennessee Infantry, and a Pvt. Serran W Spurrier 14th Tennessee Infantry. Do I know for a fact that these are his ancestor's? No, but is is possible. Coach Spurrier is from Tennessee. So, "The 'OL Ball Coach" is probably condemning his own heritage when he condemns the flag.
  • TM, Chester
    The way I feel about the whole issue is this.....The Confederate Flag was here long before them!!!! There are plenty of other places they could go (Not that anyone else would have Spurrier). All we here about is racism....Blacks think they deserve more because of what their ancestors went through. Well, I think it's time for "TRUE" South Carolinians to stand up for what their ancestors went through fighting for that flag. This is really going too far. Spurrier and anyone else who don't like OUR flag can't get the hell out of this state, it was here before them.
  • GR, Lexington
    I do not agree with your opinion. It is a monument just like the other 20 or so on the State House Grounds. I do not think you should voice your personal opinion on the air, nor try and take away our heritage. I also feel that Coach Spurrier was wrong in his remark when over half of his team is black
  • RH, Columbia SC
    Mel, The flag was moved in an agreement with both black and white representatives approval. Would you please leave it alone! Want to talk about racism? I went up to the State house the other day, there is a huge monument just for minorities. Think that was part of the flag deal. To me it is racist, I felt offended that no whites were represented on the monument. The NAACP, Black Caucus (black members only), United Negro College Fund, preferential hiring of minorites are all racist, yet you say nothing about these racist organizations and actions. Back to flag. It was flown about four years or so in 1860s when slavery was legal. The flag now on top of State house was up there when slavery was legal for about 76 years. Now which flag shoul be down? Under that same US flag, the terrorist, Gen Sherman and his gang came through the South pillaging, looting and burning town after town. He also made Confederate prisoners walk in front of his troops incase a mine was encountered, the prisoners would be blown up. He also executed Confederate prisoners after some of his looters and thieves were killed while stealing from defenseless old people, women and children with his blessing. You are probably not from Columbia. The city of Columbia was burned by these terrorists under the US flag flying over the State House. Now if we want a dishonorable flag removed, then take down the starts and stripes. Even Shermans own men questioned his terriorist actions under the stars and stripes. Some say the flag is history and belongs in a museum. Here is a compromise. Lets put the slavery issue in a museum and never hear about it again since it, too, is history. Then we can talk about the flag. Black leaders would hate to see the flag come down, they make their living stirring up the hate and love to see us duke it out while they laugh all the way to the bank after extorting and shaking down businesses and people. We don’t need people like Spurrier and yourself to aid these leaders. Both of you make enough money and arent running for office, so I would suggest you tend to some of your filthy programming that you broadcast and Spurrier to tend to football. He has really upset a lot of Gamecock fans, some wont come to anymore games while he is there (do a story on it, I dare you!) and those who do will be sporting a certain flag this football season. I wont be there and will start watching the other stations in Columbia if you are going to waste air time with your nonsense. Do you not have anything to do down there?
  • ET, Lexington
    I have no allegiance to the Confederate Flag but to those like Mr. Spurrier and you I suggest that if you do not like it, leave. The flag has not held us back anymore than the NAACP boycott has held back visitors to our State. If you have proof, that this State is being held back, produce it or stop perpetrating lies just because you have the priviledge of getting your opinion freely across to the TV audience.
  • DH, Orangeburg
    Mr.Stebbins; My Great Grandfather fought in the war between the states not because of slavery, but the fact that his state(S.C.) called upon him. This is my heritage of which I am proud. I love this state and pray that our heritage would be left to those who honor it. Leave the Battle flag along.
  • TW, Columbia
    The confederate flag should be removed from the State House grounds and placed in a museum. When legislators ignore 30% plus of its population, one can easily infer that certain people don't count. When a few people say that this is not an important issue, they're missing the point. Disrespecting or ignoring the opinions, feelings, and rights of others by refusing to remove the flag from OUR state house grounds correlates directly to why minimally adequate schools are deemed acceptable.
    Coach Spurrier, Needs to clean up his football team and stop stirring up controversy and quit pouring salt into old wounds. He is trying to blame the flag for his inability to turn the players he has into a decent winning team. That flag was there when he signed his multimillion dollar contract. I could care less about the flag one way or another. Just do not blame it because he can’t do his job.
  • MW, Cayce
    I don’t think it was very responsible or right for Steve Spurrier to tell the media that he has never come across anyone who wanted the Confederate flag on the state house grounds, or even that he thinks it should be removed. If he honestly has never heard anyone say they want it to remain where it is, then he obviously has not talked with enough people on the subject to make that kind of statement in the first place. I for one most definitely want it to remain. To me it is a symbol of a group of peoples’ right to rise up against an unjust government. The Civil War was not solely about slavery. If Mr. Spurrier knew anything about American history he would know that the war almost started 28 years earlier because of blatantly unfair taxes imposed on southern states by the central government. The Civil War was the result of decades of southern oppression by the US government. Slavery was only the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. In fact, perhaps the US flag shouldn’t be flow over the state house because of what Lincoln allowed General Sherman to do during the war. I think any government who tells a general to specifically target innocent civilians, kill them, rape their women, loot their property, and burn their houses/churches/towns in a desperate ploy to win a war does not deserve the right to have its flag flown anywhere. There’s always two sides to every story, so you can see why I get a little frustrated when a bunch of black racists distort history to further their racists aims. I also get a little frustrated when unintelligent people like Mr. Spurrier and the NCAA fall for their childish whining without bothering to hear the other side. If we did take the flag down, folks in the NAACP would just get all cry babyi, sh about the Confederate memorial next. And, if we took that down they would just find something else and something else and there would be no end to it! They gave their word that the issue would be settled once the flag was moved to the statehouse grounds and they outright lied. All they care about is finding the lamest reasons to spark conflict just so their outdated organization has some relevancy. And, if the “all-knowing General Manager Mel Stebbins” thinks the whining would stop with the flag’s removal, then he is just as much an idiot as Mr. Spurrier and the NCAA. Anyone who knows anything about the NAACP knows that they are an outdated organization that, today, only goes around sparking confrontations where none exists. They wrap their true intentions of revenge and racial superiority behind their ‘60s goals of racial equality. Just because some people in the NCAA are too moronic to realize what everyone else in the country sees as obvious, and decided to place their own tournament ban on SC, doesn’t mean that Mr. Spurrier has the right to speak for South Carolinians regarding the topic. Whether he likes it or not, he is a representative of the flagship university in the state and therefore has some responsibility to represent our people. Being a little whimp and giving into some black racist organization just so a bunch of sports tournaments can be held here is, in my opinion, ridiculous and he should be scolded for it. If he is going to act like a child, then he should be treated like a child. The Confederate flag is an important part of this state’s history. My ancestors risked their lives to defend it and it represents the same symbols that the US flag once represented, the right to stand up and speak out against oppression. Mr. Spurrier does not have the right to even speak on the issue because he is not even from this state. He has no authority to say what we want or what he thinks should happen to that flag. And, if he does have an opinion, it should represent what the people of SC want since he is unfortunately a spokesman for our state. This is a local issue, not a federal issue. I am a South Carolinian, born and raised, and a graduate of the University of South Carolina. It is peoples’ opinions like mine who are the only ones who matter on this topic, not some influential out of state football coach or a black racist organization like the NAACP.
  • h,As a
    h Carolinian the Confederate flag is a part of my history. Are you Mel not from the south. If you don't like the flag then move. History should be preserved, you can't replace it.
  • TH, cayce
    I like the flag right where it is at and anyone who dont can leave the state the same way they came in.
  • BD, Elgin
    We agree with the coach and the flag needs to go to the museum--and it should be offensive to all and if its not then those who support it are not sensitive or concerned citizens and just do not want to admit their racism.
  • VF, Columbia
    I just want to congratulate you on a very eloquent assessment on the issue of the flag. It is devoid of emotion and flat plainly makes sense. You are right the flag is more prominent now than it was on the dome as I so experienced while downtown not log ago circling 1201 Main Steet trying to find a park. I would like to suggest that you keep airing this on TV until the flag comes down.
  • HN, Cassatt, SC
    I don't think it's right to remove the flag from the grounds because it's been there such a long time.
  • RG, Little Mountain
    The controversy of the Confederate flag lies in misinformation. You state the Confederate flag is a symbol racism. Why slavery was deplorable, the Civil war was not started because of slavery but because of Northern aggression in attempting to tax imports so the Southern states would have to buy their products from the Northern states. The slavery issue was used by the North to justify an immoral war. If people like you and Spurrier would tell the truth instead of manipulating the facts, the flag controve, rsy would not be such a hot topic.
  • JW, Cope
    I would like to say that I love SC; it has been my home; my whole life. The way to resolve this problem is this "We as citizens of SC need to vote on; do we put it in a museum or leave it alone. NO ONE who are not citizens need to have a say so or influence on this issue. This is our state and we are smart enough to work this out".
  • JP, Columbia
    The battle flag was not racist until the NAACP declared it to be racist. If the flag is taken down what will the NAACP demand next? Removal of the Confederate Memorial? The NAACP has a horrible track record of keeping its word. The NAACP refuses to address the real issues that are destroying the black race, they are unmarried mothers, drug abuse, dismal school performance and felony convictions. As long as they use the battle flag as an excuse for these problems, I will refuse to give any credibility to anything they say.
  • RK, West Columbia, SC
    I truely believe that we are making too much of this issue of being from SC and wanting the flag versus not from SC and wanting the flag removed. The entire issue can be solved through the magnificent highway, rail, and marine transportation systems created within this State. If you notice, there are no fences around the State and it's coastal boundaries. If someone is uncomfortable with the flag situation within SC,I would suggest they utilize these transporation system and don't look back. There are no barricades or barriers to your exit and certainly no remorse for your exit
  • GN, Blythewood
    Where will the flay then be placed if taken down? Will the Confederate monument be next? History is history, let it be and move on. Why don't we just take every thing representative of history and remove them from all public places, then maybe nobody will complain.
  • BL, Columbia
    You are right. There will NEVER be a compromise. It is people like you and WIS TV that like to keep it in the news just to keep stirring up issues to keep the races divided. I think it should Stay where it is. If you walk down the street and ask most people Black and White and give a true survey not a survey where you single people out to say what you want them to say you will find out that I AM right (not that you didn't know this already. Most people don't pay it any attention, just like I don't pay the African Monument that was part of the compromise any attention. Our elected officials Black and White reached a compromise on the issue. It should be over with and would be if not for people like you. That Flag is part of History... if not, lets take away all History Black and White.
  • LS, Lexington
    Not many people mention the fact that most southerners who fought for the confederate were not slave owners. They fought to protect their property and families. Slavery was not the major issue to most people who fought. The flag should not be forgotten but flying it where it is brings SC down.
  • DF,
    Steve Spurrier and all of the other supporters of removing the flag from the state house grounds can lump it. If they don't like it, don't look at it. The flag stands for something and should not be removed by any means. I strictly watch your station for newscasting as of right now, but if WIS is going to support removing the flag, I guess I will have to find another news station
  • MM, Hartsville
    Thanks for your editorial a few minutes ago concerning the "flag."  It has been an embarrassment since first over the capital, and an embarrassment since.  Take it down, please.  Some bbq place would, I am sure, be glad to house it in the foyer.
  • H
    Hey there, my name is Harrison I'm a 22 year old Caucasian male and i was born in Columbia S.C. I feel the Confederate Flag is Entirely Divisive, it's the wrong flag to fly, if people want to show their love of there state & Heritage, Fly the Palmetto State flag, or even better the United States of America Flag.  The Confederate Flag is like being stuck in the mud, it's not fun, it's hard to advance & Progress,enhance & enrich when all these people are stuck in the mud. We need forward thinking Leadership, Today i had car trouble and i had 2 different African American fellows help me and one let me borrow his phone for 20 minutes. I would never want this for them, i would only hope and pray they feel welcomed l, oved and appreciated by all. Love All. Feeling Welcomed is the Warmest & Sweetest thing a person could do Let's Welcome our Brother and Sisters of All Colors, Hearts of All Colors
  • CB, Lexington
    Let us see if you want to know the truth or, are just wanting to further division. Folks, about the Confederate Battle Flag: I have a hard time understanding why no one seems to know why the Battle Flag still waves at the State House in Columbia, SC. Some would have everyone believe it is there because of racial opinions while others want to blame it Good Ole Boy Politics at the State House. There are a multitude of reasons for people wishing to advance one cause or another including the flag in their arguments. The real reason that it stills waves on that flagpole has nothing to do with what it is or anything it may or may not represent.  Unless a person grew up in South Carolina having a family history in South Carolina they will never be able to understand the reason. Native South Carolinians are a peculiar people.  I can attest to this, because I am one of them.  If you are in trouble and you ask someone with my background for help you can expect to receive help.  If you decide that you know what is in my best interest, you will run into a brick wall.  We don't take too kindly to others telling us what we must do.  Sometimes we have to pay a price for the independent nature we have in an extreme way.  However, we don't object to paying that price as long as we are in charge of what goes on in our own lives.  This seems to be a genetic issue as all those I know who fit the profile that I fit feel and act the same way. If the NAACP honestly wanted the Confederate Battle Flag removed from the State House Grounds, they went about it exactly opposite of having any hope of accomplishing their goal.  When they decided to call for a boycott of South Carolina, they threw down a gauntlet.  Now a southern boy will never acquiesce or surrender without first engaging whoever makes a challenge.  I believe the NAACP has had enough experience in dealing with southerners to understand this about their nature.  This is why I do not believe the NAACP honestly wished to have the Flag removed and retired.  What the NAACP wanted was a continuous conflict to generate enough attention to them selves to swell their membership and the monies collected by that increase. The flag was placed on top of the State House as a means of thumbing our noses at the Federal Government when we were forced to bus children in order to integrate schools.  If the Federal Government stepped in now and forced the state to remove the Battle Flag from the State House Grounds, the legislators would do it.  The result would be a Confederate display along at least one wall of the State House.  So you see, the solution would have been so very simple at the start of all of this controversy If the NAACP had gone to the Black Caucus at the State House and asked that they introduce a bill to make the Flag a permanent fixture somewhere on the State House or its grounds so that blacks would always be able to see it and remember the suffering experienced by their ancestors so that they could eventually enjoy the freedoms they now have.  The flag would have come down in weeks instead of having this standoff.

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