Buy It & Try It: Tater Mitts

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - They're funny-looking gloves with a funny name.

"Tater Mitts" claim to peel a potato in just eight seconds. Simply rub and scrub to get a perfectly peeled potato.

Looking at the instructions, there's already one problem. It says you first have to boil the potato for five to six minutes. They don't say anything about that on TV.

Another potential problem - the gloves only come in one size. They're pretty big on Judi's hands but she knows the perfect man for the job.

They're a much better fit for Craig.

He scrubbed a red potato, a golden potato, a Russett potato and finally the sweet potato. They did get the skins off quickly.

The gloves may look funny - but the Tater Mitts get the job done. Craig says, "I wouldn't spend my money on them, but I have a birthday coming up. If someone wants to give them to me I'd take them. I'd probably use them, because I don't like peeling stuff."

But Judi points out - if you boil the potatoes first - of course, the skin comes off easily.

The Tater Mitts cost $19.95 plus 9.95 shipping and handling.

And they're not dishwasher safe, which caused Craig to downgrade his rating of one thumb up - to one thumb sideways.

Reported by Judi Gatson

Posted by Chantelle Janelle