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(04-13-07) What's your reaction to Spurrier's comments about the Confederate flag?

What's your reaction to Spurrier's comments about the Confederate flag?

  • jp, alcolu
    I think Coach Spurrier should learn the difference between a football team (other than the criminals he coaches) and a confederate soilder (the people of the south). A football team will let you down while a confederate soilder will stand their ground. They should fire Spurrier on the spot!!!
  • ES, Leesville
    First I am a die-hard Gamecock fan, I always have been but I strongly disagree with Coach Spurrier he needs to stick to coaching our football team and not sticking his nose where it does not belong! His statement is making a reflection on the Gamecocks and they are not the ones who made the comment, he did so loyal gamecock fans don't punish our gamecocks by turning your back on them b/c of Coach Spurrier's ridiculous comment!!!!!
  • DP, Columbia
    I wish more folks would speak up against the flag. I find it hard to believe anyone really wants it there.
  • JC, San Leandro, CA
    I think Mr. Spurrier is right. I think the Confederate flag is in the same group as the Nazi Swastika flag. They are both symbols of deep seated racism that continues today.
  • KH, Columbia
    Well, everyone has an opinion (even Spurrier)and you all know what opinions are like! Black or White take a deep breath and exhale. Get over it and move on. We all have bigger problems ahead, like our 2nd Amendment rights being taken away, which will take away our right to defend family, friends, property and the right to argue over if the Confederate flag should stay or go! Yes, the liberal politicians will be at it again, in fact they already are (Taking advantage of the horrific Virginia Tech Shooting). Just my 2 cents worth.
  • BC, Columbia
    Spurrier, the opportunist, shows the utmost disrespect for the very school for whom he works by damning the Confederate Flag. If I recall, most, if not all of the South Carolina College student body left school to serve in the Confederate military or government. Many never returned.
  • VC, Columbia
    I think Spurrier was wrong in what he said, especially on T.V. If he feels this way he should get out of SC, he doesn't need to be here.He needs to keep his comments to his self because he isn't doing to good of job in football, much less his opinion about the flag.
  • LC, Lexington
    It's his opinion but we shouldn't put that much weight on it because it doesn't seem to affect recruiting for other South Carolina colleges and Universities. They seem to be doing just fine. I think what he should be concerned with is not recruiting future criminals.
  • CD, Santee
    I was hurt that Coach Spurrier would say that about the confederate flag. My husband, son, son-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, and nephew are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. If the coach would come to a meeting, or a adopt a highway trash pick up day, yard sale, or cemetery clean up, he would see that these are men truly trying to honor these veterans and all they did for us.
  • jm, columbia
    I join the chorus of those supporting Steve Spurrier's courage in observing that the Confederate flag belongs in a museum, not as a statehouse centerpiece. He, like so many recognizes that it is a perpetual and unnecessary divisive issue in South Carolina and is often a factor in college recruiting, athletically and academically. Out of state schools use it on a daily basis aginst our recruiting efforts. Coach Spurrier gave his opinion based on the realities he sees every day in recruiting. He probably has not done the historical research to know that when the South Carolina delegates walked out of the 1860 Democratic Convention in Charleston our spokesman said "Slavery is our King;slavery is our Truth;slavery is our Divine Right"- the secession was unfortunately all about slavery, not states rights- a myth perpetuated by the flag crowd. Steve, you are correct- its time to furl the flag for a lot of reasons.
  • DW,
    I was delighted when Spurrier came to USC, and feel our team is showing some improvement from the previous coach. However, I feel Coach Spurrier needs to stick with doing what he was hired to do, and it appears there's lots of work to do, and stay the heck out of the political arena. I'm extremely proud of my southern heritage and our flag, which by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with racism. Get with the program Steve, or get your rear end out of South Carolina.
  • LE, Leesville
    I think that Spurrier should just go back to where he came from. He wasn't born here and he should have no reason to want to take down the flag that his ancestors faught for.
  • HB, Springfield
    Steve Spurrier needs to be worried about how he is going to keep his team of criminals out of trouble and embarrassing the state instead of worrying about the confederate flag embarrassing the state.
  • JH, Charleston
    So Steve Spurrier is now an expert on the Confederate Flag and the relationship that South Carolinians have with it. Nice. I suppose that Steve doesn't realize that slavery was present in the United States prior to the War of Northern Aggression. States such as New Jersey, New York, Connecticut etc. all had allowed the institution of slavery and all had gotten rich off of the trade. Also, fewer than 10 percent of the Southern population owned any slaves. Those men who died in the defense of the South were mostly farmers protecting their land and families. The Confederate Flag stands for those men and all people the world over who resist tyranny and oppression. It flew over the Berlin Wall as it came down. Spurrier is a traitor. USC fans should refrain from going to football games until he is ousted from our state. I am a Clemson graduate, and for those of you who think I am just trying to be malicious, I say the same for Tommy Bowden. Tommy has been outspoken for the removal of our beloved flag. If it hurts the "image" of our state, we shouldn't care about the sensitivities of those outsiders who would condemn us. Its time for Tommy and Spurrier to vacate our state. We should let those who would come and speak ill of our flag that you will be ousted next.
  • ce, winnsboro
    i think he should worry about the football team and his job
  • DR, Columbia
    Bad move on Spurrier's part. I'd be willing to bet that the fans are going to heckle him the whole football season, by waving confederate flags. He might not even show up for the televised games. Its going to look like the Secession Convention reconveyned when we play Missisippi. Maybe the alumni band can play a rousing ditty of "Dixie" or the "Bonnie Blue Flag". I guess I need to dust off my frock coat and brogans in preparation.
  • PR, Camden
    I think Steve Spurrier needs to read the book entitled Southern by The Grace on God. And also anyone that knows American History should know that every slave that came in on a slave ship and every slave that was held before the War Between the States was held under the United States of America's Flag.
  • BB, Camden
    I think Steve Spurrier is wrong about the flag, i think it should have never been removed in the first place, after all if people knew the history behind it, instead of making everything racial, the flag is for all of us, i also think if the flag is removed again so should the black monument. Steve is here to make our football team better not make such stupid comments. I have pulled for the Gamecocks all my life, but now i cant see myself pulling for such a blind coach.
  • jg, Travelers Rest
    I own a retail store in South Carolina(Dixie Republic) and will no longer sell any tshirt or decal having anything to do with USC.Spurrier is a classic CARPETBAGGER.Any Southerner that would now support football over their own heritage is a pathetic fool.
  • mw, columbia
    haven't we as a state voted on this issue in the past? and didn't we decide as a state to move it from the state house dome to a monument on the grounds? i think steve spurrier needs to concentrate on his team that can't seem to avoid getting in trouble. who is bringing more embaresment to the state. a flag issue that already has been voted on or a gamecock football coach that can't seem to coach discipline and respect to his team so that they can stay out of jail?
  • Md, Gilbert
    I think Spurrier should stick to educating his players and keeping them out of trouble with the law, and leave S.C issues to true South Carolinians!! He's using his status in the community to stir up political/racial issues!!
  • HB, Lexington
    I can not say that I particularly care for Steve Spurrier. But I do believe that his comments were right on the money. The Confederate flag was furled after the war and remained that way for a long time. Unfortunately the flag was raised again over the South Carolina state house as a message of defiance against integration. My ancestors fought and died for that flag also. To me the flag is a symbol of my pride in being from the South. But for a large percentage of our state's inhabitants it is a symbol of slavery and oppression. For this reason, I would also like to see the flag come down from the state house grounds. There is plenty of room in the state museum for that flag and for the history it represents to those who died for it. This simple act would not erase years of racism and discrimination. But is a good first step to show our children that we have gotten past it. I have a feeling that a vast majority of South Carolinians feel the same way.
  • MK, Lexington
    Touchdown Gamecocks! Spurrier isn't always right, but this time he is again. Raised in 1962 to remember the Civil centennial anniversary...and 45 years later it is still up there. We are not better Southerners/more patriotic just because we fly the Battle Flag and our other southern brethren don't...just more selfish.
  • WM, Ridgeway
    Just as I do - Steve Spurrier has the right (I fought for it) to express his opinion on any subject. I applaud him for speaking his mind. It is interesting to hear his comments about a dilatory symbol described as "politics" or that he should leave if he doesn't like the "confederate" party line. EVERYONE WHO LOVES THIS STATE should take heart in Mayor Joe Rileys commentary in today's State Newspaper. Thanks, Steve - your voice is certainly stronger than mine. Go Cocks!
  • NK, Bishopville
    In my opinion, Mr. Spurrier should be more embarrassed by the behaviors of his football players than by the image of a historical relic on tv. He should worry about keeping his players sober and out of jail and leave our flag alone!
  • am, columbia
    For those of you that have all of a sudden changed to being a clemson fan, then you were never a true gamecock fan in the firstplace. What are you going to do when coach bowden says something run back to being a gamecock fan.and to KH of lexington, you have no control over where your child goes to college. If they want to go to usc then the best thing you can do is let them go where they are happy even if its not what you want. Its not your life then its theirs. On the flag issue, we need to concentrate on more important issues in this state like education. I would and am embarassed to know that my education came from the worst state in the us and after 10 years it doesnt seem like any1 cares.our future is in our kids and they do not have a chance in this world with the worst education in the nation and all people care about is when some1 famous says something, go with it on the comments. the flag needs to be where all the other history and heritage is in a museum..Look at the rest of the south, do they have their confederate flag flying? All the confederate flag stands for now is ignorance and rednecks(reminds me of the dukes of hazzard) get over it and concentrate on the issues brought before us now.Not only education but also domestic violence which we are ranked #1 in the nation in deaths from domestic violence. guess everyone is proud of that since they are concentrating on rhe flag issue and other issues from the past. Plus no one has said a word about these rap artists that are using derogatory comments in their music but when imus(who I dont agree)and spurrier, everyone has an opinion because they are famous. Let spurrier have his 1st amendment rights like the rest of us and leave it alone.concentrate on helping the crime rate in this state, which also has nothing to do with the flag.For those of you that says spurrier needs to stick to sports and not politics. How can he when Everything is political. Workplaces, schools, churches, and yes even sports. Most of you have probably not been on the inside of sports to know that but I have. the politics in sports is just as great if not greater than the politics in everything else.let me get on tv and make a comment. nobody will care because i am not of important stature.
  • DT, North Carolina
    I was looking at ESPN and had link to this site. THIS IS SAD!!!, HOw can white people say its there hertiage, what did they fight for a war, Lots of people fought in the war. If North Carolina had the Black Panthers Flag flying up saying its part of North Carolinas history, white people would get mad too. This shows the insenitive of these people. I have talked to white people about this and they know black people can't stand to see that flag. LISTEN TO THIS!!! Every book and video with black people hanging or getting killed in history sometimes show the Con. Flag, KKK like to have a Con. Flag with them. Come on. Your real hertiage came from Adam and Eve, read the real history book and not a book made by white men about white men, but I guess killing Native Americans too and taking their land is part of hertiage, bringing blacks too america, see I am black and this flag makes me so angry when I see it, I want to be violent with that person, because they are single minded not to take in other peoples view. I take in other peoples view, why can't a South Carolina person. Applaud Steve Spuirrer for being a honest man. Also all you Micheal Jordan fans, ask him if he likes that flag or your favorite sports star thats BLACK if they like the flag. Might get a rude awakening people. Bee Honest with yourself about hertiage. What hertiage
    i do not want the flag removed from the state house grounds,if it must be then the african americans(blacks) statues should be removed also!!!!!our cildren in school have to part of black history week ( if they do not then they will get a failing grade).spurrier should be worried his players out doing crime in our neighborhoods. if he wants to be in politics then he should step down from coaching and move out of woodcreek and go back home!!!!
  • JK, Chapin
    I am not a football fan but now I am a Spurrier fan. I respect him for speaking out, especially because he is from the South. He has every right to say what's on his mind and I agree with him. Having lived in RI, MA, CA, NY and now SC I am so surprised to find how lacking SC is living in the present, and not dwell in the past. The Confederate Flag should be IN the State House or a museum - not even flying outside the building. For a rural state that should be concentrating on revenue, expansion and education, SC alienates many by displaying this flag-a symbol of the past, not the present. It's time to move forward. It shoud not be seen in a public arena. It's ludicrous that this conversation even still exists. But our visitors are amused to see it still hanging and most people I know will not patronize ANY establishment that displays the flag.
    i do not want the flag removed from the state house grounds,if it must be then the african americans(blacks) statues should be removed also!!!!!our cildren in school have to part of black history week ( if they do not then they will get a failing grade).spurrier should be worried his players out doing crime in our neighborhoods. if he wants to be in politics then he should step down from coaching and move out of woodcreek and go back home!!!!
  • RM, Irmo
    I don't think Spurrier has lived in South Carolina long enough to express his opinion on anything except football so he should keep his mouth shut on politics and stick to sports.
  • JK, Chapin
    I am not a football fan but now I am a Spurrier fan. I respect him for speaking out, especially because he is from the South. He has every right to say what's on his mind and I agree with him. Having lived in RI, MA, CA, NY and now SC I am so surprised to find how lacking SC is livng in the present, and not dwell in the past. The Conferate Flag should be IN the State House or a museum - not even flying outside the building. For a rural state that should be concentrating on revenue, expansion and education, SC alienates many by displaying this flag-a symbol of the past, not the present. It's time to move forward. It shoud not be seen in a public arena. It's ludicrous that this conversation even still exists. But our visitors are amused to see it still hanging and most people I know will not patronize ANY establishment that displays the flag.
  • JS, Orangeburg SC
    There was slavery under the US flag,Spurrier need to stick to coaching and keeping players out of jail.A decision was agreed upon by both sides of the issue to move the flag from the dome to the ground,''can we just move on?''
  • LM, Prosperity
    I think he should totally have stayed mute on the subject. He is not Southern born and Southern breed or he would understand it is not a black and white issue but one of pride. I don't get the black view, they need to read up on their history and be proud with the rest of us. Many of them died for that flag.
  • DA, Columbia
    I am so tired of people voicing negative opinions about the Confederate flag. There were all kinds of races of people that fought in that war; not just one race. To me it would be an insult to take this flag down. This flag represents a part of our heritage and like it or not, this war did happen and just like the wars that followed, a lot of people died for a cause that they believed in.
  • SM, Lexington
    Where was he when all of this hit the fan in the first place? That's right, he was in Florida. I don't know if that was some kind of half-brained attempt to win recruits or what, but he needs to stay out of politics. What really gets me, though, is that this keeps dragging on. People act like getting rid of that flag will change history and be the magic thing that makes all right with the world. I'm sorry folks, but we can't do like they did in the book 1984 - erase and rewrite history the way we want it to be. That flag makes no difference. What's done is done, and hiding it won't change a thing. Racial tensions will always exist no matter what we do - it's a sad fact of life. Look in the Bible and you'll see that there have been racial problems since the beginning of time, although they didn't call it by that name. Strife has existed as long as people have. Those that don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it. In the meantime, I think you can count on seeing plenty of confederate flags at Williams Brice this fall, regardless of what flies on the State House Grounds.
  • CJ, Sumter
    I think Coach Spurrier is right, and he certainly has his right to his opinion. The Confederate battle flag should be removed. If a flag must fly over the Confederate war memorial, it should be the "Stars and Bars" that was the official flag of the Confederate government. The current flag is the naval jack, and has, unfortunately, been coopted by various hate groups.
    Was Steve's comment unsolicited or was he answering a question? If he was answering a question that is one thing, but a better response would have been; NO COMMENT! Having a right to say something doesn't mean you should say it. Stick to coaching.
  • HJ, Camden
    I think that Spurrier needs to GO BACK FROM WHERE HE CAME FROM. He needs to focus on football and his coaching which is sorry instead of saying something stupid. All he is, is ignorant, undoubtly he doesn't understand history, but he probably failed history so he needs someone to explain the history of the Confederate Flag to him. My ancestors died in that fight, and I proudly fly the Confederate Flag high and so does all of my family. I am and always will be a member of the CSA. The flag is history and it needs to be flown high and put back on state house.
  • SB, Cassatt
    I think it's time Coach Spurroer focased on his criminal footbal team and keep his comments about the confederate flag to himself. He's not from South Carolina and obviously does not know much about SC history. If he did, he would know that blacks fought under and for the confederacy just like whites did. From all of the legal problems that keep surfacing he has bigger problems that worrying about a flag. We sure are paying alot of State money to someone who is coaching a bucnch of losers criminals. I don't think the flag is the problem with his recruiting, I think it's because good young men don't want to be associated with a team of criminals. So Coach Spurrier it's your criminal team that's causing you recruiting problem, no one wants any part of your team, except of course the law.
  • jw, columbia, sc
    I really LOVE Coach Spurrier for actually stepping outside of the box and realizing what the rest of this state fails to realize. That flag represents the Devil and no good is going to EVER come to SC if it is not taken down. Everyone is soooo quick to say it represents "History", but if that is really the case then everyone, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Italians, or any other race should have a flag up to represent there history!!! This state is so lost until it's ridiculous! No wonder SC is always last when it comes to having anything great being accomplished!! That so-called war happened years ago, so put that flag in a museum where every other piece of "History" is!!!!!!!!!
  • jg, Columbia
    Why is everybody so wired up over this insignificant issue? Both football and the Confederate flag get far too much attention and media coverage in this state. Are the horrific shootings at Va. Tech not important enough to merit a Question of the Day?
  • JJ, columbia
    There is nothing wrong with Spurrier's statement!! More people in this state should have the courage to speak up about that flag hanging in SC. Mr. Spurrier is completely right and deserves a pat on the back for saying it!!! That flag represents evil and if that is what this state wants to represent, then no wonder we are last when it comes to anything great happening here!!!!
  • KB, Lexington
    He's a coach. He coaches football. I don't care what his political views are.
  • CC, Lexington
    USC'S recruits are causing more embarrassment to SC than the Confederate Flag. Every week or so some of them are in the news.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Maybe after this controversy dies down WIS-TV can treat us to what Joe Pinner thinks of the Battle Flag and stir it up all over again. And after that, maybe Rick Henry? Judi Gatson? Kara Gormley? You've got enough people on your own staff to keep this controversy going forever if you want. The question is why would you?
  • RF, Prosperity
    Mr. Spurrier needs to concentrate on being a football coach and keep his opinion on the flag to himself, or maybe South Carolina would be a better place WITHOUT him.
  • mw, springfeild s.c
    My name is Matthew Williams and I am 17 years pld and i think the comment to the flag should not have been said. The coach if from Flordia and is the coach the USC football team, not to comment on or flag that has been flying for many of years. If it was left up to my i would fire him and make him leave South Carolina. Like I saw on TV last night the flag stood for thousands of soilders that feel in the war during that time. I am realy upset about his comment and personly I think that he should be fired and the flag should be but back on top the State House, but i know sence Im a kid people think I have no say so in it but thats how i feel and how i will always feel and i think they should fly one on the stadeum grounds as well.
  • JH,
    Spurrier doesn't have to check in his freedom of speech at Welcome to SC gate. He's a citizen before he's a coach, with every right to voice his opinion.
  • LW, Columbia, Sc
    It's people like Spurrier that keeps the flag issue and the racial problems in the headlines. For someone that turns a blind eye to the antics of the football players with a slap on the hand because they are football players he has a lot of romm to condemn the people of South Carolina, but of course he must do something to take the heat off his players. If the confederate flag embarasses him-he can always move to another state that will cater to his whims. I hope that at every game the confederate flies thru out the stadium.
    As a South Carolinian transplant, I was shocked when I first saw the confederate flag flying at the State House. I never realized how entrenched this mindset was in some residents of the state. Some have suggested that it is not just flown for white soldiers who fought for the confederency, but also for the 70,000 black soldiers. If this be such a tribute to black and white, why don't blacks show the same pride in the flag? It is a smoke screen that allows this offensive symbol to be displayed at our capital. Do we sometimes wonder why larger companies and industry do not move to this state? I suggest the flag plays a larger part in this issue than we know.
  • DS, Manning
    I agree with Coach Spurrier and applaud his courage for speaking out. I am a proud native South Carolinian, but I don't believe the confederate flag has a place on our state house grounds. Regardless of its historical meaning, it is currently seen as a symbol of hatred and racism. To me, it is equivalent to the Nazi swastika.
  • JC, Columbia
    He's right. I couldn't care less about the flag itself. But Coach Spurrier pays taxes in this state. He contributes to the economy of this state. He coaches a football team that can't seem to stay of of trouble, so he's absolutely entitled to have an opinion. He does live in this state, does he not? The problem with SC is that most people here don't like outsiders coming in telling them what to do. They don't want to embrace different opinions or listen to new ideas, and that's why this state is sorely lacking in so many areas. It's still a bunch of good ole boys who apparently still can't get past the fact that the south lost. South Carolina will never be a leader in forward thinking because it embraces its heritage through arrogance and swagger, continuing to live in history, instead of making it. When ESPN comes to this state to show a nationally televised football game and the whole nation sees some idiot waving a confederate flag the size of a circus tent, it's embarrassing and it makes us look like a bunch of backwoods yeehaws.
  • SC, Leesville
    It never ceases to amaze me that for some unknown reason, blacks seem to think that they have been the only group who has ever been put into slavery. I hate to break this to you, but guess what, you aren't. Slavery has been around since the caveman in every country, even Africa. I'm sorry to break that to you. Did you also know that a majority of the slaves, not all, were actually sold into slavery by blacks in Africa who actually trapped the villagers and sold them for money. I realize it is hard to imagine that blacks would do that, but... Yes I am being cynical, but true. The blacks have all of their groups and monuments. They even have a black history month, to go on top of the already topics that were being studied in schools. Whenever the whites, or any other group for that matter, try to bring about something for their own group, it is always met with controvery by the black groups who then threaten boycotts or suits asking for apologies or restitution. Why don't you go ask the black slave traders for apologies? The Flag issue WAS settled 8 years ago when it was moved from the Dome to the current spot it holds on the grounds of the State House. At the time, the black monument was erected for the blacks. If you want the Flag removed further, let's tear down the monument and do away with black history month and MLK holiday (please!!!). Coach Spurrier may have said the wrong thing when he called for the removal of the Flag, however, under the Constitution, everyone is entitled to their own belief and speech. We cannot condemn him for that, nor can we ask for his resignation or firing as the Coach of USC. He was brought in here to do a job, which I personally feel he has been good at. We had a wonderful season last year, as well as the year before. I am very proud of him, as I am of the boys (not the boys actions, but that is a different issue). Let's get on with our lives and get rid of Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP, and the black caucus. That is where the hatred has continued to grow. Without those groups, the world would be a much better place.
  • RH, Columbia
    I wander why with all the response in support for the Confederate flag, I do not see them flying in front of three out of four homes in South Carolina? Could it be that the people who say the flag it about their ancestors are afraid to flag it because they do not want to be seen as racist? Then you have answered by your lack of flying the flag why it should come down. If you are afraid to fly it in front of your home then why should it fly at the people of South Carolina's house? Way to go Coach Spurrier!!
  • JB, Columbia
    What's most interesting about the Southern Cross is that it wasn't adopted by states as part of their flags until well after the Civil War. Georgia added it in the mid-1950s as a protest against desegregation. Mississippi added it in 1894, nearly 30 years after the war's end. It never was about heritage, it was about defiance. The message it sends is the same as a raised middle finger. You can rationalize the emblem of the Confederacy all you want, but you can not deny that it represents the old South and slavery just as surely as the swastika represents the Holocaust. To fly that flag is an insult not just to African-Americans whose ancestors were brought to these shores as slaves, but to every American who finds that part of our history to be repugnant. I would hope that would be the vast majority of the country. Individuals are welcome to display it. That comes under free speech. But the government can not be party to it. The government is supposed to represent all the people, not just a defiant few still fighting a war that ended 142 years ago. It is incomprehensible that South Carolina's lawmakers defend their right to fly a flag that says "slavery" in the faces of its citizens,black and white. Spurrier can be aggravating. He's arrogant and doesn't care if he offends you. Those qualities led him to open his mouth on a subject he's been told to avoid.Good for him. He'll take a lot of heat from a lot of people living in the past. But he made more friends than he can possibly know. We can just hope he inspires more people in South Carolina to show some courage and add their voices to his. South Carolina started the War. It's time to end it. That war killed more Americans than all the wars America has fought in.Is this something to be proud of?
  • SW, Prosperity
    The Coach is right. For more reasons than one. And he not only has a right to say so but and obligation to say so. Those that think so highly of the flag can't seem to think outside the box. It is harmful to the State as a hold, not just a few in the State. We are not united as a state and we never will be as long as people hold on to ideas from the past that are anything but positive. People had family that died for that flag,that maybe ture, but what was the battle all about. The right's of the slave owners to continue to own people as slaves. And the fact that people wanted this enough to die for it is not something to be so proud of. Because you want to take a man and treat him as less than human to serve your own selfesh needs to retain the wealth and a standard of life that made you feel superior as a man. To take family members apart and sell them never to see each other again, like goods or wears off a store shellf, if this is something about your history that you choose to hold on to like badge of honor to be displayed for all to see is cazy. You should be ashamed that any man could treat another man with such disrespect. The South so full of Chritians in church each and every Sunday. What is that you pray for when you pray, when you hold on to the sins of the past as if they were a rigth of passage. Do you think there is a White and Black heaven? The Bible speaks of Love and doing unto others that which you would have done to you. The only motivation for keeping a man as a slave was heat, a lack of understanding and greed. And I for one am not proud of that. So if you don't want to support the Gamecocks because the Couch gave his opinion on this matter. WHO CARES!!!. DID YOU NOT NOTICE THE BLACK PLAYERS OUT THERE. And by the way Clemson has black players too.
  • TC, Charleston
    To Mr. Spurrier and anyone else who has a problem with the confederate flag....if you don't like it....leave!
  • MM, Columbia
    I think everyone just needs to grow up and get over it. Steve Spurrier gave his opinion on a very highly debated issue. So what?? Last I heard we were all entitled to give our opinions. I could give two cents less about whether the flag stays or goes, but those of you who turn this into "He needs to go elsewhere now." and "He's not that good of a coach anyways!" must be getting him confused with Clemson! Lets all just grow up a little!
  • JR, Camden
    Denying the flag is denying the heritage of this state.Where does he get off coming here to deny us, the people in this state that support the flag far out number the ones who dont. I will be honest with you, I am 15 years old, pure souther bred. I have traced my ancestrol blood to a confederate soldier. So in turn, disrespecting the flag disrespects him, in turn disrespects my family, leading to disrespecting me. If Spurriet doesn't like it, then he can take his opinion and head on outta state! Now, in my green southern eye's, he has no rights here in this state. He is no longer welcomed in this state, we South Carolinian USC fans wanted him here to help our foot ball team, now all he has done is started something he won't be able to finish. The blood of the South Carolinians in the Civil War made the flag stand for their people, now the flag has embedded itself in our minds and hearts and soaked into our blood so that it shall show how far we have come in the world. From poor cotton mill parents, from poor coal miners daughters and sons, from poor crop farmers, from the poor fishermen on the bays of Charleston, from the rich brothers and sisters that made us who we are today. We have risen to new and better things! We are who we are, we can run from our history, we can try and hide it... But we cannot deny it! And Spurrier has just forced us to deny it, what has happened here is Spurrier forcing us to choose between foot ball or our heritage... And everytime, I think we will our heritage over him. The souls and bodies of our fore fathers have turned in their graves because of his words. Spurrier get a history book,and if you need a teacher. I know one who will gladly tell you over and over again what the flag stands for today, and what it stood for then, and she is black. Don't force us to deny our heritage, for we will choose it over you Spurrier.
  • DM, Columbia
    Steve Spurrier should have kept his mouth shut and his opinions to himself and close friends, not to the State of S.C. and entire country. I think he's trying to please blacks by saying what he did, but does he really feel that way about the flag or just trying to win brownie points with the black population??????
  • JJ, Lexington
    I think Steve Spurrier needs to step back and keep quiet on this subject and take care of his day job.
  • JR, Camden
    I think that if Spurrier cannot respect the fact that the Confederate flag is a part of this states history, then he shouldn't coach here anymore. I mean, it is a crucial part of the fabric of this state. Yes, many people "do" look upon it still as a racial artifact... But, it's still this states history, it should be respected. Don't look upon the flag as racist, look upon with the historical respect it deserves... Not as a racial monument, but as a true memorial for what this state "USED" to stand for. It is a true reminder of how far this state has truly come from the burning depths of racism and hatred.... To a more calm and serene way of life between races.
  • AP, West Columbia
    I think Steve should spend his time removing the outlaws from the team instead of scoring points with NAACP. Poor example of leadership when that many team players have that much trouble with the law. Where are you getting these guys?
  • PB, Gadsden, SC
    Coach Spurrier has every right to have an opinion about the flag, and express it as he sees fit. I feel that the flag's bad rep comes not so much from the Civil War as from the KKK using it afterwards. I don't really have a dog in this fight, but if I have to make a choice, I'd have to agree with taking it down and putting it in the State Museum.
  • KC, Columbia
    I think that the Confederate flag is about history and heritage and if people choose to look upon it and think negative thoughts then that is on the person because alot of southern people look upon it with pride and have no negative thoughts. Taking down the confederate flag would not change what people think about it it would only take away history!
  • JH, Columbia, S.C.
    Ridicules, Coach Spurrier has enough problems with football players breaking the law than a harmeless flag. As a southerner with ancestor's that fought in that war, I will not forsake my family's heritage because he is worried about recruiting, and progress, which are both thriving.
  • kp, batesburg
    Im a carolina fan , but I think he should spend more time controlling his team.I wonder if there is a gamecock jailcell. The flag is a settled issue, all the boycotts and talk has not hurt the state. Give it a rest.
  • OW, Springfiel,SC
    You know since the NAACP started thier boycott crime has gone down. Now that USC has hired Spurrier it is on the rise again. Why don't Spurrier join in on the boycott & take his jail birds(better known as GAMECOCKS)with him. I-77 NORTH
  • DF, Blythewood
    It appears that Steve Spurrier has really gotten the attention he must be seeking. Why should we even give him the time of day on this matter? What he has to say isn't the law. This arrogant and self-centered man is having a very difficult time with his "profession", can't cut the mustard any longer and is probably so worried about his job that he is now trying to draw attention away from what he is really all about. Sometimes we must all admit defeat and try something new for a change. He really doesn't care for the young men who he is trying to coach. Just listen to his interviews on tv when one gets into trouble. I would believe that given his ability to coach, he will be getting his walking papers by the end of the next football season. At his age, he needs to be put out to pasture and left to listen to himself make noises. If his salary was taken away, he would be gone and would care less if SC had any flag flying overhead. If he can't get the NAACP to find good players, perhaps he should try to recruit players from the opposing racial group. You just can't get chicken salad out of chicken do, especially when the chef is worried about that "damn flag". Good luck, Stevie.
  • OW, Springfiel,SC
    KEEP THE FLAG--DUMP SPURRIER!!!Go back to Tenn.,Fl.don't need you either,they have a winng coach.If you don't like the South then take I-77 NORTH OR I-95 NORTH. Just tell me how many people from the South retire & move North. NOW HIRING--USC FOOTBALL COACH!!!!
  • OW, Springfiel,SC
    KEEP THE FLAG--DUMP SPURRIER!!!Go back to Tenn.,Fl.don't need you either,they have a winng coach.If you don't like the South then take I-77 NORTH OR I-95 NORTH. Just tell me how many people from the South retire & move North. NOW HIRING--USC FOOTBALL COACH!!!!
  • RJ, Columbia
    If only everyone in SC were able to view our beloved state from an outsider's point of view, they would see what a laughingstock we are on the public stage. In a state known as a leader in spousal abuse, one of the worst in education, and owner of many other "dubious" distinctions, we still can't seem to get past the flag of a war lost 142 years ago. Put it in a museum with all of the other relics of an age best forgotten.
  • JB, west cola
    I think the flag is part of our history and NOT about slavery. I never would agree to any form of slavery, but the flag stands for much more and many more ideas. If people would stop making that the issue and see it for all it really is, then there would be no more contraversy over this. People use it as an excuse to voice their insecurities. No one alive today that is argueing about the flag was ever a slave any way. The origin of slavery did not come from here to start with, and this is not the symbolism of the flag.
  • ts, west columbia
    i think coach spurrier should tend to his coaching football and stay out of politics
  • JH, West Columbia
    First of all, I admire Coach Spurrier for his comments. I wonder how many of these nay sayers are Gamecock Football fans that would have the guts to tell him to his face. Based on these answers to the QOD, it is obviuos as to why South Carolina is near the bottom when it comes to education. Just answer the question. Hey VC of Chapin, I love the way you use devisive questions such as this to show your frustration towards us Blacks. Keep it coming! Thank you WIS QOD for posting them.
  • MS, Columbia
    When it was first announced that Spurrier would be the new Carolina coach, I was admittedly less than thrilled after spending years cheering for teams that played against him, but I now must confess that my pleasure with him increases daily. I'm overwhelmingly pleased with his comments and am hopeful that it will reopen a much needed conversation amongst this state's leaders. Hopefully this time some real change will take place and that memorial to racism and hatred will finally be removed from the state property.
  • BB, Columbia
    That most respondents on this matter did not favor the issue comes as no surprise. They are joined at the hip, & there remains much fervor amidst diminishing numbers. Time itself will not loosen a death-grip on them. No amount of reason or altruism will transform those willing to summarily dismiss the pain & price of the African presence. More than 150 years ago, they went to Hell and never came back. So, whenever Steve Spurrier or anyone has the courage to stand up for a better today and Tomorrow, he deserves to be revered. Coach,you have my heartfelt support and eternal gratitude. Thank God you got one heckuva resume and of dough & you don't need the validation of that crowd to be a real winner.
  • JC, Six Mile
    The NAACP left it alone after we took it off of the state capital why can't Steve Spurrier leave the Confederate Flag alone? It doesn't only represent the whites it also represents the blacks as well. The Confederate Flag is both of ours. Who ever disagrees with me needs to go take another history lesson and learn the "true" history of the Confederate Flag. All of this is bullsh*t. Steve Spurrier just needs to leave the state of SC if he doesn't like our flag, after all we didn't hire him to improve the state, we hired him to improve the football team and I think if the confederate Flag is removed then the African-American Monument needs to be removed also. I was the biggest USC fan before all of this come up, and until he's no longer the coach I'm changing teams
  • WM, Chapin
    I hate Steve Spurrier now, he has open a can of worms with his snide comments involving my heritage, why can't this man stick to coaching, and he's not really that good of a coach, such as letting Steven Garcia off his suspension, because of the poor performance from this past weekends spring game. Steve Spurrier likes to change, such as the new Carolina uniforms, why not go back to the retro late 1970's early 1980's where the helmets had some stars on them, they would be very befitting for his team, stars and bars, the bars would remind them where most of his players veer from behind at Alvin S. Glenn Detention center, the stars would be remind spurrier how the flag has hurt his recruiting effort here in SC with the #6 class in nation by rivals. Steve Spurrier should apologize for his brazen comments he enjoyed saying twice then retire, as one of the most hated coaches of all time in college football. Spurrier is full of hot air, and tired of seeing his kisser on the news everynight bellyaching. He is not a good fit here in Columbia, the flag represents the past, and many around here have had relatives fight and die for their states. There are thousands of CarolinaCon. flag lovers, you don't have one without the other. Spurrier an adult or a dolt?
  • AM, Three Rivers, TX
    I am not from SC, but I have heard about this comment that Coach Spurrier said about the Confederate Flag, and I am offended by what he said. I personally think he needs to go back to High School and pick up a history book and re-read what the Confederate Flag really stands for. Everytime something like this comes up it's all about it being racial, well people I'm sorry to say it has nothing to do with being racial. It is in history and I'm sorry to say that it will remain in history. I think that if they want it removed then all of the supporters of the Confederate Flag should fly them proudly in their yards.
  • PD, Columbia
    WOW! Congrats to Spurrier. I applaud his courage to speak and have an opinion and not be a robot. I am so sick of 50% of SC's pop saying that a FLAG represents heritage. It does not. If you would be so kind and look in the history books, it reprents struggle, hatred, times of war and fear (ie KKK). I personally could careless about the flag but when I see such images associated with it, I do not feel comfortable seeing it represent my state. A flag does not make a state. A community makes a state. Unfortunately the majority of the negative comments leads me to believe we are still living in the 50s and 60 and represent Jim Crow's law (Miss. Burning). Just keep in mind the revenue Columbia has lost. BMW. A BMW plant in Columbia? WOW. I cannot wait until everyone wakes up and see what the flag really means. This is so sad.
  • LW, W. Columbia
    "I am a Daughter of the Confederacy because I was born a Daughter of the Confederacy. A part of my heritage was that I came into this world with the blood of a soldier in my veins..asoldier who may have had nothing more to leave behind in me and to those who come after me except in heritage..aheritage so rich in honor and glory that it far surpasses any material wealth that could be mine. But it is mine...to cherish, to nuture and make grace, and to opass along to those yet to come. I am therefore, a Daughter of the Confederacy because because it is my birthright."(Quote Mary Nowlin Moon We are proud to fly the Confederate Flag on our State grounds, on our homes, on our buildings, everywhere...and Mr. Spurrier you must have failed History. You have shown your intelligence not only on your performance as a coach, but also the words you speak. May I inform you that not only whites, but blacks also paid a price with their lives for the South during the war. We embrace ALL that gave their lives so that we All have the freedom we do today. The Confederate Flag is not about race Mr. Spurrier. It is about our love for country, family, freedom. You are the one that is a an obstacle. You are the one that is a racist. And there are many highways going out of South Carolina. God Speed Mr. Spurrier as we do not need you here in our Great State of South Carolina. We all stand together, fight together, and play together, and learn together. Go wher you can do the same. New York, Canada, even Iraq might be a good place for you. But go now.Please............. Linda Proud to be an American Proud to be a South Carolina Girl...... Proud even more to be a Confederate Girl..... Oh yes, and don't let that door hit you in the rear on the way out! That is an old southern saying for "hurry on".
  • TB, Jackson, Alabama
    Glad he's ya'lls and not ours. Sounds like he'd feel more at home north of the Mason-Dixon line. Maybe ya'll should point him in that direction.
  • RL, Lexington
    Spurrier is a embarressment to SC. You would think he is trying to push the agenda of the NAACP. Has anyone ever questioned what the NAACP is all about? They have to keep finding something to complain about or they might have to go to work like the rest of us. The flag should never have been removed from the dome in the first place. They say it is a symbol that reminds them of slavery. If they are so offended by something that happened 140 plus years ago,why do they keep bringing up the subject of slavery everytime you turn around. They are nothing more than a raciest group, disguising themselves as trying to advance the black race. They use discrimination as a excuse to sue all these companies and businesses to collect huge sums of money. Have you seen them using that money to help all these unfortunate people they are saying they are trying to help. Did you see them donating some of this money to those unfortunate souls in New Orleans? The NAACP causes more division amongst the races then anyone else. It appalling how they think black people can't think for themselves. They need them to tell them how to think, what to think, when to think. If they cared about the black people, they would be trying to instill in the young people character,morals and good work ethics. The NAACP will keep trying to have the Confederate Flag removed and you will have some politicians who will cave in to their demands. If we wanted them to remove Martin Luther King's momuments, they wouldn't be to happy. When my daughter had to do a history report on Martin Luther King, she found out he committed adultery on his wife several times,and also believed to be connected with communist. Unfortunately, he was not a happy man, he tried to commit suicide on seven different occasions. Although, we may not feel he is a man to look up to and honour, we allow those who wish to that right. Do we not have the right to our heiritage? Keep the flag flying
  • EG, Newberry
    His comment stirred up angry thoughts from across South Carolina, maybe own the USC football team too. Something is stirred up in the football team in the way it acts off the football field. Pick a subject that you can be correct on. His use of a 4 letter word maybe Ok in his house or his surrounding, but is not proper in public conversation in South Carolina, no matter what the topic is. Was the Confederate Flag at the murder scene at Virginia Tech? Lets talk about what we need to address..Violence..Peace..God
  • SK, Lexington
    My Confederate ancestors were poor farmers who endured long cold winters under-equiped and under-fed while not seeing their families for years experiencing the horrors of close combat infantry fighting and certainly not in support of the institute of slavery. They willingly volunteered in support of their families, their homes and their community. It was their sense of duty and honor to fight for the Confederacy. Some even paid the ultimate sacriface and were killed in action doing so. The Confederate flag is a symbol of the southern fortitude, courage and sacriface that these proud and often un-noticed soldiers made. The unfortunate events that played out in the 1960's placed a hard blemish on the Confederate flag and should not be confused with racism. The comments that Steve Spurrier made has offended me severely and I will no longer support the USC football organization based solely on his opinions. Even though I am offended by his comments, I have the right to choose not to support his organization and will continue to encourage others to do as well. Please don't deny me of my herritage.
  • S , Lexington
    My Confederate ancestors were poor farmers who endured long cold winters under-equiped and under-fed while not seeing their families for years experiencing the horrors of close combat infantry fighting and certainly not in support of the institute of slavery. They willingly volunteered in support of their families, their homes and their community. It was their sense of duty and honor to fight for the Confederacy. Some even paid the ultimate sacriface and were killed in action doing so. The Confederate flag is a symbol of the southern fortitude, courage and sacriface that these proud and often un-noticed soldiers made. The unfortunate events that played out in the 1960's placed a hard blemish on the Confederate flag and should not be confused with racism. The comments that Steve Spurrier made has offended me severely and I will no longer support the USC football organization based solely on his opinions. Even though I am offended by his comments, I have the right to choose not to support his organization and will continue to encourage others to do as well. Please don't deny me of my herritage.
  • TP, Sumter
    I am from the South, born and raised, and have lived in SC now for 10 years. The confederate flag was raised at the Statehouse in the early 60s, in my opinion, in response to and in opposition of the Civil Rights movement. It had not been flying since the late 1800s or early 1900s as a symbol of pride or to memorialize lost Confederate soldiers. Although I do not doubt that there are some who truly consider it to be a symbol of their heritage, just as there are those like me, who could care less about the flag because I know who I am and what I think, the bottom line is that it is an offensive symbol to a significant portion of South Carolinians, and there are those that want it to fly purely to insight offensiveness among that group. The flag needs to come down.
  • JP, Alcolu, SC
    I think Coach Spurrier should go back where he came from.And I think everybody should quit crying about the Confederate flag on the State house grounds. And be proud that they live in South Carolina. A state that both blacks and whites gave their lives for.if coach spurrier is so ashame of beeing here because of the flag then he needs to leave.
  • BM, Columbia
    I'm a native South Carolinian and support Steve Spurrier's comments regarding the removal of the confederate flag. I think anyone would agree that the swastika was used to represent hate and racism and yet those same people turn a blind eye to how groups have rallied around the confederate flag to symbolize those same hateful ideals. No matter how you look at it you cannot change what either symbol has become. The swastika is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles, in either left-facing (?) or right-facing (?) forms. The term is derived from Sanskrit svasti, meaning well-being. The Thai greeting sawasdee is from the same root, carrying the same implication. It is a widely-used sacred symbol in Dharmic religions (Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism). Hindus often decorate the swastika with a dot in each quadrant. In India, it is common enough to be a part of several Devanagari fonts. It is also a symbol in the modern unicode. It is often imprinted on religious texts, marriage invitations, decorations etc. It is used to mark religious flags in Jainism and to mark Buddhist temples in Asia. Archaeological evidence of swastika shaped ornaments goes back to the Neolithic period. In 1920 the swastika was appropriated as a Nazi symbol, and has since then become a controversial motif as a consequence. There are many other ways to honor the fallen of the civil war besides a flag.
  • RC, Gilbert
    I thought this was resolved 7 or 8 years ago. It was a "DONE DEAL". You can't change horses in the middle of the stream. Maybe in 20-30 years! As Spurrier said, we don't have a problem recruiting. He's a great Coach and I am 100% behind his approach to team discipline---if they don't want to play by the rules or be here, so be it. Just like the Coach said, he's not a politician and he has every right to his opinion. But, for God's sake---stay out of politics. at least for now!
  • MN, Lexington
    As a Yankee living in South Carolina, I don't care either way about the flag. I see both sides and have friends on both sides. Howevr, isn't the fair grounds private property? If Spurrier wants to keep it from appearing on TV, just ban the symbol and all people carrying a flag or wearing it. Period.
  • HL, Chapin
    Steve Spurrier is leaving USC's football program to run as a contender for the demecratic presidental nomination!!!!!
  • BE, Columbia
    The flag should be removed and Spurrier should be applauded for his stand on the flag. Our legislature should take leadership and should let respect be given to those of us in the white minority that feel the flag should be removed.
  • SM, Gilbert
    Steve Spurrier was hired by USC to coach the Football Team, not get involved in political issues that were addressed by the legislature several years ago. The flag is off the dome as requested-End of story.
  • cs, lugoff
    spurrier shouldn t worry about the flag cause all he wants is to recruit more african american players which he thinks the flag hinders his prospects he should try to keep the ones he has from being criminals
  • CB, orangeburg
    Like a football game, Yanks 1, Rebels 0 Half time. You cane read in some of these postings, that some are pure Yankees trying to be little South Carolina's. I fly the Confederate Flag in my front yard and I'm not a loser, redneck or trailer park hick. A redneck is the nick name of a outdoor hard worker that supports his family. A person that lives in a trailer park is not a hick, just someone trying to also support his family in the best life style they can. Also if you truly loved the Confederated Flag for what it stands, you wouldn't be afraid to stand for it. I personally own six Confederated Flags that flew over the State Capitol. I took the Confederate Flag down after 911, but it's tine to put it back up! I ask all South Carolina's that believe the flag stands for hertiage to fly it proudly and if you fly it for racism than change it to the Union Jack!
  • BH, Blythewood
    WIS needs to move on - they have driven this in the ground. There are alot more important things to talk about.
  • LD, Americus, Ga.
    Spurrier should stick to what he is doing: coaching football. He can't win without controversey. Heck, he can't win with controversey either. He has no business stepping into a ring of fire where he does not belong. Old ball coach needs to mind his own business(Try to win games). If he concentrates on the win column he want have time run his mouth in areas out of his control. What Spurrier doesn't realize is that he just increased tourism industy in South Carolina, Naacp could not stop tourism neither can the old ball coach. Mind your own house and leave the state house alone. I never was a South Carolina fan and I could not stand Spurrier at Florida. By the way, Spurrier, you fall into the category the Confederate flag represents, white southern male. The endangered species!
  • RK, Lexington
    YOu know the interesteing part about this hole entire issue is that the confederate flag does stand for history. News flash to only reason why SC is a losing state in athletics is because it comes off the history of a losing war. Remember the South lost the war and they didnt win it. So there you have it. Losing war brings losing athletics.
  • RT, West Columbia
    I think Spurrier has stepped on many loyal fans toes with his comment. Sure we all have personal opinions but this one he should have kept it to himself and not use his position to spread propaganda like the gestapo did in Germany to get it's veiw across. Hopefully a demand for his resignation will come from a loud voice of the South Carolina citizens.
  • CS, Florence, SC
    I do not like Steve Spurrier and think that the comments he made are totally uncalled for. He was hired to coach football and not to make personal comments. I do not think that that coaches should make comments that do not pertain to the the job that they were hired to perform.
  • WS, Lexington
    I am a USC Grad and member of the Gamecock club for 32 years. I was very disappointed in Coach Spurrier's remark about the flag. It was very hurtful and insulting to my family heritage. I still support the Coach as our coach. I chalk his comment up to ignorance and playing to his audience. I hope he learns from this and keeps his focus on Carolina Football and not profain what his heart can never understand.
  • MW, Sumter
    Steve Spurrier's comment on the Rebel Flag downgraded him to the level of a razor blade. The Flag represents the history of the south both black and white. All of these people who are against the Rebel Flag is only showing their stupidity. They need to go back to school and study their U. S. History and find out what started the War between the States. IT WAS NOT SLAVERY! This issue has been settled. If they like this flag, get out of our state. Go back to their own land.
  • CK, Gilbert
    I am writing to respond to Coach Spurrier's comments on my & my grandmother's behalf & at her request. Coach Spurrier has indeed disgraced the confederate flag by calling it "that damned confederate flag", by doing so he has also disgraced the people (black & white) who died fighting under that flag. Whether it be right or wrong in our eyes now, it is part of South Carolina's history & deserves as much right on the state house grounds as any other monument. As for Spurrier, the flag was here before you and it will be here when the USC Gamecocks get rid of you as they have others. I also agree with others, stick to coaching & maybe you can mentor the "troubled ones" on your team and keep them out of jail.
  • LD, Blythewood
    Maybe it DOES effect some recruiting, but if that is the sole reason why someone will not play ball at Carolina, perhaps they should play elsewhere. I don't even see the flag now. Why? I'm not looking for it..... Have a great day!
  • RB, Columbia
    It is interesting that the power of footbal, l in SC will be what finally rids us of the blight of the Confederate flag waving down Main St in front of our glorious State Capitol when all of the business leaders in the state could not do it.
  • KW, Columbia
    It's funny how all the rednecks who support the flag and are "Gamecock Fans" are becoming Clemson Fans. Last time I checked it people went to the football games to see a football game played by players of all colors and nationalities. But I see that most of the people are there to support STEVE! But STEVE is right this time sorry rednecks!!!
  • RS, Blythewood
    I feel that Spurrier should keep a hand on his players, it seems that he can't keep them out of jail long enough to practice or play a good game.(Maybe we should hire a good Warden and let them stay in Jail until the game starts) Why does he think he has the right to comment on the flag issue, when he can't earn his 1M salary coaching football, He needs to keep his mind on the game not Politics,It is too bad that USC has to pay for a Political Coach, and pass this cost on to the students Thanks
  • JG, Great Falls
    You all are still talking about that flag.Why don't you put your concerns on more important things like the US Flag flying in Iraq.Our concerns should be with our troops and trying to get all Americans to support what they are trying to do and that is"KEEPING US A FREE NATION"
  • BK,
    The flag NEEDS TO COME DOWN!! We are no longer the OLD SOUTH! Forget the LOST CAUSE! It's disrespectful, bring it down and put it in a museum. It makes me sick, and I live a half of mile from it! I'm proud of Spurrier for saying something, more should that are as high profile as he is! TAKE IT DOWN!
  • SB, West Columbia
    Glad that he brought it up;think it is brave to risk his popularity in this state by taking the position he did. Fully support him and wish that the flag would be moved.
  • WB, Hopkins
    I totally disagree with coach's comment about the flag.
  • jm, Florence
    The old ball coach obviously has his priorities out of order. He should first concentrate on building a winning tradition at USC before he he tries to fight the Civil War all over again. Spurrier may be winner, but when it comes to "the flag", he will always be a loser. USC Class of 1981
  • MS, Columbia, S. C.
    This flag issue is a South Carolina issue. It was settled before he came here and we will live with it after he has gone. That flag represents my family's hearitage. Long may it wave.
  • DT,
    The Confederate flag is a symbol of a failed government by a priviliged class that succumbed to the evil sickness of blinding vanity, greed and powerlust and became a government that spurned human , decency as weakness and socially unimportant. The Confederate flag symbolizes a government that made it legal to chop off a person's foot with an axe after escape attempts, a government that made it legal to cut off a person's ear for being, insolent, a government that accepted whipping and lynching of men, women and children and destruction of their families merely because of skin color. It is the symbol of a cruel and ignorant mistake in southern history.
  • LP, Lexington
    I know I'm a teen, but I keep up with news and Spurrier is out of line. Yes the south did lose but come on, if you read some history books, it's just a battle flag, nothing more.
  • ET, Lexington
    Mr. Spurrier is a great football coach and he should stick to what he is good at. If there is to be any discussion about the removal of the Confederate Flag, the removal of the Balck Hertitage Monument should also be included in it. Unlike Mr. Spurrier, I feel that the Legislature did the right thing an honoring those who faught in the Confederate War as also the Black Race that suffered.
  • DL, horatio s.c.
    I think coach spurrier should stick to what he does best,and that is coach football.i see his comments as very offensive to our entire state.the confederate battle flag is a part of our states history every bit as much as the stars and stripes.if the "old ball coach" is so sincere in his apparent disgust for our heritage then i should expect he take a referendum among his players and disqualify any that know the words to "dixie"? "old times there are not forgotten"! i also suggest that our state put a referendum on the ballot asking the people to decide if the flag should fly,but that wont happen in my lifetime.why? because there are too many of us "good ol' boys" out here that still respect our heritage.
  • JE, Columbia
    First of all, the flag issue is settled, it came off the state house dome and went to the grounds, the blacks later got their own monument on the grounds. What is wrong with the flag, it stands for the south, and if you don't like it move. Steve Spurrier is an outspoken coward, and does not even understand the meaning of the flag, only that it hurts his recruiting efforts. My heritage is more important than any gamecock sporting event, and now I am embarrased to be apart of it. I am disscusted with coach spurrier and his snide remarks, and wish he would go back to where he came from, where ever that is, Florida football proved they can win without him and so can we. PS. The South Will rise again. Dixie forever....
  • KH, Lexington
    Why is this even making headlines? Who really cares? Is it a slow news day? He voiced an opinion like everyone else has. This is not news. This is olds.
  • PB, Columbia
    Mr Spurrier said that he is ashamed of the confederate flag flying on the State house grounds. Personally, I am embarrassed by his lack of 'zero tolerance' regarding his team players and appalled by the rap sheats that some of his players have acquired. With his leadership, we will read in the "State" newspaper along with the rest of the country, how some of his players continually commit crimes but still play football. Steve, continue to keep your eyes on that small poor flag flapping in the breeze. Don't worry about coaching your team. Just don'look away when you hear police sirens. Your teams doing just fine.
  • HH, Lugoff
    Mr.Spurrier. has stepped way over the line.The Confederate flag is a part of history. A lot of South Carolina men white and black fought and died. If you try to act as though it never happend then what do we learn. Bad or good wars will be fought. we should always honor those who fought for us.
  • kb, cheraw
    I thought Mr Spurrier got paid to coach football the flag reprsents history and if he has a problem with that I suggest that he should go back to flordia.kb sc
  • DB, Orangeburg,
    Steve Spurrier is entitled to his opinion. However he displays an ignorance of what the fag really stands for when he calls it a "dam flag" and suggests it be removed. He was none the less correct when he said he should not get involved in politics. We have been Gamecock fans for a long time, but we won't be attending any more games until he is gone.
  • DS, Rock Hill
    The flag should stay and the coach should go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DO, Cayce
    It was entirely appropriate for Steve Spurrier to comment on the Confederate Flag. He had just received a City Year Columbia Citizen Leadership Award. That's what citizen leaders do - they lead - away from the backward, limiting ways of the past and toward progress for the future. SC started the Civil War and many here continue to fight it. We were wrong, we lost the war, and it's time to drop all vestiges of the confederacy, as they continue to limit us in disturbing ways - such as our not being able to host NCAA athletic championships.
  • kb, cheraw
    I thought Mr Spurrier got paid to coach football the flag reprsents history and if he has a problem with that I suggest that he should go back to flordia.
  • BW, Cola, SC
    It is ridiculous the majority of responses on here. He has every right to comment on the flag because (1) he is entitled to his opinion (2) it negatively affects recruiting, which is his job, (3) it prevents USC from hosting NCAA tournaments, which also is his business. The backwoods responses on here make me ashamed to be associated with the Gamecocks--the fans that is. And anyone who thinks that the civil war was not about slavery just needs to ask themselves then why was a provision protecting slavery put into the Constitution of Confederate States. ("No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves shall be passed ...").
  • AS, West Columbia
    I guess my friend's response was too tough to air on this blog, but the truth hurts. And tell Steve that if he can't handle the heat, get out the kitchen.
  • RL, Chester
    Steve, you have really offended me as a southerner & our way of life. I'm mad as h_ll at your comment about the flag. Talk to Beasley about taking down the flag & see what happened to him. One day (maybe) you'll go to heaven & meet all of your southern ancestors & they'll send you to h_ll with the rest of the yankees.
  • RS, Columbia
    I agree with Coach Spurrier and feel the Flag should have been placed in a museum when it was removed from the dome. Only arrogance and hate keeps it flying in it's current position.
  • RS, Columbia
    I agree with Coach Spurrier and feel the Flag should have been placed in a museum when it was removed from the dome. Only arrogance and hate keeps it flying in it's current position.
  • RM, Gilbert
    I applaud Spurrier and his boldness to speak out even though he knew the topic would be controversial. Everyone does not have to agree for his stand to be right. We have a State Museum and a Confederate Museum just down the street from the State House to remember the history of our state. We have been embarrassed long enough because of mistakes. Let's move South Carolina forward and put the confederate flag in the museum, not on the grounds of the State House.
  • AG, Columbia
    Spurrier should stick to football. The flag was here before Spurrier. If he don't like it, he can leave.
  • AR, Orangeburg, SC
    I applaud Coach Steve Spurrier for his forthrightness in addressing the social ills that still plague South Carolina. As long as there are those misguided individuals who continue to fight the Civil War (which the South lost!) nearly 150 years later, our state will continue to be viewed as a backwards, ignorant, and non-progressive. The Civil War was fought to preserve "states rights" and the economic system that fostered antebellum slavery. If that's a heritage to be proud of, then God help us all!
  • LM, Manning
    To be a college coach, you would think he would know about the "TRUE" history of the Confederate flag and the War Between the States..anyway that is his opinion. also, there was a solution eight years ago with the NAACP but they are not satisfied nor will they ever be because they do not want to know or learn the REAL history of the Confederate flag. My opinion..take the flag from the KKK..Let them carry their own flag because I belive they are the ones who people think the Confederate Flag represents..The "Flag" is for all our ancestors who died in the War Between the States over 100 years ago..Let it fly in peace on the State Capital grounds...
  • KP, Chester, SC
    I think Steve Spurrier was wrong to say anything at all about the flag. He's right, he's not a politician & he may have just lost alot of Gamecock fans. He's from Tennessee & should be proud of his ancesters who fought under that flag. People who see this flag as hatred are ignorant to what it really stands for. They should read their history on the War Between The States.
  • ja, columbia
    I do believe STEVE should resign from USC and go to a northern school and coach. His heart is not at S.C. He has a problem in understanding the meaning of the flag, and so does alot of black people from this state and nation. The flag never enslaved one single negro. If anybody wants to raise cane about a flag they had better look at the AMERICAN FLAG. The truth is that the American Flag enslaved alot of negros in this country , as well as relocate and kill the indians throughtout this country. isn't it ashame that we live in a country of misinformed people, also the land of the offended . Please wake up America and learn your history. dont believe everything the U.S. GOVT. puts out. Read between the lines. Remember one thing, the one who wins the war writes the history. But as true southerns we have learned our history. It is our responsibility to try to educate these uneducated NAACP MEMBERS. It would be great for CHANNEL 10 to tell the truth about why the south left the union . It was not over slavery. It was an economic war. Does anybody from CH.10 know the TRUTH? Will Ch. 10 tell the truth. I challange ya'll to tell the truth, and educate the people of this state, and nation, especially steve. Thank you for your support.
  • gf, elgin
    I think Steve should stick to training his players and keeping them out of trouble. I do not support racism or any racist groups who in the past have tainted the confederate flag but i do support my ancestors who fought and died for their independence from a oppressive government as well as those who fought for their independence from Great Britian.By the way slavery existed a lot longer under those flags than the confederate flag. Technically the first confederate flag was the south carolina state flag. If people would educate themselves on the subject they would not be so offended and by the way there are some other things on our state house grounds that offend me.
  • md, sumter
    i am not a gamecock fan and i do not like spurrier and he needs to be worrying about his players being arrested all the time u do not here that much about clemson players being locked up so i think coach needs to be worrying about his players and keeping them out of troubel than worrying about the confederate battel flag i am proud to be from the south and i will always honor the flag of the south if he does not like the battel flag he does not need to be coaching here in the south i hope on opening day william brice stadium will be full of the confederate flags i hope everywhere coach spurrier looks on opening day all he sees is the proud flag of the south i might just buy a ticket and bring my flag to the stadium just for the heck of it
  • EM, Florence
    If Spurrier was much of a coach he would have players running over each other to play for him without regard for the flag. It dosen't seem to bother those that play on the team and have played for many years in the past. Anyway sports should be secondary at USC and more emphasis placed on academics. If the Confederate Flag gives the coach (?) such a problem he would sure be welcome to relocate North of the Mason/Dixon line. Our flag was here long before he came and will be long after he lives.The President of USC should see that Mr. Spurrier is disciplined the same as Imus was by NBC and CBS for his opinion.
  • MS, columbia
    In response to the confederate flag issue: Let's get the facts straight period. It is the battle flag of an enemy nation that was formed within the United States of America. The south seceded from the nation, fired the first shot to start the war, elected it's own president "Jefferson Davis", produced it's own weapons and currency and uniforms, built it's own railroads,army, and navy for one purpose, and that purpose was to fight and destroy the duly and elected government of the United States of America. Based on that, the south were traitors to the United States, and in their quest to destroy the duly and legally elected government, the war they started, they lost. Based on that, that is why the flag should not be flown anywhere. As braved as the southern soldiers were, they were still traitors, and guilty of treason. Treason at that time was a crime punishable by death.
  • CM, Columbia
    As a USC graduate and supporter I think Spurrier is right. We need to move forward in SC and not stay stuck in the past. Our state has never fully recovered from the devastation of the war, much less the years of Reconstruction and poverty. The state of South Carolina is still at the bottom of rankings in education and so many areas that we need to put the past behind us and move on.
  • GE, Columbia, SC
    Mr. Spurrier is to be commended for his bold comment about the need to remove the confederate flag from the statehouse grounds. It's about time that one of our highly visible football coaches has addressed this terribly significant issue. Yes, football coaches do have the right and responsibility to express their views about issues that have become so divisive in our society.
  • DE, Batesburg
    He needs to focus on coaching and winning. He needs to keep his nose out of politics. He can always go back to Florida.
  • VG, Loris
  • LM, orangeburg sc
    I think spurrier's comments prove that USC is in need of a new coach! and the naacp needs to find a new soapbox to get on ,they have shown that they are outdated and are nolonger needed.they (the naacp)have forgotten the black southerners that fought for the south not for slavery but for illegal taxes on the south.unless they have changed history too.they force the public to listen to there lies about how unfare they are treated but not on how they unfarely treat others white, black, green, yellow makes no matter the race. if it's not what they want they protest.but do not follow through and leave.and take spurrier with them!remember they are protesting SOUTH CAROLINA!!!
  • JM, Irmo
    Diplomacy is important in the flag issue. Insulting some of the population by leaving up the flag is not good diplomacy. Honoring the fallen confederate men can be done in another way - a bronzed flag plaque, perhaps placed in an appropriate place. In my opinion, those who do not want this issue to be put to rest, are getting some kind of a payoff by keeping the anger and hurt going.
  • PW, Chapin
    I am disappointed Spurrier chose this forum to express his opinion on an issue resolved eight years ago. The flag doesn't seem to have affected his recruiting since he has the fourth best class in the nation; nor those it seem to have affected growth in S.C. since we are the tenth fastest growing state. Tourism continues to be the #1 industry which shows the lack of concern for the NAACP boycott. In the future it would benefit ALL if WIS would devote their efforts to promoting racial harmony rather than covering an issue that was resolved by a compromise(to adjust or settle by mutual concessions-Webster's dictionary).
  • JA, Sumter
    Spurrier should coach football and leave the flag to South Carolina people. He knew the flag was there before he signed the contract. If he worried about it he should have passed on the offer to come to Columbia WISTV should show up to date pictures not the one they used on Mon of the flag on the dome. It is in the, agreed on place, that supposedly would allow all to go forward. Who backed out of the agreement?
  • PM, Columbia, S.C.
    I agree with your guest on the 7:00 oclock report. I thought that the issue was resovoled when the flag was moved from the dome to its present location.
  • AH, Lexington
    I agree with Coach Spurrier. The flag belongs in a museum. After reading some of the earlier responses, I must conclude that not only should the Confederate flag come down but also that many of its defenders should go back to school to learn how to spell and write correctly!
  • SC, Leesville
    I disagree wholeheartedly with what the Coach said about the Flag. The Flag issue WAS settled 8 years ago when it was taken down from the Dome under protest. Yes, it was placed on the grounds, which as I recall was a part of the agreement. Prior to the removal from the Dome, I told those who would listen that the Flag issue would not go away because of the naacp and black caucus who proved me right. They are the ones, following the lead of Sharpton and Jackson who themselves constantly degrade whites, Jews, and any other group other than the blacks. The Flag needs to remain, however, if the blacks want to tear down their monument on the grounds, that too was a part of the agreement to remove the Flag, then we may have something to discuss. In addition, I remember reading last week I believe, that a bill was trying to be passed that would make a Conferate Memorial Month. It was shot down because the blacks protested. Its funny, they have a month too. Why can't the whites, or for that matter the Indians, Jews, Arabs, etc who live here too. The blacks want an apology and restitution, however that is not deserved. Slavery was around since the cave man, honestly. Are we going to make them come back and apologize for the institution of slavery since that is where it came from? They, the blacks already have it made. They can walk into a building and get immediate Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security and Welfare because of the fact that they are black. No other group that I know of can do that. Is that fair? I think not. Oh, wait. That's discremination.
  • DA, Columbia, SC
    I am proud to be a fan of the USC Football program. I am also glad Coach Spurrier had the guts to say what a lot of us feel. It is time to focus on a bright future and not on what people (on both sides of this issue) have made divisive. Our future is bright if we look to the future together.
  • BB, Prosperity
    As the parent of two USC graduates, I am very upset about the use of language the USC Coach used in indicating his position regarding to the Confederate flag issue. Does he not realize the impact he has on our children of today? We need leaders who can express their opinions without the use of profanity. I think is authority figures need to have a talk with him. He needs to stick with sports and do a better job of recruiting upstanding students as it seems all the press USC footballs get lately has been bad press. I know there are a lot of upstanding morally-fit young men who are talented in sports who are not getting a chance to even be considered.
  • AH, Lexington
    I agree with Coach Spurrier. The flag belongs in a museum.
  • LG, Columbia
    The Confederate Flag was Flying before Spurrier took over as coach.He should spend more time on Football and with his players than trying to blame a Flag on his misfortunes. I am sure, after he is fired next year and USC is still paying him , the Confederate Flag will still be waiving. Steve, stick with the game or better yet take your own advice.STAY out of POLITIC That is not what the State is paying you for, or is it?
  • jg, rock hill
    he is right on target. the flag should not be on the state house grounds. i am a usc graduate and i am very proud of the coach for speaking out. go steve.
  • SJ, Columbia
    I think Stever Spurrier was WAY out of line to bring use his position to voice his personal views. I have lost any respect for him. I would like to know his opinion of the African American monument on the state grounds?
  • BM, Lexington
    Commanding General of the U.S. Army and later two-term President, U.S.Grant said,"Should I become convinced that the object of the Government is to execute the wishes of the abolitionists, I pledge my honor as a man and a soldier I would resign my commission and carry my sword to the other side." Coach Spurrier needs to become better informed about this era of history.
  • KB, Lugoff
    I think Coach Spurrier should concentrate his efforts and comments to football, the education of his players, and keeping his football delinquents out of jail. He obviously owes some "political" favors to get up on a soapbox that is very shakey.
  • LR, Columbia
    I am a South Carolina (white) native. I'm a Realtor and love the south. I drive by our state house every day and it makes me uncomfortable every time I look at our beautiful state house. Even more so, should I have to try to explain why it's there to people coming to our city and state? We can honor our southern history by placing the flag in a historic museum setting.
  • md, sumter
    i feel like if spurrier does not like the flag he does not need to be coaching in the south i am proud of the flag and it needs to stay right there in columbia and i think coach was out of line for that remark he made he needs to be worrying about all the troubel his football players are getting in and not worry so much about the flag of the south
  • DL, Irmo
    Let's just have the best of both worlds....move the Confederate Flag and incorporate it into the African American Monument!! Tell Spurrier to take 95 south and get out. He can take his thug players with him!!
  • TG, Columbia
    I applaud Coach Spurrier's comment. The Confederate Flag has long been used as a symbol of hatred in our state. Sen. Courson's spokesperson's comment that the "issue was resolved eight years ago" is not true. It only made this symbol of hate even more visible by moving it closer to the street. Also, in response to Donald Gordon's comment in the 7:00 report, that there were 70,000 black Confederates in the service, yes, there were black confederates, but only because they were slaves, and had no choice. I strongly agree with Coach Spurrier, because this flag leaves a dark stain on our beautiful state. It should be completely removed.
  • jr, columbia
    If he put as much energy in his coaching the Gamecocks might not be such losers. Leave the flag alone or better yet - go back to Florida!!
  • VP, Sumter
    Whatever happened to "FREE SPEECH"? Will Spurrier suffer the same consequences as Don Imus? I hope not for Gamecock's sake. Although I have no opinion as far as the flag goes WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? Everyone has their History Month, what about our history? Why don't we make April "Steve Spurrier month" get over it and get a life.
  • CB,
    The confederate flag is indeed an important symbol. It is a symbol of our state's rich history and sadly, it is a symbol of our inability to progress. There will always be those that fall for the "historical significance" argument, but I'm confident that their numbers will become less with time and that the flag WILL come down eventually.
  • SN,
    Spurrier has every right to express his opinion about anything. This is the U.S. Plus, he is more than just a coach. I'm glad he has the courage to speak out about an embarrassing problem that plagues this state. The confederate flag should have been removed from the state capital many, many years ago.
  • LT, Kershaw
    I am truly sorry that Coach Spurrier felt the need to start such a controversy about something which had long ago been resolved. I guess a coach always has the need to see some form of competition; therefore instead of merely coaching teams competing for a win, he wants to see flag supporters go up against those who want to take the flag down . Coach, please just stick to coaching and leave South Carolina business to those of us who live and work in this beautiful state and love it here.
  • MH, Hartsville
    Watching the 7:00 pm news coverage I heard your guest say that the responses were 3 to 1 against Spurrier's comments. My first thought was that I needed to send a response to change the ratio. I agree with the coach 100%. My second thought was that the people that would probably be most offended by the confederate flag on the capital grounds (i.e. - older black men and woman) might not have access to a computer or be familiar enough with it's use to contact you by email or through your website.
  • BD, west columbia
    I think spurrier has enough to do keeping his players out of trouble and jail.If he would worry about what he is being paid 1.5 million a year,instead of stirring up a hornets nest.If he can't do what he is being paid for maybe he needs to go back to the swamp
  • TW, North Augusta, S.C. 29841
    Our Confederate flag stands for "History not Hate" It should always be displayed. Mr. Spurrier should have to apologize and Bow before it.
  • BC, Columbia
    Steve Spurrier may have an opinion, but he has no say in this. He is not a South Carolinian. The citizens and lawmakers of this State have discussed, considered, compromised, decided, and resolved this issue respectfully. Any readdress of this is disengenuous and dishonorable by any party who worked the current solution. Spurrier is out of line and does not have a vote. He also stated on WIS TV that the Confederate Flag DID NOT negatively affect USC recruiting (as David Stanton stated tonight). The Confederate Flag is not a black- white issue, but some folks continue to fan those flames. This is a South Carolina history issue. I will not allow insults to my family who are not here to defend themselves go unchallenged.
  • JA, Sumter
    The flag was in place before Spurrier arrived. He didn't have to accept the job. The picture WIS showed on Mon was of the flag on the dome, it is not there now. You should have showed the correct, agreed on, place it resides
  • JR, Irmo
    I think he should have kept his opinion about the flag to himself. His comments only served to stir up an issue that was supposed to have been put to rest when the flag was removed from it's rightful place some 8 years ago.
  • GB, Lancaster
    Who cares what Spurrier says about the flag? Not everybody in this state cares about him or sports. The flag represents heritage not sports.
  • JW, Conway
    We hired Steve Spurrier (born in Miami,Florida) to try and improve our Gamecocks, not our state!
  • LS, Lexington
    I'm a Clemson grad and fan, but I'm with Steve on this. Take the flag to the State Museum where it can be viewed for what it is...history!
  • FB, Conway
    Why not just put it out to a vote by the public as to weather it should or should not be flown.
  • LC, Bethune SC
    I would like to answer the question with a question. If the flag came down tomorrow would every person in South Carolina love each other as we should? out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak,go or stay the issue between blacks and whites is much deeper than a piece of cloth flying.
  • BH, Columbia
    If the Confederate flag is removed, then the African-American monument needs to be removed as well. Both sides must be treated equally.
  • lg, west collumbia
    I really think he (Coach Spurrier) should stick to coaching and winning as well as developing young men who stay out of trouble.....It seems he just wants to get folks' minds on something else for a change -- rather than his athletes who continuously continue to steal, act unappropriately, or cause trouble...I am one of those loyal fans who is sick and tired of coaches coming to USC and not producing consistently! Either put up, or shut up and concentrate on the coaching and WINNING aspects of the job he was hired to do! The athletic department and the university continuously ask us (the fans and club members as well as graduates) for our money, but LOYALTY means nothing to this administration nor athletics.
  • TW, Columbia
    I feel as if the flag has been flying as a symbol of our ansestors. Some have disgraced the flag and made it a symbol of hate. This has happened in the past with the swastika during WW2 when Hitler exploited it and created a symbol of fear and hate instead of peace. People need to just calm down and learn to compromise.
  • BG, Sumter
    I think the coach was right on time. SC is still 200 years behind the rest of the country. It's no wonder why we are so far behind the rest of the nation because we do not have eough forward thinking people. We always ask the question how can we keep the best @ brightest here in the state. One answer may be to take the down!!!
  • QP, Blythewood
    Coach Spurrier gained much respect from me. I am sure the same people who expressed their support of the flag would have stood for slavery as well but does that make it right. I am ashamed that WIS would even report such a poll. The flag is a banner of ignorance and nothing to be proud of. It will be interesting to see how Gamecock football is supported from this day forward under Spurrier's leadership.
  • WH, Charleston
    Oh ye of little knowledge. The flag currently flying behind the Confederate Soldiers Monument is the Battle Flag and the Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. The REAL flag of succession for South Carolina is the current state flag.
  • CF, Sumter
    Mr Spurrier is correct, the Confederate flag does not need to be at a football game, it is a piece of history and does deserve to be at a historical monument. We need to remember history as history, and the Confederate history is not at a football game. We cannot move forward as a state or country until we put the past in the past. We honor our war dead no matter what war it is from, but that is not at a football game.
  • WC, Cayce, SC
    Steve Spurrier's comments are outragious and uncalled for. He has insulted my ancestors by calling the flag they fought under "that damned flag." I am a 50 year Gamecock supporter and USC graduate. No football game ever played is worth the honor of my grandfathers. The flag will fly forever. I will not renew my Gamecock Club membership or buy future football tickets unless he issues a formal apology to the people of South Carolina. Steve Spurrier if you don't like South Carolina then go back to Florida or East Tennessee. He has played right into the hands of the racist NAACP, who cause unrest just to fill their pockets with donations from the ignorant. Our flag is a symbol of honor.
  • RM, Lexington
    I am outraged at the comment that Spurrier made concerning the Confederate Flag! I believe that his comment was completely inappropriate. His reference to, "that damn Confederate Flag", touched a nerve with many in S.C. I can only wonder if he is equally as embarrassed by the thugs that make up his football team. We ran a governor out of office because of his stand on the flag. I hope to see the day that Spurrier is gone as well. He should learn to keep his opinions to himself. My ancestors fought under the banner of the Confederate Flag. I'll bet Spurrier has never graced a combat zone in any conflict.
  • SC, Columbia
    My family has been in South Carolina since the early 1700's. History is very important and we should always remember that both black and white southerners gave their lives for their beliefs. That said, the flag needs to come down.
  • DD, West Columbia
    I believe Steve Spurrier has the right to state how he feels about the subject. I thought his statement would encourage people to review their views on the flag. Instead, it seems his comment just cemented the views of those who think anybody who wants the flag off the statehouse grounds is against reccognizing those who fought for the South; that is not true. The flag is seen as an insult to most Blacks around the country (even the Army bans it from barracks' rooms) and South Carolina needs to be recognized for something other than the only state that still flies that symbol. We are holding back the State's economic progress by refusing to accept that fact. That negatively affects all who live here. All who live here deserve more than that.
  • MA, Columbia
    I think it is fine for Coach Spurrier to voice his views on issues that involve South Carolina. It shows that he is interested in the state.
  • RB, Columbia
    Coach Spurrier is playing out of his league! He should be more concerned about the 'thugs' he can recruit.
  • EP, Florence
    I agree that the State House is not an appropriate place to display the confederate flag. But I do think "the Ole Ball Coach was off base to refer to the flag as the DAM flag. should be removed f
  • DB, Prosperity
    I think Steve Spurrier is an outsider looking in and getting involved where he should not be. He should concentrate on the conduct of his players where it seems some stay in trouble. That is what he is paid to do not politics.
  • LO, Columbia
    I am proud to be a Gamecock! Thank you for speaking out for what is wright, Steve!
  • MS, Gilbert
    Coach Spurrier has the right to voice his opinion about the confederate flag or any other matter. It is enlightening to hear opinions of others. IT allows us to learn how it may impact his job of making USC an SEC winning team!
  • HY, Camden SC
    I feel that the flag represents a part of History and am in favor of keeping it on the grounds of the State House.
  • RG, Batesburg
    As a graduate of USC and a member of Gamecock Nation, I support USC, but I take issue with Coach Spurrier's comments concerning the flag. As a student of history, I know that the Civil War was about more than just slavery - it was mostly about States Rights. Personally, I feel that the flag issue was resolved with its removal from the dome to its location near the monument. The only reason we continue to hear about this issue is because the Activists have to have a reason to stir support for their cause (and their funding). Perhaps the Ol' Ball Coach is looking for an excuse for not having the best of recruiting classes... I mean, why not blame the NAACP's boycott?
  • KL,
    Good for Spurrier! It's time to get rid of that flag when it has become such a source of offense and a symbol of racism to a large segment of the population. Yes, many confederates fought bravely, but they're dead. Let's be more concerned about the living.
  • DR, Kershaw
    I am sure whatever Steve Spurrier wants, Wis will do their best to make it happen. You guys act like he is God. I am sick of hearing of him and his precious Gamecocks. They could go out and commit murder and still be allowed to play. Give us all a break
  • JP, Lexington
    eventhough I'm a teenager, I keep up with news and I think Spurrier stepped out of line.
  • RS, Bamberg, SC
    Hooray for Steve Spurrier for speaking his mind.You don't have to fly the confederate flag to honor those who served. The flag should be in a musium in a place of honor, but not on the State House lawn.
  • dp,
    Role Model?? Coach?? with the use of foul language I believe Mr. Spurrier needs to remove himself from both positions. He, jus, t like the rest of us is entitled to his opinion and allowed to speak it. So here is mine to Mr. Spurrier, get results in your chosen profession No excuses for your lack of understanding of what your position means to your players and to the public. I can understand why your players have a difficult time following rules and regulations, Look at the example you set. As for the flag, stay or go, it doesn't matter. Maybe USC should consider the same for you.
  • AF, Little Mountain
    I think the Coach should worry more USC's Football Players and USC Football than what flag/flags are flown at the State House.I was very disappointed that he even bought the Issue up
  • VW, Columbia
    I feel as if Spurrier has his right to state his own opinion as should everyone else. My opnion is that the Confederrate flag is an important part of S.C. history and should remain somewhere seen. I do agree that sense it is offensive to some people it should be taken down from outside the state house and displayed on the inside. It can go both ways and there shouldn't be this much uproar, just find a way to make everyone happy.
  • sM, Sumter
    Spurrier needs to concentrate on his band of thugs he calls a football team and not the heritage of a state he has only lived in for a few years.
  • JL, IRMO
    You are not going to get honest answers from a lot of us as long as you require all our personal information.
  • RE, Chapin
    Spurrier may have the Imus syndrome. Maybe he should leave if he does not like the flag or at least stick to what he may know best, coaching.
  • em, west columbia,sc
    keep it flying- let him coach football-
  • EK, Saluda
    Steve Spurrier's comments probably have stirred up this controversy again. This matter seems to have settled. For his information, not all people will ever be pleased with results. Those opposed to the flag won in that the flag was removed from the top of the statehouse. Those who favored the flag were given a comfort that the flag is still flying, just not as high. Both sides won. Leave it alone.
  • DS, Lugoff
    Considering the number of good men who died for the Confederate flag and what it stood for, Steve Spurrier should be run out of the state. To refer to it as that "damn" flag was disrespectful at the least but I assume USC's money and influence will keep him in place. Other people who don't agree need to understand we are a people of "majority rule" not "the squeaky wheel gets the grease".
  • CN, Columbia
    I think that Coach Spurrier's comments were needed to be said by some one in his position. I think that it shows that everyone in South Carolina black OR white are tired of seeing it fly in their faces because of what it TRULY stands for.
  • dg, Irmo
    Get the wretched flag off the state grounds. thank you, dg
  • CD, Cayce
    The Civil War is over. The South lost. Due to the hatred and racism now associated with it, this flag has also lost whatever pride it once held. SC needs to enter the present world and stop living in the past. Go Steve!!
  • BV, Lexington, SC
    Spurrier has been my favorite coach for 10 years. He needs to remember the Confederate Flag was here when he came and the Confederate Flag will be here when he leaves! Go Cocks!
  • DJ, Columbia, SC
    I agree with Coach Spurrier. Flying that flag IS an embarrassment to the state. For goodness sake, the war is over. We lost. It's time we get over it and move on.
  • WS, Columbia
    Why not just take all monuments and flags off the grounds and end this for good?
  • ME, Elgin
    I would like to commend Coach Spurrier for having the courage to say what many citizens of South Carolina have not been able to. Because of his involvement in the community, he can address issues and be heard while many of us can not. The flag is a part of our heritage, in the past, that's where it should be. A museum would be appropriate for such an item.
  • CR, Chapin
    Spurrier has every right to express his opinion. I agree with him, the confederate flag needs to go. Why, however, hasn't anyone made people aware that the "confederate" flag now flying is simply the battle flag. The national flag of the confederacy is different! Please, put that flag down in the veteran's park as it's a battle flag and should be joined with other memorials.
  • LH, Columbia
    I agree with Spurrier 100%! 3-1? That speaks to the bigotry South Carolinians are famous for!
  • sm, lexington
    I feel that Spurrier is wrong for making these comments.Our southern heritage and history were certianly not defined by USC football and I don't see what it has to do with football now. USC is a collage in the south!!! I don't hear anyone complaining about the african american monument. I feel like this is going to cause alot of trouble for South Carolina and oue confrderate flag in which it was founded on.
  • BD, Lexington
    I am like most. Spurrier needs to worry about football. The interstate does work both ways. The flag is history. It is a part of heritage. He needs to be more worried about the out of control foot ball team that he has. (drugs, fights, underage alcohol, steeling, should I go on?)
  • PB, Columbia
    Spurrier may just be a football coach, but at least he does not shirk his duty to take a stand on issues in South Carolina. It is nice to see a person not sit idly by while something happens that conflicts with their beliefs. Far to many other public figures would no, t comment on such an issue to just avoid losing face. So I applaud you Steve Spurrier, thanks for standing up for what is right and not just going with the flow!!!!
  • KZ, Holly Hill
    I agree with Spurrier 100%. There is still discrimination against other things like certain hairstlyes,clothes, or cars. Although some see this flag as a representation of their culture, others see it as a representation of pure hate and discrimination. Why would we wantsomething as controversial as that flying over our statehouse to represent everyone in South Carolina??
  • ME, Gaston
    Though I am a Clemson fan and do not like Spurrier, I agree with him completely about the flag issue. It makes the state look bad and makes us all look like a bunch of hicks. I am a proud Southerner, but the flag is not part of my 'heritage', or anyone else's in SC. Think about it people, no matter how 'courageous' the men who fought for the South were, they were fighting against their own country for goodness sake! Look around you; 99 percent of the people flying the Confederate flag are a bunch of loser, redneck, trailer-park hicks! The only 'heritage' the Confederate flag represents is one of hate.If you ride through any upscale neighborhood in SC, you will not see a Confederate flag flying at anyone's house. Also, I'm sick of the Hunley thing too. We are wasting millions of state dollars on a project that represents people who were traitors against their country, pure and simple. The Rebels got their traitorous butts kicked, and rightly so. Who in their right mind would want to celebrate that??!! A bunch of losers who have about the combined intelligence of a rock.
  • CB, orangeburg
    South Carolina was the first state to withdraw from the Union because Washington was tell them everthing they could do. This is where the Confederated Flag was born. The Confederated Flag never flew over a slave ship, it was mostly the Union Flag. So if a Hate group wants to fly a flag because of hate then they should fly the Union Jack. I fly the Confederate Flag with pride not hate! The Confederate States started with South Carolin and if any state needs to fly it in the face of Washington, D. C. then it should be South Carolina.
  • MS, West Columbia
    If more white leaders would speak out on this issue, as did Coach Spurrier, perhaps progress could be made with removing this flag, now representing the "red neck" following.
  • PK, Columbia
    Coach spurrier gave a personal opinion but also as a the head coach made a valid point when he said the flag makes it harder to recruit out-of-state talents,which is sad especially for such a football-obsessed state. It's a shame that in 2007 we are still talking about and flying a Confederate flag. Some might argue that it's a southern tradition but it's offensive to and represents such a painful past for so many South Carolinians that something needs to be done about that. And not all traditions are good traditions.There's a reason why that flag has been ban from the vast majority of States, South carolina should get a clue. They don't fly the Nazi flag over in Germany or anywhere else for that matter, and even though it will never be forgotten, it should not be glorified and is nothing to be proud of. The Confederate flag carries the same kind of shame and painful memories.
  • JC, Lexington
    Spurrier seriously needs to keep his opinions about anything other than Gamecock football to himself. The Confederate Flag was flying in South Carolina long before he came along. Staying out of the "political arena" would be in his best interest. Last time I checked, voicing his opinions about our states history is not included in his job description. Just shut up and coach.
  • , w.cola
    you complain about our players you complain about our flag but yet you just said nothing really bothers you? mabe you should leave our state if we embarrass you so ! we might even win a football game then
  • RM, Gaston
    Coach Spurrier should concentrate more about what his team is doing off the field and let the people of South Carolina worry about the Confederate flag. All he can say is they know the rules if they want to play football for USC
  • SC, Columbia
    If I misunderstood the history of the flag as he and most others do,I'd probably agree.Spurrier has done alot of good.Perpatuating a myth is not one of them.
  • OC,
    Spurrier can leave anytime he wants if he doesn't like the confederate flag flying. Put your energy into football. You said nothing 'really' bothers you!!!
  • JB, Columbia,SC
    Spurrier is absolutely on target. It is time to grow up and live Christian lives that are free from predjudice.That includes getting the hurtful confederate flag out of sight!
  • CG, Pinewood
    I am a white female who has ancestors who fought on the Confederate side of the Civil War.I feel that Spurrier is reflecting the opinion of many of us. The Civil War,as well as the ensuing years,were dark times for this state. I am in no way neglecting the memory of my ancestors by thinking that the Confederate flag should be a part of the past, something to be placed in a museum, and certainly not to be used as a representation of our State. I, too, am embarrassed each time a person who announces that he or she is a South Carolinian, and then waves that flag in front of a group,or a camera for all the world to see. That flag represents so much negativity, and yet it is still on the grounds of the State House. I cannot understand. Thanks, Steve, for standing up. Maybe some of the fans will hear it from you.
  • M , West Columbia
    If more white leaders would speak out on this issue, as did Coach Spurrier, perhaps progress could be made with removing this flag, now representing the "red neck" following.
  • jk, Lexington
    Good for Spurrier! I believe that more citizens agree with him, but the more rabid Confederate flag supporters will take the time to respond. I am a Southern history buff and a descendent of the Confederacy, and this flag now represents hatred instead of honor for our ancestors. The Civil War ravaged the South, and this division in our state continues to hurt us economically and spiritually. Perhaps we need Imus to make some citizens see the light.
  • TC, Columbia, S.C.
    Coach Spurrier should focus on football. The Confederate Flag represents a proud Southern & South Carolina heritage and history. Both my great-grandfathers served in the Confederate States Army & I am offended that Coach Spurrier disrespected the flag and my family ancestors love of their the State of South Carolina. Coach Spurrier mentioned recruiting. His problem with recruiting is that he seems to get immature young men who have no respect for authority. The FLAG certainly is not to blame for that. Shame on you Coach. My support of the Gamecocks is over as long as Spurrier is the Coach. Again, shame on you for your disrespect of my heritage and our State's history.
  • JS, Camden
    Hey Stevie, You'll see a whole lot more Confederate flags in Williams Brice now. Thanks for the motivation. Would you consider renegotiating with UnderArmour and putting a small Confederate flag somewhere on the new jerseys? And maybe we can put small Confederate flag stickers on the back of the helmets when a player makes a big play?? Wow! Whatta ya think old ball coach? And speaking of being embarassing; Every time I turn on WISTV one of your players (Cory Boyd is the latest) is in trouble,running from trouble or in jail. That is embarassing to me and the University.What's next? Drive by shootings instead of blitzing?? Shut up and Coach!
  • GK, Columbia, SC
    Spurrier needs to stick to managing his "thug" football players and stay out of politics!
  • MR, Columbia
    Hopefully people will listen to Spurrier. Maybe football will trump ignorance.
  • WO, Columbia
    Spurrier has in Exactly correct, the only thing he had wrong is how much the true bigots in SC care about that Flag. But we don't speak German today because We won WWI, We Don't Fly the Japan Flag because We won WWII, and We should not be Flying the Confederate Flag because "They Lost" the War
  • BP, Sumter, SC
    Whatever happened to free speech and free opinions in this country. I expect with all the news coverage on this one, just like IMUS, it will play and play and play. He has his right to his opinion. If it's not politically correct, that's too bad. I expect the football stadium will be packed with flags next season, probably at every game. It's a part of American History.
  • EW, W. Columbia
    It's about time someone says "take the flag down" and put it in a museum.
  • RS, Irmo
    Spurrier needs to spend more time on his "thugs" that he recruits that continue to break the law and stay away from what is history. I have ancestors that died in the "War Between the States" as many today have lost loved ones in "Mr. Bush"s" War" Say what you want it's history and you can't change history. Lives lost back then for what they believed in is just as important today as all the lives that have been lost in "Mr. Bush's war".
  • ch, irmo
    Spurrier needs to really do his job as a "football coach" and not a politican. I don't see the word "representative" or "senator" in front of his name or even "governor". He was hired as the football coach to try to turn a lame tean into a winning team. Spurrier your comments are lame just as your teams. As the old saying goes, "if you don't like, then leave". Oh Spurrier you have stirred up a hornet's nest now. You think what your players have done over the last couple of years is something you just wait now. I want every gamecock that has some sense to fly a BATTLE FLAG.
  • MP, Columbia
    Spurrier should restrict his comments to football. He has no business commenting on the Confederate flag.Spurrier is not a South Carolinian. This issue was settled years ago!Ignorance of what the flag actually stands for has fueled this mess too long. There are far more people in this state that want the flag to remain than otherwise or it would not be there. If Spurrier wants to remove something try removing the thugs from his football team.
  • RJ, Prosperity
    I'm primarily a Clemson fan, but Spurrier had me thinking more favorably of USC. In view of his recent comments about THE FLAG he has lost a potential fan....for Spurrier and the school. SORRY!!
  • KL, Cayce
    I was born and bred in the south and have a love for the Confederate flag. That said, I would never have one on display out of respect for my Black friends. I feel Mr. Spurrier would do better trying to keep his players out of jail! When two members of the swim team were seen "streaking", they were thrown off the team. Be interesting to see what Spurrier does about Garcia when football begins.
  • TB, wedgefield
    I don't think Spurrier was right for saying that. It's part of our southern heritage here in South Carolina. He has only lived in SC for only a few years and he is from Florida so he would say it shouldn't be hung up.
  • lH, lexington
    I think steve spurrier needs to focus on getting football players that are NOT THUGS!!! to play for USC. This seems to be a MAJOR problem for USC. The last 2 coach's like to look the other way when FOOTBALL PLAYER'S get into trouble with law. This hurts recurtment more so then a flag.I find this sickning that this is how we teach our youth that watch these games and look up to these players. What kind of example is USC showing the world.
  • DS, columbia
    Spurrier was perfectly within his 1st Amendment rights to make any comment he wishes about the Confederate flag. The Confederate Flag should stay right where it is. The Government has bowed down to too many racial groups on the issue of the flag. it is Heritage... it is what South Carolina is about... it is what makes South Carolina what it is today, there are more important issues to worry about and deal withm like Illegal Immigration, Sex Offenders, Cigarette Tax... on down the line. I wish the State Government would put that effort into reforming Medicaid and giving the state employees their much needed raises than worrying about the confederate flag.
  • MB, Kershaw
    I don't think that Steve Spurrier had any right to make the comments that he did about the Confederate flag. He is not from South Carolina, and I don't think that he understands that it is part of our heritage. I am sure that this is going to hurt his support from fans more than he has yet to realize.
  • LG, Columbia, SC
    Shortly after the South Carolina State Museum opened, a national publication referred to it as "the Smithsonian of the South". Remove ALL monumnets (and flags)from the State House grounds. Select a site nearby the State Museum , perhaps along the riverfront, and have an outdoor "Hall of Fame" featuring monuments and EVERY flag that has ever flown over South Carolina. ...everyone is happy. the flag is removed from the seat of government grounds and it is elevated to a special place of honor. A place where all those who have given in the past to our great heritage can be honored. But the proper place for this homage is at or nearby the SOUTH CAROLINA STATE MUSEUM.
  • RH, Lexington
    Everyone has their own opinion, which Steve Spurrier has publicly voiced, but I do not agree. I think we should keep the flag flying. It is not meant to be discreminatory, it's a part of (some of us) heritage that I am very proud of. He has offended my whole family. If you don't like it - Move back to Florida Steve!!!!!!
  • ar, cayce
    I don't think that he should have mentioned his oppinion like that. The Confederate Flag, is part of a heritage in the south. Both black and white fought under the flag, both died under the flad, and if you want to really bring racism into it, the first person sold into slavery was a white man. I dont see why this has to be such a problem. Expecially to those of us in the south. If he has such a problem with it, there's other ways of expressing his oppinions and views, he doesn't have to insult those that really cherish the values of it. For crying out loud, it's a peice of material, and its not hurting anyone. He could have just kept the comment to his self; I've completely lost respect for him!
  • BH, Columbia SC
    I think it is a sad day when Spurrier talks about politics. He should just focus on football for GOODNESS SAKES!!!!
  • CH, Hartsville
    Coach Spurrier has every right to voice his opinion. He is a citizen of this state and recruits for USC. I agree with his position. Thank you, Coach Spurrier, for being willing to take a stand on this issue.
  • cg, winnsboro
    the confeder, ate flag has been decided.leave it where it is.it's time to get over it
  • TD, Columbia
    Congratulations to Steve Spurrier for having the nerve to give his opinion on the Confederate flag. I don't care a thing about football, but I firmly believe that the flag needs to go away. Mr. Spurrier is a SC resident and should be able to state his opinion just as any other resident. I might just become a USC football fan.
  • CM, Cayce
    The fact that 3 out of 4 emails you have received have been against Coach Spurrier leaves no question why South Carolina is last in everything good and first in everything bad (ie wors schools in he country, worst drivers, etc). Until the people in this state grow up and act like adults rather than the self-absorbed toddlers nothing will change. I love South Carolina, and it offends me to know that people are still holding so tightly to a symbol that envokes so many negative reactions. Let this be a call to action to all South Carolinians - spend as much time worrying about your children as you do to that sad old rag and we could change the world!
  • VI, Camden
    I totally agree with Steve Spurrier. He is right on target and it's sad that our politicans don't have as much gumption! As for Spurrier not being from South Carolina, you don't have to be a criminal to recognize a crime and you don't have to have a single digit IQ to recognize something idiotic!
  • BS, Georgetown
    Coach Spurrier is a resident of South Carolina and has as much right to speak about the Confederate flag as any other resident!! How long will SC continue to fight the Civil War which ended in the 1860's. My ancestors fought in the Civil War. I say take it down and put it in a museum.
  • RM, Sumter
    Isn't there anything else in SC to focus on besides the age old debate over the Conferderate Flag? A lot of people of both races fought under that flag and died....The NAACP is always after that flag and now Spurrier? NAACP--nonsense issues Spurrier--football like he is paid for!
  • DW, Columbia
    I applaud him for speaking out on this issue. Not only should Spurrier and USC be embarrased about the flag; but, the entire state of South Carolina should be embarrassed for such a racist display.
  • WS,
    Tell him to go back to Flordia if he has a problem staying focused on football, coach.
  • ar,
    I think he had no right to say what he said. Some people have different outlooks on things, and what he said was his oppinion and he should have kept it to himself. He's a football coach, not someone to speak his oppinion out to the public. I've lost ALL respect for him.
  • DB, Lexington
    If he has a problem with "That D*mn Flag" then he needs to pack his stuff and leave!
  • JH, Columbia
    I'm glad that Spurrier has the guts to stand up for what is right. Why are people still in such an uproar about the flag? Let's remember the South did lose the war.
  • GW, Lexington
    If he pays taxes in this state, he has a right to speak on the issue, no matter what his opinion is. However, he is also a state employee and should chose the proper forum to do so, not on "company time".
  • DB,
    If he has a problem with the flag he needs to pack up and leave.
  • l , Gilbert
    The flag was flying when Spurrier came here and if it offends him he can leave on the same road he came in on.
  • LW, Summerton
    Very simple, Spurrier needs to keep to football where he knows what he is talking about. A Gamecock Fan!
  • lp, elgin
    Well, The coach gave us his opinion. I wish we could E-mail him ours.
  • jk, hartsville
    he has open a can of worms he has no bussness doing it only time heals
  • dm, williston,sc
    I was very disappointed hearing coach Spurrier's comments about the confederate flag. I personally don't have strong opinions one way or another, but coach Spurrier certainly does not need to be giving his opinion on the air. He was hired as a football coach, not a polition. I feel the AD(Mr. Hyman) needs to let coach Spurrier know that he needs to keep his comments to football and stay out of politics, unless he wants to quit football and run for some political office.
  • SW, Leesville
    , I think Spurrier is right on with what he is saying. South Carolina has been a state divided over this flag for too long. Whats wrong with the flag being in a museum instead of flying on public grounds where it offends people. Personally I think it should of been gone. It is 2007 after all not 1957.
  • SM, Sumter
    What an embrassment to South Carolina. First of all, the Confederate Flag is not a "Damn Confederate Flag" It is a flag that many are proud of and many of our ancestors gave their life for. Where in the world did Spurrier come from? Wherever it was or is he ought to start packing. I don't think anyone was impressed with his comments and he certainly has lost a lot of respect. He can have a 100% winning season this year but I don't think USC will be proud of it since he has made such a stupid statement. He certainly owes us South Carolinians an apology. I rate him along with Imus.
  • JM, Columbia
    Having read the responses to Spurrier's remarks I can't help but feel sorry for South Carolina. Its now 2007 and the flag is still a touchy subject for a lot of people. I can understand everyone's point of view on this and having moved into this state a few years ago gained an understanding of what that flag represents for people. Everyone will always have their own opinion ( good or bad ) about the flag. Spurrier spoke his mind and whether you like it or not he is entitled to what he thinks. The timing may have been bad due to the Imus situation, but nevertheless he can speak his mind. I do have a point to make and its the flag issue will never go away till the people put this to vote and the majority decide the fate of the flag. South Carolina needs to improve its image to the rest of the country, education,crime,poverty,roads and the flag issue will always be in the way. My personal opinion is that like all historical items it needs to be in a museum as a reminder of what it has represented in the past and why. People should read their history and know why the flag was flown. South Carolina should move on and catchup with the rest of the country.There are too many problems that are way much bigger than this flag and should be addressed first.
  • GB, Lexington, SC
    Steve Spurrier was absolutely right! The Confederate battle flag needs to come down now! It has no place on a public monument. The Civil War is over and the South lost its 'War of Rebellion'. The 'flag' should be put in a museum and displayed as an historical article of a bloody chapter in American history. Was the Civil War fought over slavery? To our shame, yes, it was. If not over slavery, than it must have been about civil disobedience or rebellion against the republic (that's treason, folks). Take your p, ick of reasons. Ain't none of them something to boast about in one's 'heritage'. Consider this: when South Carolina's bravest were rambling around southwestern Virginia with Robert E. Lee, Billy Sherman was having his way in, SC. Where were our brave men who couldn't defend their womenfolk from the Yankee Blue Bellies? No wonder Sherman dissed us. He couldn't understand 'chivalrous' men who would leave their families to go fight a war for the wrong reasons. Re: SOS's 'Southern heritage': perhaps his ancestors fought on the side of the Federals as did so many East Tennesseans. He simply may be doing what his family did over 150 years ago - put country first before rebellion. Think about it.
  • GC, Forest Acres
    Why did Spurrier even bring this issue up in the first place? What's next? legislators telling the coach how to coach his team? And I thought that the flag issue was over with after moving the flag. Another case of "give them an inch and they will be sure to take a mile"????? It's almost enough to make one a racist.
  • GG, Gaston
    The Confederacy was an economy built on kidnapping and forced labor -- others reaping the profits. Why anyone would be proud of such a heritage is beyond me. It needs to come down and people need to wake up to the cruelty that it represents.
  • RZ, Mesa
    Steve Spurrier should stick to coaching football and not get involved into the flying of the Confederate Flag...and where it should be flown. The flag does not now and never did stand for or symbolize raciality..Incidently the U.S. flag does more to drum up racial inequality than any other flag around.
  • WC, Lancaster
    First of all, you can't give outside radical organizations the power to define or redefine your symbols. For example, the KKK also burns crosses. Do we therefore demand that all churchs pull down the crosses off their steeples because the KKK has made it a symbol of hate? Second of all, remember that slaves were delivered to this country under the US flag, not the Confederate Flag. The Confederacy outlawed the importation of slaves from the very beginnning, something the US Constitution did not do until amended decades after it was originally written. Third, don't expect me to apologize for wrongs committed 150 years ago by people who most likely were not my ancestors. I cannot and will not apologize for anything my own brother or father may have done. I am only responsible for my own actions and any other such apology is a meaningless lie. And finally, remind Steve Spurrier that nobody asked him!
  • JE, columbia
    Spurrier is absolutely correct! He is bringing many student athletes to this state, making our gamecocks very high profile in the nation, therefore he has the right to make a statement about the flag. It needs to come down completely!
  • DS, Williston
    I whole-heartedly agree with Coach Spurrier. The Confederate flag flying on the State House grounds is an embarrassment to the entire state. It only represents hatred and segregation. On a recent trip to Columbia, I had to drive past the State House and was shocked at where it is now. It has no place flying at any governmental agency because it is not the flag of any current government. Its only place is in a museum.
  • WS, Newberry
    I think he needs to stick to football, and leave the flag alone. It's not his business about the flag. He was hired solely for a football coach, not a politician. The flag is not hurting a thing where it is. It needs to stay right where it is. It has already been moved once. Why do it again? Leave it be, and let's get on with the real problems of South Carolina.
  • MA, Lexington
    The coach needs to pay more attention to football. To say that South Carolina would a better state simply by removing the flag is ridiculous. He must be considering a run for political office.
  • AM, Lexington
    I am a diehard Gamecock fan and love Coach Spurrier but I think that his comment about the Conferdate Flag was unnecessary. The flag is part of South Carolina's history and heritage and any proud South Carolinian should not be ashamed of where it is flying.
  • PL, Elgin
    After reading the responses to a legitimate opinion posted by Coach Spurrier, I must say that I am embarrassed to say that I am a South Carolinian. I've been in the military for 14 years, fought to defend democracy and the freedom of speech, and wear the Stars and Stripes on my right sleeve proudly. I also proudly display the state flag. Grow up, he has an opinion, you agree or you don't agree. He coaches a football team. He stated fact that the NCAA will not allow a tournament game in the state until the Confederate flag is down. A lot of colleges in South Carolina field great athletic teams. Think of the financial benefit being lost to other schools on that fact alone. Yes, the Confederate Battle Flag has been used by hate groups for different reasons and tainted the history of its origin, but keep in mind the Battle Standard flown by the cadets at the Citadel that fired the first shots of the war was actually the Palmetto and Crescent moon on a Crimson Banner. Just let the coach's comments be and get on with making this state great.
  • CG, Columbia
    I was shocked to hear Spurrier say what he said Friday night especially in the forum that he did. I personally think he should stick to football and leave the history if this state alone. It is no ones fault except those who agreed to place the flag where it is. The Confederate flag flies with the Confederate monument on our State House grounds and that is what was agreed too. Looks to me like those who lobbied to have it removed from the top of the State House should have done more research to which side is the front and the back of our State House. The flag sits on the BACK lawn of the State House in a very appropriate place. I am very sorry that so many do not know that driving down Main St Columbia, you are looking at the back door. Leave the flag alone and stick to football coach, those who support this flag and have lost loved ones to what this flag stands for pays your salary and you would hate to lose that, wouldn't you...
    I think he's using the excuse of the flag issue would somehow make him have a better football team. If it was down then he would have more African Americans apply to USC wich he seems to feel would make a difference in the quality of our football program.
  • gl, hilton head island
    Steve Spurrier is a very good football coach and a lousy historian - We are very proud of our Confederate flag in South Carolina coach and for the valor and heroism it represents - Take some time this next off season and read a little about the proud history of your adopted state - I hope the flag waves at every game and we should be able to stand and cheer when our band plays Dixie - just like you were able to when you were at Florida and like we did proudly for most of our history!
  • vk, columbia
    Who does he think he is coming into our state and telling us what to do. Some people are never satisfied anyway so even if the flag came down completely there would be another issue to come up. What if the "whites" had organizations like the NAACP, Black History month or Black Miss America, believe me there would be an uproar. I repeat, some people need someting to complain about all the time. "Get a life." You to Spurrier.
  • LT, Camden
    Its with comments like spurrier's that the racism and hatred is kept burning for many. I was born in the lonestar State, and raised in the midlands. The confederate flag is only a symbol of racism if you believe it is. I am proud of my Southern Heritage. I have lived all over the world including a few northern states and find that there is nothing like being in the South below the Mason Dixon line. Technically, I am considered "white" although "whites" have never allowed me to be, my darker skin has always been an issue, however growing up in racism made me learn not to judge others by the color of their skin but by what is in their heart. Coach Spurrier if you dont like the confederate flag, leave the south. I fly one and will always fly one and I live in a prodominately black neighborhood, however those that live around me realize that the flag is simply a southern pride thing not a racism symbolism. Quite honestly I believe that if you have something against the confederate flag, then you must have something against all Southern State flags as well, considering they were what made up the confederacy. Do we remove the state flag as well? Does Racism end with that? No! Until we as people learn to judge people by their actions and not the color of their skin, racism will continue long after we are dead and buried.
  • cb, st.matthews
    Why doesn't Spurrier worry about something like all the unemployed, uneducated people we taxpayers are paying to sit on their behinds while we go to work. That flag does not bother me nearly as much as going into the grocery store after work and having to wait in a line while some 400lb woman with 6 children from 6 different daddys has to check out all of her porter house steaks and other groceries using the EBT card. I guess with his $1,750,000 salary he does not have to deal with that. Keep drinking your scotch coach and remember where you are from, it sure isn't South Carolina, so don't try to mess with what does not concern you.
    It thrills me to have Lou Holtz come in to get our trashy State cleaned up, and now Steve Spurrier taking down the flag (not to mention the inside scoop that Al sharpton was on the prowl ). I thought we had elected officials to take care of things like that,so our coaches could coach football
  • TH, Lancaster
    The statements of our coach about "The Flag" just made my heart sink and my gut turn. I am life long Gamecock fan, I lifelong resident of SC, and a graduate of USC. I support the flag staying in its current location because: (1) This is the result of a compromise our elected officials worked out. (2)To me the flag is a symbol of the war my great grandfather fought to preserve the rights of our state. He did not own slaves and was a prisoner of war. The flag is sacred to his memory. Our state deserves better comments from our high paid coach. There are so many issues we need to work on where both (all) races can benefit more than bickering over a flag. I will confess though that the thought occured to me that Imus lost his job over racist and misogynistic remarks. The fact that Steve inferred that we are racist fits the same scenario as Imus. Steve please tell me how removing the flag is going bring to fruition your quote below. "We're going to try to get South Carolina recognized as a wonderful place. We just haven't quite got there yet,"
  • BJ, St.Helena Island,SC
    It is really eye opening that in 2007, there are still so many "Gamecocks" that cannot let go of the Confederacy and all that it stood for. It is amazing that you cheer for all of the African Americans that play a team sport for Carolina, yet also cherish what was/is a symbol of hate and death to minorities. If many of you "Gamecocks" ever actually graduated from Carolina(I did- Class of 1991)you would see that the campus is a place where everyone realizes that we all have to live, work, study, play, etc. together. And to hear the stereotypes that come out in these posts! The only thing missing is the n-word, which I'm sure some of you would use if you thought you could get away with it. Will removing the flag solve all of South Carolina's problems? No. Can and should African Americans(I am one) do better for ourselves and quit using past injustices as an excuse? Absolutely. But these two things, as mentioned in some of the posts that I could stomach to read, have nothing to do with each other. Again, if those of you that are so opposed to removing the flag actually went to or graduated from Carolina, you might realize that Steve Spurrier is the perfect coach for our program because he tells the truth. Maybe those of you that are considering cheering for another team should go on ahead. Real Gamecocks, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, and others will be just fine without you.
  • KK, Gaston,SC
    Everyone has the right to their own opinion and that is Steve Spurrier's. He obviously isn't a southern born or bred. Get a grip. Just because a confederate flag flys at the State House doesn't mean I am a racist. To me, it means it's part of SC's heritage and should be an honor to fly. Why does everything have to be racially motivated now? I'm afraid to say anything to anyone about anything because I might offend them. What a crock.
  • CB, Columbia
    I think Steve Spurrier's comments are ridiculous. He has only lived in this state for two years, yet he insults us by saying we need to improve "our" state. He is looking for any reason to get a cheap applause and he shouldn't get involved in issues that he does not understand. Stick to coaching football and if you think this state needs improvement and you are arrogant enough to think you can change it then run for governor.
  • KS, Columbia
    If you asked me this question this time last year I would have sited the whole "heritage not hate" thing. However, on MLK Day, though I had to work, many were gathering for the festivities at the state house in honor of King and while completing errands for the office, on Assembly Street I witnessed 3 ragged men in an older model red pick up truck "cruising" Assembly street with the largest confederate flag I have ever seen flying from the bed of the truck. They made several passes up and down Assembly Street. I was disgusted! I now have a very clear understanding of the need to remove the flag!! Put it in a museum with the rest of the history from that era but don't wave it people's faces in an effort to offend them. If that flag were only about heritage I would not have witnessed that on that particular day/location! You want to pull for Clemson because of Spurrier's opinion? Please, by all means, take the ragged image and attitude up there as well!!
  • JS, Orangeburg
    The ''Old Ball Coach'' needs to stay away from controversy.I have been a Gamecock fan 45 years,I will never give up my heritage for a football team.
  • sm, lugoff
    I think Spurrier needs to concentrate on football. He's not even from SC! People forget what this flag stands for and it has nothing to do with being racial! Besides, there are more important matters going on in the state. Let's just move on with it!!
  • JD, Sumter
    Can Steve Spurrier be so naive as to think everyone in SC agrees with him that the confederate flag should be removed from the state house grounds?? After the anger and vulgarity he displayed against the confederate flag and South Carolina; all South Carolinians should be offended. He should concentrate on football, graduating his players, and most of all keeping them out of trouble with the law. If he has any free time and is really concerned about improving SC, but his efforts toward reducing poverty, improving education or an issue that would improve th state of SC. I am a USC graduate and have been a carolina sports fan for forty years. I think Coach Spurrier is building a case for failure at USC and not being able to recruit by blaming the flag instead of himself. Hopefully, if he dislikes SC so much his stay will be brief and USC can move on to a young coach that sticks to football and not politics. A successful coach at USC does not have to be one that is opinionated and should be in retirement, ESPN, or politics. He didn't ask me; but this is what I would say to him. Hope you will be back in Tennessee or Florida real soon. I was going to the Sumter Gamecock Club meeting on April 18th, but instead I decided to get a refund of my money.
  • CB, columbia
    I defienitely agree with Spurrier. It was truly a slap in the face when the flag was removed from the top of the State house to directly in front. Alot of people say the flag is about heritage. I think the flag belongs in a museum and not in front of our State house. As long as SC continues down the path we are going we will continue to be last in everything. I am a born and raised South Carolinian, but I have no desire to live here the rest of my life because of issues such as this. I am an even stronger supporter of Spurrier now because of his comments!!!!
  • MN,
    I think Mr. Spurrier needs to concentrate on coaching football and stay out of the confederate flag issue. The flag is part of S.C. history and should continue to fly over the Conferate Memorial!
  • RP, Sumter, SC
    I think our history, heritage and the flag our forefathers fought, sacrificed and often died for are far more important than Mr. Spurrier. I furthermore believe that to true South Carolinians, truth, honor and faith in God should come before political correctness and, yes, even football. Why not put Spurrier out to peddle his profanity and propoganda somewhere else ? USC will be better off without him. RSP
  • CS, Chapin
    I have noticed in my 53 years here in SC (born and raised), that my State seems to have a greater "passion" for waving the "Rebel" Flag than the other Confederate States.A lot of the other Southern states have either found other ways to honor the ancestory or they have just simply lost the passion for Flying and waving the Flag after so many years. How about the Northern States, Does the fact that they do not have a "Yankee" Flag flying show less of a respect and honor for there ancestory. Now let me ask my fellow South Carolinians a serious question ..How would you like to see college kids on ESPN say from Ohio State waving there "Yankee" Flag in a boastful strut..???
  • DS, Columbia, S.C.
    Well, I wondered how long it would take Spurrier to put his nose in some issue concerning the state of S.C. that is none of his business.....it actually took longer than I expected. He knows nothing about the history of the flag and how it relates to the citizens of S.C. The flag issue has been settled and for those who do not like where it is located, then they should move to another state or else find something else to complain about...enough is enough....if everyone would focus their energy on solving the real problems of this world, then everyone would be better off. Spurrier has predicted that he would coach the Gamecocks to win the SEC and later the National Championship; however, after his recent comments concerning the flag, he will not be at USC long enough to win either one....he has totally crossed the line. Suffice it to say, this is another version of the Gamecock "curse", which I knew would come back to haunt USC. My advice to Spurrier would be to pack up and leave...maybe he could go coach in Idaho or anywhere not close to S.C.
    My father always told me I should be a Clemson Fan. I guess he was right all along. My blood now runs Orange. Spurrier you're not even from this State so why do you need to put your nose in this. You think you need to be in the headlines for some reason so this sounded like a good one. Look there is alot of major interstates leading out of SC, take one, you sure turned alot agaisnt you here. Infact-go home.
  • BG, Columbia
    To GC: Reading your message does make me realize that our school system does need to be fixed... I hope your children write better than you do. Text messaging is not an appropriate style of writing.
  • BG, Columbia
    What's interesting is that all of those who want it down consider themselves educated, sophisticated, and of higher moral stature... whereas, they hold those who support the flag as ignorant, white trash and of little moral stature. I thought intelligent sophisticated people were above stereo-typing others. So can I conclude that those who are against the flag are also hypocrites?
  • DW, Bamberg
    The confederate flag may not be offensive to you if you are white;however, if you are black and the flag was used by the klan - what other message than hate does it send? I am a white southerner and feel like the flag sends a negative message when it is flown on the state house grounds. Fly it at your house or trailer if you choose, but take it off the state house grounds because our state is made up of both blacks and whites. No one is saying you can't fly it, but the state of SC should not.
  • HS, columbia
    Hold on. Let's think about this. This guy's the best bet in history to deliver a winner to Gamecock football. And he has competitors for the talent we're pursuing to make that happen. That talent is African-American, and our competitors, the Georgias and Floridas, are using the flag to swing the recruiting to their favor. Look into your crystal ball. Will the Confederate flag sustain a prosperous future for our state? By default, the media is making it our leading attribute. How many sacrifices must we make, and how many benefits will we get from letting this continue? I would defend it if it were being banished totally, but bringing down the flag in that spot will raise South Carolina up in many ways.
  • SP, Columbia
    Mr Spurrier has joined forces with the welfare society that blames something else for their failures other than themselves. I hope all fans carry a battle flag to all games and show their pride and heritage by waving it proudly.
  • JP, Sumter
    I think its time Mr Spurrier and his band of hoodlums left our state and never come back. He is a disgrace to his profession for blaming his failure on a flag, he has taken a good football program and turned it into a band of corrupt criminals.
  • JP, Columbia
    If Mr Spurrier is blaming his dismal performance on the confederate flag, he belongs in the NAACP. He can take his team of felons and go West, North, South or East and be out of this embarrasing state in an hour or two. Just dont ever come back. USC and South Carolina will be better off without you.
  • cz, irmo
    I have never been a Steve Spurrier fan, but his courageous comments about the Confederate flag are most welcome and long overdue by the important leaders throughout the State of SC. Hopefully others will have the courage to espouse their negative feelings about flying the flag that only represents the feelings of a small minority of SC citizens.
  • KC, Aiken
    Every intelligent South Carolinian knows what the flag represents, we know th, a, t it isn't about slavery or anything racial however the rest of the country sees us and judges us based on that small population of mullet flapping, ignorant flag waving necks'... You know the kind, the one person out of a thousand in a crowd, the one the media will interview over a seemingly more intelligent and/or well spoken person, the person with a Confederate flag shirt and a Confederate flag in one hand... So to stop this blemished view of our gorgeous state and its many intelligent born-and-breed proud southern inhabitants, let's do the respectful thing and move the darn flag... Its not about who wins or looses in the flag fight b/c if this continues we all lose... It makes us look ridiculous and it's about time someone had the testicular fortitude to say something about it, someone with a lot of influence and vision someone who wants the best not only for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks but for the entire state! So I say, way to go Coach Spurrier and let's move forward we have a beautiful state and a great University now let's let everyone else see how great we can be! Go Cocks!!!
  • IG, Great Falls
    I was very disappointed in Coach Spurrier's comment. Why did he say something like that in the beginning? That was none of his business and had absolutely nothing to do with football! He is not a South Carolinan. I was very proud of him as USC's Coach. But now I think he needs to leave. That is part of our history. Why bring up that issue anyway? I thought that had already been settled. There is enough going on without trying to bring up the past. So Spurrier leave it alone!!!
  • NS, Columbia
    Although I respect Steve Spurrier and his opinion on a lot of subjects, I cannot agree with this one. I don't think the opinions of anyone who isn't originally from South Carolina and who had ancestors die in the Civil War should be given so much attention. This issue should be a closed issue - it's been talked to death and the flag is now in a position where it's not supposed to ever be moved - so why are we still talking about it? Too much attention is given to this and not attention is given to other important matters affecting our state.
  • WS, Lexington
    Dear Steve: We didn't hire you to be a politician, so just shut up and win football games.
  • DH, Florence
    Have you ever heard the saying, "you should try to learn from other people's mistakes because you won't live long enough to make them all yourself." Evidently Steve has not heard it or forgot it. The Confederate Flag not something you want to mess with in South Carolina. David Beasley learned that the hard way. I suggest you avoid that topic like the plague Coach, unless you want to be run out of South Carolina on a rail.
  • EH, Columbia
    If you think other colleges and universities do not use the Confederate flag against our teams then your head must really be in the sand. Spurrier only spoke with truth and the truth hurts some time. Spurrier wants to win period and I would like for our teams to win period. Coming from a mixed race background in which both sides of my family black and white owned slaves, I can appreciate the fact the some people view the flag with pride, however the rules of war state the losing side shall roll up the their colors (flags) as a sign of surrender. The Confederate States of America surrendered 142 years ago get over it. Just like blacks are told to get over slavery get over the fact that the Confederates lost, it all happened. It is a part of history. It is time for us to move on as a state. I personally find it funny that two of the people who keep this thing stirred up are from Charleston Senator's Ford and McConnell. I know Senator McConnell's interest in this is to sell his products at his Confederate stores but what is Senator Ford's I wander? If you truly want to honor your ancestors then do so in your home, just like I honor my ancestors in mine.
  • DR, West Columbia
    You can be proud of an ancestor's personal military service without having to keep the flag flying. I'm sure that many Germans are proud of family members who served in the military but do you want them to fly the swatstika? And as for those who say the Confederate cause was for "states rights", the primary "right" at issue was the right to own slaves.
  • JH, Columbia
    It's about time!! That flag has no need to be on the state house grounds. The South lost the war! What is there to be proud of? It is an embarrassment. How can we get over the pain that comes with the Civil War if we cannot even take a flag down? It needs to be moved off of the grounds and put in a museum.
  • RB, West Columbia
    Steve is out of line. Leave the flag alone. RB
  • JD, Dalzell
    The thousands of men who fought and died under that flag were not embarrassed by it and neither am I. If Spurrier is so embarrassed he needs to play football somewhere other than South Carolina. That "damned flag" needs to stay right where it is.
  • RM, Lexington
    White people have just as much rights to our culture and history as any other nationality. People need to stop getting offended by every little detail. I listen to local black stations that refer to whites as 'Honky', 'Crakers', etc.. Why is that okay, but symboles of white culture and any remark by white people is bad? My thought. Get over it. It happened a long time ago and not to you. Spend your time an effert making a difference now. Things such as proper care for the elderly, much needed supplies for our children in schools, tax cuts.
  • GW, York, SC
    I'd say that if Spurrier does not like the flag then he should just leave also.
  • HW, camden
    I lost a lot of respect for Coach Spurrier. He should coach and not get into politics.He is not from this State and does not understand our history.The Flag is part of History leave it alone.
  • wp, leesville, sc
    Spurrier is exactly right. How can he recruit black players when our state shows its feelings in this manner. This flag is not heritage,it is a symbol of the terrible past of this state and our country. Imus was fired for his remark, yet this flag flies everyday doing the same thing. The only place for this flag is in the Confederate Museum.
  • MD, Springdale
    I believe that we are all allowed to have opinions. That is what makes America great, remember? I have heard a lot of discussion about the confederate flag, and even more stuff about insults spoken over the airwaves, but I have heard very little about what the NAACP thinks of black people shooting and/or killing other black people. There always seems to be some type of story about that on the news. Isn't that issue worth some attention?
  • ch, lexington
    Can USC stay out of the bad news for once. Not only did his comments on the flag stir feathers up but did anyone see in the paper how much he is being paid to make comments like this. Maybe he needs to be more like the Carolina swim coach and baseball coach and worry about what he is being paid for instead of making comments and making more problems for SC. The flag was moved off of the capital to make people happy, but of as always it did not work. Maybe we should all get off of or duffs and worry about the education that our children are not getting and the war that is going on instead of the flag. Spurrier, start doing the job you were paid to do and keep your mouth shut about SC matters. You will only be here until more money comes your way. It is a sad day when a footbal coach makes more money than people who protect us. The only thing that is hurting your recruiting is your ability to put education first and not football. Your first stike was turning a blind eye to your football players getting in trouble with the law not once but twice. Strike two your comments. Do you know what strike three is??
  • GG, columbia
    We've tried it one way for a few years now. Let's take it down, all the way down, and see what difference it makes. One thing we can all agree on is more revenue is good for the whole state.
  • DP, Columbia
    True the flag at the state house is there for "history". However most of the people waving it today are not doing it in the name of "history". The flag today is a sign of hate and has become a "black-eye" on our state. I agree the time has come to put "history" where it belongs in the Museum.
  • GM, Lexington
    I think his comment on the confederate flag was insensitive. The confederate flag in my opinion is the state's history. Why would anyone want to just "forget" about history? Some people say they see it as a symbolysm of racism. That's just one person's opinion....I say keep it flying...just like the American flag...it'll never come down, just like the confederate flag shouldn't.
  • JB, Dawsonville, Georgia
    “BREAD AND GAMES” by John A. Black, Dixie Depot The following is the final paragraph of The Lost Cause by Edward A. Pollard. He was editor of the Daily Richmond Examiner from 1861 to 1867 and a noted author of the Confederate Cause: In such a condition there may possibly be a solid and honourable peace; and one in which the South may still preserve many things dear to her in the past. There may not be a political South. But if, on the other hand, the South, mistaking the consequences of the war, accepts the position of the inferiour, and gives up what was never claimed or conquered in the war; surrenders her schools of intellect and thought, and is left only with the brutal desire of the conquered for “bread and games;” then indeed to her people may be applied what Tacitus wrote of those who existed under the Roman Empire: “We cannot be said to have lived, but rather to have crawled in silence, the young towards the decrepitude of age and the old to dishonourable graves.”
  • RP, St. George
    I have been an Carolina fan all my life, but this year, I am Clemson bound.
  • M , Cayce
    This topic makes me wonder, are any of the people that have responded in favor of keeping the Confederate flag on State House grounds Christians. Yes I agree we have important issues which we should certainly give our attention but what is right and just before God. Jesus said we will be known by our love one for another. If you love your sisters and brothers that were murdered, enslaved, raped, beaten, sold, stolen and many other terrible abuses too numerous to list, you would stand up for what is right. That is, if you love Jesus and if you are REALLY a Christian. How does putting the Confederate flag in the museum bring dishonor? The dishonor came through SC's history. Leave Spurrier alone. He is right. Let's stop fighting and take the flag down once and for all. When you stand before judgment what will you say to Jesus about your stand on this issue? Think about it. What is in your heart? Is Christ in your heart?
  • BJ, McDonald
    Why do so many people feel offended by The Confederate Battle Flag ? The Confederates were fighting for states rights , over taxation , and , an overbearring Federal government . They should be commended for their bravery to stand up and fight for such an honorable cause ! Every American citizen that thinks the govt. is too big ,too redundant , or too greedy should be flying that flag !
  • AH, Chapin
    Hello Coach...I am a Gamecock fan and actually a fan of yours. But you have put yourself in the middle of something that you should have stayed out of. That flag has caused politicians and at least one SC Governor to lose his job. Mediocre football and thugs may not get your job, but that flag will cost a narrow-minded football coach his job in a hurry. It will be something for television to see when 80,000 fans show up at the first game waving confederate flags instead of USC banners.
  • WG, Columbia
    Spurrier is a great ball coach. He is also entitled to be ignorant of the "true" history of the flag.....as he has demonstrated here!
  • AT, Irmo
    Agree it is heritage. But heritage belongs in a museum not at the state capitol ground. We all honor a US flag and a SC "State" flag. They are living flags not "heritage". That is enough. Conderate flag can stay in a museum. South Carolina has a per capita income that is nearly half of the northen or the western states. It is rated among the highest in crime, fatal accidents, high school drop out rates. Confederate flags all over the state only prevents the state from coming up to the national average let alone be among the top. It prevents progressive businesses from coming over here and help improve the economic challenge. Civil war ended well over 100 years ago. We have a bigger war at hand out in the world against the U.S. It is time to move on past the confederate flag.
  • LG, Columbia
    he should stick to coaching. this controversy was dealt with a year ago, the location it was moved to was agreed on by all parties. if it is offensive or a reminder of how far we've come as a collective people depends on if you're seeing the glass as half empty or half full. it's easy to hide things from view and put it out of mind, only when you can look at it and see nothing have any of us really learned anything. rather you see it as a symbol of slavery or a symbol of those who died or fought in the war usually determines how, people feel about it, in reality it's only a flag, a piece of cloth that in the last year has done more to divide people in this state than it should have a right to.
  • JR, Brevard, NC
    Spurrier has no room to make such comments as he did. His focus needs to be on football and getting his players to graduate. It should not be on politics. Now, with that said...I think Spurrier is right.
  • BG, Newberry
    President Bush when asked about the flag in the 2000 Presidental campaign said, it was a South Carolina issue and he would not voice any opinion on that subject. Nobody found fault in his comment and no national reaction followed. Getting involved in a political and personnel issue can be very (use his word) damn stupid. South Carolina needs positive actions and constructive ideas not ones involved in damning comments. Both USC and our state are great and nothing needs to be damned in them.
  • DF, Blythewood
    Oh Lord, I pray that you have mercy on all of us on earth who are showing our pure ignorance. With so many unsettling events going on in our world today, we are quarreling over a piece of material that is resting on a metal flag pole at the south end of Main Street in Columbia, SC. Over the deep blue sea, our people are dying daily for a cause that we do not all agree with. The Flag of the United States of America can be seen burning in other countries, it makes most of us sick, the Confederate Flag is not hurting a soul, please Lord, quiet the voices of all of us about this matter.
  • AH, Chapin
    He's right. What century is this anyway? I mean, we're still even talking about the Confederate Flag? Say it's heritage not hate all you want, but it represents a hateful heritage AND it is used by such horrible groups as the KKK and various neo-nazi groups. It wasn't put up on the state house until 1960something. It was the wrong thing to do then, and it's terribly wrong to keep it up there now.
  • JW, Lexington
    I think Spurrier needs to stay focused on football. The flag issue has already been dealt with by the politicians and a piece of cloth should not be such a major issue of his.
  • HC, Columbia
    I have been a USC full scholarship donor for 29 years and have ached mightily like all Gamecock fans for a winning program. But, so help me, I'll take 0-11 every year over any coach, AD, championship, winning season, perfect season, etc.ad nauseum before I'll submit to selling our state's historical soul to some game show host in a visor. He says he's never met anyone who wants to keep the flag flying. Well, I can introduce him to about 2.5 million of my same bent, and a whole lot of them are Gamecock fans. He needs to be careful, very careful.
  • KC, Columbia
    First of all let me say that you cannot change history. The conferderate flag in no way is intended to be racial and I am sorry many people feel that way. I see no reason to take down the confederate flag because that is a part of our heritage in South Carolina.
  • JD, Lexington
    As a former graduate of USC and a native South Carolinian, I was very disappointed and dismayed by Coach Spurrier's recent comments on the Confederate flag. I do not take issue with his being against the flag, however it was very unprofessional and insensitive for him to use profanity in expressing his views. He is as much a role model as his players. Would he want them to use such language in public? I do hope an apology is forthcoming.
  • TD, Orangeburg
    Look at all these responses! This will always be a hot topic in SC! I am a born and bred true bloodied South Carolinian and I think the flag should come down and be placed in a respectable place in a our state museum. Maybe than we can put this issue to rest and move on...The KKK turned this flag into a symbol hate and that will never change. Yes the flag is a symbol of southern heritage that has been forever tainted by the KKK's hate! I think a referendum needs to be on our next presidential election ballot asking the citizens of SC if the flag should be placed in a respectable place in the state house or museum. I think the majority of the citizens of SC are ready to see this controversity end. Let's place the flag in a museum where history relics belong!
  • SG, Alcolu
    My reaction to what Coach Spurrier said is, "It's about time someone had the guts enough to say something!" And to all these fair-weather, so-called fans who want him to leave should perhaps consider taking their own advice. Clemson is not that far away. Beleive me, you'd fit in much better up there, then you would here.
  • KT, Perry, Georgia
    One, the flag was flying when he showed up. Two, he hasn't returned a paycheck in protest. Three, the fact that the Confederate battle flag incorporates the same St. Andrews cross as the basis for the Florida state flag never bothered him. Four, just go win.
  • DB, North
    I cannot believe that some people in South Carolina are so embarrassed by a flag. They do not seem to be embarrassed by the fact that we are last in the nation when it comes to educational test scores. They are not embarrassed by the fact that South Carolina has such a high HIV/AIDS rate, not embarrassed by teen pregnancy rates, not embarrassed by high school drop out rates, not embarrassed about the lack of industry leaving many citizens living below the poverty line, and not embarrassed that the two biggest football teams of the state were involved in an on field brawl that was comparable to an , ancient Roman gladiator fight with the fans cheering the ignorance on.
  • vc, chapin
    I will make a class action deal with anyone who wants to remove the flag. Get the notion that welfare, blaming history for your failures, and general laziness as a birthright out of your social fabric, and I and millions of others will help remove the flag. In the meantime, get a job, pay your child support, quit blaming "whitey" for all your problems, and do what we do, which is get on with life.
  • HE,
    Steve Spurrier can go back where he came from or any other place that will have him, but he needs to keep his comments confined to football no matter where he is!!!
    I very much hope that on the Gamecocks opening home game the CONFEDERATE flag is seen everywhere. Just like in January in the year of our LORD 1998. I have not seen so many shocked looks on the poverty pimps face's and the p.c. crowd when for a day we took over Columbia and they relized there were so many of us who love and honor our heritage and our God fearing ancester's who fought for our freedom so we could truly live under the U.S. Consitution as it was written and not what a bunch of liberal politicans think or wish it should mean. [ to futher their own agenda] GOD SAVE THE SOUTH! DEO VINDICE
  • JB, camden
    The confederate flag is not about racism it is a symbol of our heritage and pride in our ancestors who survived years of war. Are we going to take down all the flags at all war memorials?
  • DC, canden
    I know the coach has his opinion on this, along with everyone else,but I keep reading these responses and people say we should hide the flag and move on. Well if I remember correctly they said if we removed the flag from the dome we could all move forward. We did that and as usual it was not enough.I think for him to blame the flag for his football recruiting is absurd.He knew the flag was here when he signed his contract to come here.He has sparked a fire that might come back to burn him.He should not insult something that alot of people hold strong feelings for.
  • RB, Neeses, S.C.
    Steve Spurrier and the black community are uneducated on the issue of the confederate flag in that the War Between The States was not fought for the reason of Slavery but for States rights. We do not need a football coach trying to be a legislator. We hired him to address problems on the football field and not stick his nose into political matters.
  • ba, kershaw
    don imus lost his job to appease a whore hopper named al sharpton and a supposed to be (REVERAND) Jessie Jackson.Who has an illigitmant child by a ho!!!!HA HA HA Why do they still have their hypocritical positions as preachers?i call for their resignation along with mr. Spurriers ,Who knows nothing about history ,Let alone the (AMERICAN) flag.Spurrier.....GO HOME!!! B.A.
  • PH, Dalzell
    Enough is enough- Frankly,I don't care what the coach says. But wait a ,minute-if the flag should come down, then maybe we should do away with Black History Month(Week) after all- it is also a reminder- see how silly all of this can get??? Leave the flag alone- it not only stands for what was- but what is and what can be.
  • GM, Summerton
    What a Stupid remark! Spurrier was a dumbass in Florida, and he continues to show his ignorance. Have any of you ever heard his "Yeller Wood" commercial he used to do in Florida? I lived there, I heard it until I wanted to puke. Spurrier is an uneducated hillbilly from Tennessee and needs to return, or just get the hell out of South Carolina. We love our flag, and if you dont like it Coach Spurrier, just leave. We dont want you here.
    Well USC in the news once more WOW am I surprised? NO!!! I WAS A Gamecock But after what has been said well them tiggers sure are looking good, PEOPLE COME ON we have so much to worry about than a flag I mean look around. Tha flag can come down BUT is that really going to help "I DON"T THINK SO" I mean people still want get along somebody will say something that somebody want like,there will still be Gangs(of wich there are white and black kids are in) drugs (white and black) education, people with out jobs, shotings, preg. teenagers, do you where this is going, there are other state with the same problems and they have no flag, That Flag is who I am, " PEOPLE GO AN READ ABOUT THIS FLAG AND YOU WILL SAY WOW IT NEEDS TO STAY" look the Amercian flag was up during the time the Confedarate flag was flying SHOULD IT BE FLYING? The flag has not hurt anyone, jsut as a gun don't kill. it's the people behind them all that dose the harm. PEOPLE COME ON GROW UP THIS IS THE SOUTH I REALLY THOUGHT YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND.
    I feel sure when it was agreed upon to move the Confederate Flag to the Statehouse grounds that it was not just White lawmakers that signed the agreement. I am sure that all African Americian don't approve of the way Rappers and songwriters "Rap" about the Africian American female. And obviously a lot do not want the Confederate Flag any where in their sight. But history is what it is "History". Life goes on no matter what The Conferderate Flag means to each of us. Instead of arguing about where it is or how many "Spurrier Boys" can / cannot be recruited I think we all should clean up our own lives before we point a finger at one another. Not until we all can learn to get along and not let "History" rule there will always be controversy not only over the Confederate Flag, but so many things that are not important to life on a daily basis. If we concentrated on the homeless, hungy, child abuse, elderly abuse, spousal abuse, medical care, crime we would not have so much time on our hands to worry about if the Confederate Flag is flying on the Statehouse grounds or on top of the dome,or in someones yard / property,and football recruits for USC. I feel Mr. Spurrier used very poor judgement in use of words concerning The Confederate Flag. He is entitled to his opinion just as the rest of us. But when he feels the need to resort to the use of profanity to express that opinion publicly he is completely out of line. Not a very good role model for our children of South Carolina. Mr. Spurrier knew that this was a "Confederate Flag" state when he accepted the "Position". He knew that alot of Gamecock Fans were Confederate Flag supporters. If he had a problem with the flag then he never should have accepted the "Position". But he made that decision and now he wants to blame an old flag for his screw ups or his in ability to recurit new football players. Mr. Spurrier you have now showed your true Colors, do not confuse them with those of The Confederate Flag. Yes, alot of us Bleed Red and that is History and you can not change History. So many people are color blind and they let that consume their life. Are you looking for an excuse to end your contract? Are you tired of wearing Garnet and Black? If so then leave. You do not have to stir up trouble before you go. I think Yellow would be a good color for you. See Ya!!!
  • KD, Columbia
    I am sorry that Coach Spurrier's feels this way about the Confederate Flag that is on the State House grounds- This is in Honor for men that fought for States Right. People do the math- everyone in the South was not slave owners. My people did not own any slaves. My Great-great grandfather fought in war as did his kin. My grandfather ran a Poor House that took care of the Blacks that cound not take care themselfs. The South has had to endure the oppression of Reconstruction and all that has followed. During the War ours homes were burned, our towns burn to the ground,our women and children raped by the Yankees, starved. So the Coach and the Naacp want the flag to come down-- You all don't have look at it, but it is my part of my History. My family was born and raised here and buried. Those that are Offended by the sight of it you have my blessing to go back from where-ever you came. The welcome mat has been taken in. Thank you
  • RF, Columbia
    I think the caoch should leave it alone. he has too much to to worry about such matters. He should worry about getting football taem on wining championships. I feel thre flag along with other certain memorials should be removed off state house grounds
  • KC,
    Apparently everyone needs to pick up a few history books. The flag , that is currently flown as the Confederate flag is actually the Confederate Battle flag. Another area people are complaining about as an issue is slavery and that the Confederate Battle Flag represents that time in our history. Well please remember, the Confederate Battle Flag was not the only flag to be flown during that time in our history nor any others. It just frustrates me to see so many ignorant people who cannot understand that in order to live in the present and survive in the future, we must remember the past. If you cannot handle that then you will be the one repeating others mistakes instead of learning from them. If by removing the flag makes some people happier so be it but please make sure you remove every flag that flies from around the world because in every culture, to someone, it's a flag of oppression.
  • jm, swansea
    Steve Spurrier is entitled to his opinion but the first thing he needs to worry about is all his THUGS and idoits that have a chance to play football at USC but do stupid things to embarrass the team.
    The flag issue has been resolved,it was moved from atop the state house.No it should not have been on the top of the state house,for the reasons it was put there,to begin with. The flag has a place of honor where it is and should be left alone.All of my family's heritage is S.C. confederate heritage in my blood and anyone that knows me will tell you that I am not a racist. Spurrier is not even from S.C. and should concern hisself with what he gets paid to do, coach football.I am diehard Carolina fan but, if he keeps it up,GO CLEMSON.It seems that the issue keeps getting stirred up from people that are not native S.Carolinians.
  • KH, Columbia
    Wow, this is a shock to all of Gamecock Nation. For those who are removing support from Carolina because of what Coach Spurrier said, you were never a true fan to begin with. Some of you are calling for Spurrier to move out of SC. If that is the case, then I should transfer schools? I think not. He is a taxpayer in this state just like the rest of us...his opinion is just as valid, if not more valid, than anyone else's. Come on people, let's be rational and let's be for real...the flag is archaic and it is time for it to come down! Good job Coach Spurrier!
  • JH, Columbia
    If Spurrier and all the other people who complain about the flag neeed to study the history of the war.The first Cofederate flag in battle was the US flag.They need to see how many black people owned slaves and how many fought for the south.
  • LM, Columbia
    My initial gut reaction was that Steve Spurrier should concentrate on producing the best possible team that the University of South Carolina can field. My attention was directed at him and his audacity at highlighting the flag as the reason he has problems recruiting the best athletes. After reading some of the posts on the WIS website, I realized that my attention/anger should be directed toward why WIS would focus on his comments as a "question of the day". He definitely has a right to his opinion and can use it to excuse his inability to recruit the athletes he wanted. The much bigger question is why WIS is wasting it resources and its bully pulpit to emphasize this divisive topic instead of trying to focus on solutions for societal issues that harm the very fabric of life in the Palmetto State? Issues like gangs, drugs, homeless people, taxes, and the next presidential election are issues that could make a difference in this state. WIS has a license from the FCC that grants it the opportunity to be a public voice. It can use this opportunity to focus on the issues that divide the populace or it can use it to help identify and resolve issues that will help. Recent history has demonstrated that the flag issue will not be resolved in this type of forum. The entire legislative conscience of state government has not been able to resolve this issue. This then begs the question "Why make this a question of the day?" Was it an attempt to capitalize on the Don Imus story to gain ratings? What was the editorial decision process that selected this question as an issue to exploit and what were the reasons?
  • DD, Columbia
    A true no-brainer. The flag continues to be blight on our state's face, and an embarrassment to all intelligent South Carolians.
  • ja, irmo
    Coach, if you are reading these responses, I hope that you realize that there are a lot of us that don't live in the past, and are proud to have someone represent us that wants the best for SC. I'm from the Pee DEE and had ancestors in the civil war, but I say: Take that flag down and move SC into the modern era!
  • RS, Columbia
    Anyone who wants to jump ship to Clemson, go ahead. You would fit in better with those confederate flag flying rednecks!
  • SS, blythewood
    You know, the state of New Hampshire has a saying or motto if you will. In fact, it was once on their license plates and maybe still is. "Live Free or Die" perhaps we should adopt that for SC's license plates. Not sure why it bothers Spurrier so but I'm sure it's political. Perhaps he could team up with Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to better their message.
  • WB, North
    Coach Spurrier needs to get a life.. I am 57 years old ; I have lived in Orangeburg county all my life. . I can tell you the problem is not the confederate flag. It was moved once as a compromise while he was not resident of South Carolina. It hasnâ€TMt changed a thing as for as race relations are concerned. If coach Spurrier wants to do something positive for the Black race (or the white race for that matter). He needs to preach on the harm of alcohol, drugs and the lottery . It is obvious they need attention by looking at the trash on the road I live on. But his main concern; like a lot of others is sports instead of morality and academics. He needs to get his priorities in order!.
  • MH, Columbia
    I have read the responses posted to date and find that, for the most part, the "flagwavers" are in full throat with outrage. I suggest that WIS perform a community service by actively seeking comments from our elected officials =, from the Governor on down, also business leaders, school officials from the college level to elementary school, and other prominent citizens, in order to get an accurate gague as to the true feelings as to this isksue. If they refuse to respond, then you should publish their names. We have a wonderful oportunity h, ere, that is to hold those accountable for the flag controversy and so we can know how to proceed with our vote. Spurrier is right; the vast majority of SC citizens are embarassed. WIS can help-Will you?
  • JB, Columbia
    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, My answer is when the football season begins this fall and Steve looks out as the Gamecocks come on to the field, he will see 50,000 Confederate Flags Waving at the Stadium in honor of those that fought and died for what they felt was important.
  • GO, columbia
    After reading these comments i can't stop shaking my head at how ignorant people are. Take the flag down, let NCAA tournament games be played in SC and quit deterring recruits from coming to a state that some consider racist. To say it doesnt affect recruiting is ignorant. Stick the flag in a museum.....a place where those who choose to go visit can, not at the footsteps of the capitol building where people are reminded of how far behind SC still is everyday. Its amazing how you get fortunate enough to get a great coach and then all you want to do is show him ways to leave. Move on and take it down....it is 2007.
  • mm, lexington
    You think someone who makes millions of dollars could read a history book. Those men sacrificed more for the State of SC, both black and white, than any football coach, team, or representative could ever think of... I only hope that one day people will love the State of SC as much as they did.
  • TG, Lexington
    I think that it's completly insane that this even became a discussion. I believe spurrier, just like all the wonderful people who decided to give outrageous and rude comments about him, has his opinion. I honestly do not care one way or the other about the flag. The flag, however, does represent hate by alot of people. Just like the NAACP can pepresent hate often. I don't believe spurrier has forgot about his "southern" roots. I just think he used the right of his free speech. And isn't it funny when someone gives opinion that others don't like, they all of a sudden become less respected. It's just ashame that we still, in 2007, have such a long way to go in this racial issue!
  • MS, Columbia
    I like Coach Spurrier and think he's doing a very good job here at USC, however, he's touched on a very sensitive subject (Confederate Flag) that he probably needs to stay away from. If he wants to, as he says; "to help the state improve in some of the social and economic areas that have left it near the bottom in national rankings", then he should help where we're in most need, our educational rankings. There's much more work that can be beneficial to SC than the Confederate Flag. The flag is not SC's biggest problem, our Educational System is one of the biggest. The flag issue is one that people can (and should) just handle, but the education problem is one that really needs to be dealt with. Spurrier, use your clout to help SC out with its failing educational system.
  • ST, Saint Matthews
    When I heard Steve Spurrier say "that (expletive) confederate flag (twice) on the WIS interview Saturday night I thought how disrespectful he was to all of our ancestors who fought and died during the Civil war. I've never bought a Confederate flag, never flown one, never have worn one but I do have respect for all those who died for this flag. Steve Spurrier you owe our ancestors an apology for your disrespectful comment. I've been a Carolina fan for more than 30 years but I'm ashamed of our present coach's comments.
  • KF, West Coulmbia
    I think that if it would help the issue then take down that flag. I honestly do not believe that it will help at all. The people of SC are so bent on keeping it an issue that others are over looked. There are people dying on our streets. In my view I think that the flag is just material that can be replaced if you burn it. People are flesh and blood that you cannot replace them. So I think that we need to focus on our people not the flag. It is just a thing of the past and you can not run from it is something we all have to deal with but I am tired of hearing about a piece of material when our children are carrying guns. Killing our friends a, nd family. They are the leaders of tomorrow if they are killed how can they be. Material cannot be a leader. It cannot make rules. But we can. So I say to all of those people out there who care forget that flag and focus on the people then maybe just maybe we can stop the killings of our children and loved ones and help the homeless the sick and the hungry. Yes SC we do have that if we would look around you can see it everywhere. Please lets help others and forget the past and look to a brighter and better tomorrow.
  • TY, Hopkins
    Just like I emailed Lou Holtz when he was here, People who are not from South Carolina, make the assumption that the only thing that the confederate flag stands for is hatred. Like it or not, it is South Carolina's history and heritage. There are those of us who are proud of our Southern roots, and are not racists! The voters of SC compromised and wanted the flag on the State House grounds in a place of honor. I think Steve is a great football coach, and if he wants to give his opinion on whether to run the option or the run and shoot offense, I'm all ears. His opion on the flag issue should be kept to himself. He also needs to think about how his comments on this issue will affect gamecock club ticket holders, as well. In a time that he is requesting us to increase our level of giving, this will certainly not help. This is a subject that is best left up to the people of South Carolina!
  • RM, Elloree
    I think Spurrier should mind his own business. He was not born nor raised in this state, he's only here to be a football coach, a poor one but still a football coach. He should quit worrying about stuff that doesn't concern him like the flag and try to get the team to win some games for a change. Also, why in the world does he deserve to get the citizen of the year award? He has not done anything worth naming for this state other than having a losing football team.
  • js, Camden
    Let's look at this from another angle. Say I'm a Caucasian good ole boy from Alabama or Mississippi. I come from a family that has deep Southern roots. I'm 6'7'' and weigh 285lbs. I'm all conference and highly recruited coming out of high school. But then I see that Spurrier has decided the "damn flag" should come down. Will that impact MY decision?? Hmmm? And Clemson has whipped us so many times and Clemson is in South Carolina last time I checked..they seem to recruit pretty well up there....Interesting..
  • lp, bishopville
    Spurrier shouldn't be embarrassed by the confederate flag flying over the state of South Carolina, He should be embarrassed by the fact that everytime you turn on the television there is another USC football player being arrested for some other offense. I am ashamed o, f the fact that my tax dollars pay for his ungodly sallary. Here's something for everyone to think about, if the NAACP can boycott the State of South Carolina for flying the flag then ALL flag supporters , should boycott the great University of South Carolina as long as that man is at the helm.
  • AP, Cleveland
    Im am pleased to see Steve Spurrier stand up for the removal of the confederate flag. I'm a black Tennessee native, and I've seen the confederate flag my whole life. I dont think that everyone who displays the flag does so in an a manner to offend, but hundreds of thousands of blacks were enslaved under this flag. I'm a proud southener, but I dont need to raise a flag that enslaved people to show my heritage.
  • TC, North,SC
    spurrier should realize that he is just "hired help" and does not set political policy for the people of South Carolina.
  • HR, Columbia
    I didn't realize so many ignorant rednecks knew how to read or even write. Those of us who are true South Carolinians are not the ones latching onto an embarrassing past. We are ready to move towards a brighter future for our state. If we could generate this much interest in helping those who are as uneducated as all of you, those who are struggling with legitimate problems such as p, overty, or the status of our state's economic system, then we could really have a state to rally around in the future. But instead of reaching for a better future, so-called "true Southerns" (get real) want to beat a dead horse. The flag should not be forgotten, but it belongs in a museum where other mistakes such as Nazi flags are learned about. And for those of you who couldn't read the entire article, he didn't just bring up the topic at a game media conference. The remarks originated at a community awards dinner. It is after all a community topic. The media chose to pursue the topic after the game - get mad at them if you didn't want to hear about it then. For those of us who are true Southerners (not just dumb rednecks who pretend to be), let's all join together to keep South Carolina a place of pride.
  • RS, North Augusta
    Steve Spurrier needs to tend to his coaching job instead of getting into politics. If he continues to blast the Confederate Battle Flag I will no longer support USC and it's football program.
  • BW, Columbia
    Although I like Spurrier, I would like to see him get our football team to #1 in the nation. THEN, he can delve into other subjects that keep this state in controversy about the flag. Apparently he is not from SC and does not appreciate that some people are proud that their ancestors fought and died for this state.
  • MS, Gaston
    Coach Spurrier, In refence to your committ on the Confederate flag, you seem to want to blame S.C. for you not recuiting good players because of the flag. You don't need to be a coach, if you get on national T.V. and curse the flag. That flag is not huring you or anyone else. But you sure ruined your place here for th sports family. You picked those players that broke the law and you then bragged on them for having a good team. Now some of those players arn't good enough to be compared with the flag our fore fathers fought for. Go back whrer you came from if that's the way you feel. That flag was here when you took the job.
  • EF, Columbia
    I am white and raised in the south. I do not personally mind seeing the confederate flag. But it makes my black friends uncomfortable. Hate groups have taken our flag and turned it into a symbol of hate. I don't know how to undo that. But I think we should put the flag in our museums and in confederate cemetaries. The war dead are honored in museums and cemetaries and that is where we should honor our war dead.
  • HH, Gaston
    this is in response to old coach spurrier's comment about the southern confederate heritage of the state and the people that fought for the flag and what it represented at the time and now. he knew we had this flag when he took the position at usc. and at the time, the flag didnt bother him then, did it? If so why did he take the job? For him to say he is not going to get politically involved with this issue, why did he make the comment friday nightwhen he did accepting an award? As far as i can see, no one asked him his personal opinion at that time. He even made the same comment sat. night after the game. He should be focusing his energy to getting his football team together. Even on that issue, HE IN MY OPINION seems to always have a negative attitude towards his players in my book, especially when talking to the news media. But, the issue at hand is the confederate flag. I would like to know if he had any family heritage that fought against or for the confederate flag? If he doesnt know his heritage then how can he make a comment about the south and what that confederate flag represents? Even though i was born in DC and lived most of my life in WVA, i myself would have fought with the conferate side. But in todays soceity the flag represents the heritage it was fought under, and yes even the blacks fought under the flag too, the blacks and whites fought together then and share the blood on the battlefield. so, coach spurrier needs to keep his comment about the flag to himself, unless a reporter asks his opinion at the time. This issue with everything going on today on campuses, should be more focused on education and trying to make the state better financially than racial. so, if he doesnt like what it represents to the south he needs to pack his bags and leave. Or pack his bag toward being a politican and not a football coach. I for one and other south carolinians, dont really care much for coach spurrier, he is a pompas fraud. For the comment about the man waving the flag during the game and calling him a clown, what are you, the big bad wolf? The man was only showing his love for his heritage- and if you put the confederate flag and the american flag together, they have the same colors, red white and blue. Putting down the confederate flag is the same in my book as spitting on the american flag. That is all i have to say at this time.
  • DE, Columbia
    I wish I could have seen the scowls on their nasty white racist faces down at the Statehouse this morning. I hate South Carolina because of the ugliness that is perpetuated by the cowards whose faces are never seen and whose names are never heard, who hide away in secret and run our state and our lives. Fear is the foundation of their belief system. They are all scared little men who without their checkbooks would amount to very little if anything. They are afraid of blacks and gays and Muslims and empowered women and etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum... Literally anybody and anything that is different from them. They hate progress because it means change and they are afraid of that too. They are so scared and so insecure that they have to kick everything around them to keep it down because they know if any of these things gain power they will be a threat. Their worst nightmare has finally come!! A white football coach with unlimited media access!! Steve Spurrier just gave our state a long deserved black-eye, and as he noted we are last on many lists... so I'm sure we will be last to take down this emblem of fear and hatred.
  • BG, Lexington
    Interesting, according to The State newspaper this morning Coach Spurrier is paid in excess of $1.75 million dollars per year. Is he now moonlighting as a lobbiest for the Democratic party as well? Are we paying his salary to influence elected officials in this state? How about the 'Ol Ball Coach keep his opinions to himself and focus on having an above .500 season this year. The offense looked terrible yesterday, maybe he should concentrate his time and effort on what he's being paid to do.
  • AL, Lexington
    He kept saying that he was told not to talk about it but kept talking about if. Now, here are the consequences.
  • GC, Columbia
    WOW!! I am a BLACK WOMAN...who is southern & proud. Born & raised in SC. I am relatively successful but would never raise my children in SC. Schools are poor & Lexington is horrible. **The flag offends a person like me bc of the lifestyle it embodies, a lifestyle that was maintained on the backs of slaves. **Your ancestors fought, died & lost a war bc it wanted to keep Ma' Lou in the fields picking cotton and being raped by mas'sa. **All the while Lazy White Southerners sat on Charleston porches, drinking lemonade and iced tea!! **You got filthy rich & the only hard work U did was (lol) bartering the marriage of UR cousin & BEATING slaves!! U should B so proud  **Spurrier can't even recruit GREAT players cause the descendants of slaves (who R some of the best athletes) & White folks w/sense, realize any government 2 keep that flag flying has Got's to be Nuts. Please keep UR flag and UR low test scores!! I ain't never coming back!!
  • KB, West Columbia
    I see we have a bunch of Clemson fans taking the opportunity to voice their opinions because would like to run out a COACH that can easily beat them on a regular basis. It shows how ignorant peope really are. He talks about a flag. I was born and raised in SC of over 30 yrs. I did not raise up with the Civil War nor have I owned slaves. Every races at one point of time in the world has been slaved in various countries. I live in the present not the past. South Carolina is soo ignorant because we are suck in the past and have so much hatred over a piece of cloth. I want TAX BREAK and Eliminate property taxes. This is away our legislators can get easily distracted and have an excuse not for passing tax breaks to the citizens. GET OVER THE HATRED. I have heard for last 20 years of the excuse of heritage. It is called who can yell the loudest and power struggle over the past. I can not wait until the older generation is gone so hopefully my generation will live in the present and do the right thing. The older generation holds the ignorance thought like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and that Duke guy plus Maurice BBQ. I can only hope my genenration will not be like the older generation. I would like to see how many of these comments come from the 45+ crowd versus the younger generation.
  • WL, Elgin
    I understand a lot of opinions that are posted, but the misundertanding of the people who are in the "other" southern states feel excluded. Me as a true South Carolinian upset that people are constantly telling us what to do with a battle flag in "OUR" state...NOT TN, GA, AL or any soveriegn RESPECTED southern state. IF this were your battle, we would be there for you too. It's not about that...it's on OUR State Capitol and not yours, outsiders are taunting us and not you. And for the postings that agree with Mr. Spurier, you people just wait to pounce on subjects like this and you don't have an ounce of commen sense. The statues and monuments on the State Capitol grounds are South Carolina's pride and joy. It's a learning tool for our youth the historical learning process. You people blow things way out of purportion all the time. IF you walk around the capitol grounds and observe the pride of the African American monuments..you have no one protesting that. Why should you? It's history! All for learning and pride in our State! If my grand fathers refused to defend their lands in the 1860's they would be traitors to their land and would have to leave home or be killed as a traitor. My family has been here a many years before the Civil War. IF this subject of remove "our" flag persist, then we will be calling in the masons to patch up the holes that Sherman made on the Capitol building itself. I think more flags should be flying on the Capitol ground and more monuments to be erected. Their were a lot of brave men who fought and died in "ALL" the wars from SC that should represent SC there. The grounds are too bare. I can't believe we all are getting worked up over a stupid football coach. I believe he should keep his opinions to himself next time.
  • mm, orlando
    OK Stevey, let's try these on: White Entertainment channel, White Miss America, National Association of Caucasion People, refer to me as; European American, etc, etc. I wonder how long it would take to have the 'usual' photo oppurtunistic individuals wade in. Well Steve, ya just joined that group. The flag that flies there has absolutely nothing to do with your inability to coach a football team to a Championship season. If you feel the need to pander to those infividuals that will back borderline recruits that should otherwise be in jail, go elsewhere!! Hillary in NY would be glad to see ya! You know, I am waiting for you to trash the Japanese flag (even though the battle flag is not flown, sound familiar?) Or the German flag, it has a lot more recent history to show that these nations had more to do with attempted genecide than our State! Speaking of which, if my history training is correct, what about all those 'beloved' African nations flags?? How in heck do you think slaves got here?? They were sold into slavery by their own!! How about the current gencide over there? It's been going on for about 20 years now. Steve, wake up from your Lou Holtz ' I can take the focus offa me' dream and COACH!! Try to read the book 'Keffer Boy', it is written by an individual that grew up in Apartheid in South Africa and he was educated at the College level in Blacksburg, SC and Columbia College, NY. He states that '..I felt more at risk and hated in NY than anytime in the deep South'. He currently resides in the South, Steve, for that very reason. Let's see if you really have it left in ya to coach, you haven't proven anything yet. Including Washington. Quit making excuses for losses and own up if you do. (see: Mark Richt, GA)He is truly 'Coaching' impressionable young men on the field and how to act off it.
  • KB, Gaston
    I support Coach Spurrier's comments on the Confederate Flag. It is long over due to get our state to move on with our lives. There are too many other issues that are extremely more important than a piece of cloth that is historic and belongs in a museum. It isn't that we get our heritage but not live in the past. If you claim to be a long time Gamecock support and not claim to be a Clemson fan because of Spurrier's comment, what a ignorant statement. We do not need fair weather fans like you. I would like USC to reflect class our mannerism. You will fit in well at Clemson. Go Gamecocks!!!
  • SF, Lexington
    I am very disappointed in Steve Spurrier's comments. I think he should take is own advice and keep his opinions to himself. He needs to stick to what he knows best and that is football.
  • AB, Columbia
    Spurrier needs to keep his opinion to himself. The Confederate flag is a part of history be it good, bad or indifferent. Let's just re-write history and take everything out we don't like. There are symbols for most historial happenings and the Confederate flag has more meaning than "just" what the NAACP puts on it. It is a shame so many people have such a one track mind.
  • SB, Camden
    Heritage, not hate, right? What do some of you call the nasty comments you have made against Coach Spurrier all because of his opinion about the flag? I perceive a lot of hate. He has the same right to his opinion, one shared by many true Southerners, as you do. It doesn't matter the context of the speech; what matters is moving into the future for SC. That won't happen as long as many of you are tied to that flag. I am a Southerner, too. Do not judge MY "Southernness" by whether or not I revere a flag from 150+ years ago; do not judge his. Other coaches have weighed in on this as well, including CU's coach. The flag needs to be respectfully removed to a place of honor in a museum. It divides us. Look at these posts if you don't believe it.
  • ST, Columbia
    Coach Spurrier should stick to coaching the team for wins and a champonship year. The FLAG was removed from the State House per the request of the blacks, african-americans and that request was granted by our elected officals. IT was also place at the offical Conf. Memorial to those who died for what every personal goals in that evil war and so IT is now in an ok space and we should all move on! The flag is and should become a non-issue in SC and in Coach Spurrier's life......
  • RC, Sumter
    It seems this issue will always be debated! yhe NAACP has tried to cause more damage financially and emotionally to the state then was eveer causee by South Carolinians debating the Flag issue. If people want to Help our state then try to discuss other things and dont dwell on things that shouldnt be changed. The site on the Statehouse grounds is a Memorial site ....museum or not some will never be satisfied!
  • db, west columbia
    I regard coach Spurrier as a top football coach, but I don't believe he has any right to voice his opionion about the flag. He was hired to coach a USC not the capital building. He doesn't have to fly one at his house. The flag is not about race issues anyway. We focus on the whites being prejudice, maybe we should start looking at how prejudice the other races are toward the white.
  • MH, Columbia
    Steve Spurrier is the right coach for USC!! That is,the University of Southern California. Spurrier would be right at home in the politically correct state of California. Los Angeles is a sterile, characterless city where no flags fly, lest someone's overly tender sensiblities be injured.
  • SJ, swansea
    Spurrier's comments were uncalled for. He just don't know what a can of worms he has opened up. If Spurrier don't like what the state has to offer then he needs to get the heck out. If people would bother to read up on the flag they would find out it doesn't stand for hate it was a battle flag just like the American flag is today. So I guess what he is saying is we should ban any flag that was used in battle. Suppier read your history before opening that big mouth of yours.
  • ea, kershaw
    if that sissy scumbag traitor (currier)doesn't like the south,or the real american flag that flies over it;I reconmend he leaves it while he still can!!!It reprosents our right to sucede from the union as many good southeners are already considering. Just one look at congress and the mess they are in is a reminder of what fools we have running this country.mr.Currier is just another reminder of the horror that reign's in our schools that the (government) forces us to send our descent GOD loveing innacent children to!!!to be raped in mind and phisical body. Currier is a s. o. b. and i would be glad to send him on his way to HELL if he wants to leave the south.I will never watch another gamecock game again as long as i live.FURTHER more i call for currier to be fired as was Mr. IMUS.
  • TC, Columbia
    I have lived in S.C. for the past 45 years and I agree with Coach Spurrer. The flag should come down
  • gt, kershaw
    That issue should have not been Steve Spurriers concern because it is part of our history and at a time when there are so many racial issues out there it should have not been brought up again..We absolutely cannot change our history---we can only learn from it....when are we going to live for today and hope for a better tomorrow????yesterday is gone---let it pass...
  • MH, Columbia
    I find it hilarious that no one outside of South Carolina, the NAACP, and the NCAA cares about this issue. The latter two organizations would have you believe it is a national issue, but really, it is not. I've worked in 42 states out of 50 in the USA, and being from South Carolina have deliberately asked people elsewhere what they know about it, and unless they're in Alabama, Mississippi, rural Georgia, or North Carolina, they haven't even heard of the controversy and overwhelmingly could not care less about it! As for the politics, slavery is a part of history and not a part of this flag. Those who want this flag taken down want to forget history. Maybe it embarrasses them. To me, forgetting history and slavery diminishes of all the progress that both the descendants of slaves and the rest of us have made since 1862. The flag, however, is simply a marker where the Yank's flung pop shots at our ancestors. Apparently nothing has changed in that respect in 145 years!
  • LS, Anywhere USA
    Is the confederate flag the reason that students do not attend USC? I seriously doubt it. Most of us grew up learning that there will be things and people we do not necessarily agree with, but you will find that everywhere you go. Is the confederate flag symbolic of slavery? Considering the Civil War did not start over slavery, I donâ€TMt see how it can be said to be symbolic of it. On the other hand, if you think it is, then arenâ€TMt all Southern state flags symbolic of slavery? Prejudice and racism is not about what flag is flown, it as about the hatred and misconceptions that individuals have within their hearts. The flag donâ€TMt need to come down, education and fighting racism is needed. Didnâ€TMt we all learn not to judge a book by its cover? On the other hand, is that simply something that didnâ€TMt apply to certain individuals.
  • DF, Blythewood
    Mr. Spurrier is paid very well to coach the USC football team and not to take care of business at the State House. He needs to take care of the controvery on his field and leave the flag business alone. Who has pulled his tail feathers and got him going off on this matter?
  • RB, Chapin
    This is a coach who can't even praise his own team what did you all expect!!!!
  • LS, Spartanburg
    Spurrier recruits hooligans to play sports at USC, then tries to take attention away from his poor performance and attack our Heritage. The Confederate flag honors our ancestors who fought defending their homes. (including Black, Jewish and Native American Indian Confederates) "Confederate History - Dispelling The Myths"
  • TG, Cayce SC 29033
    As much as I respect Spurrier we in SC. love our history. In the immortal words of Merle Haggard "If you don't love it leave it".
  • rf, irmo
    If Spurrior and everyone else thinks that the confederate flag needs to come off of the confederate memorial, why don't they take down the african american memorial also that sits on the state house grounds. But that would probably be a slur against their heritage also.
  • WH, Cay, ceAncestors of many South Carolinians fought under that "damn flag" (to use Spurrier's term). Slavery was a root cause of the war, but ordinary soldiers (most of whom didn't own slaves) weren't fighting for slavery. Symbols mean different things to different persons. To me the flag represents my ancestors who fought under that flag -- including one who died -- and in a more general way it represents my Southern heritage, part of which I reject and part of which I esteem. I condemn slavery and have opposed racism since the early days of the civil rights movement -- and still oppose it (unlike the NAACP, which supports racial preferences). I'm not willing to reject my Confederate heritage in toto, though, and to me that's what showing contempt for the Confederate flag means. The state has already taken it down from the top of the State House and placed it at a historical monument. Not satisfied with that, the NAACP insists on banishing it from the historical monument too. Spurrier says, "I don't really know anybody that wants it there." Really? Does he ask everybody he knows what they think? Well, I'm a Carolina alumnus who previously supported Spurrier but who now is disgusted with him. I make my own value judgments and am not so foolish as to accept a self-righteous football coach as my moral authority. Like Spurrier I wasn't pleased to see a Confederate flag in the ESPN crowd background at the earlier game. I thought it served to politicize what should have been a non-political event. Spurrier's "damn flag" comments, though -- and taking a public position supporting removing the flag from a historical monument -- are much worse.
  • LB, Darlington
    As a former student of USC and a history major, I understand what the flag historically represents. I also understand that we are economically losing out on events and commerce coming to our state that would make us true players on the economic world stage. Coach Spurrier, as a tax paying citizen of this state and a highly visible person of importance in South Carolina has a right to his opinion which is shared by many. This flag should be held in a place of honor, not the place of honor which it holds now in this the 21st century. And yes, I am a proud African-American member of the Gamecock nation. Go Spurrier!
  • SJ, West Columbia
    I can't not believe I live in a state with some many ignorant people. After reading many of the responses to this question, it leaves no doubt in my mind why South Carolina is last on so many lists (or first on the bad lists). Your resistance to let go of the past is exactly why we cannot move forward and all people live with each other peacefully. First of all, Steve Spurrier is allowed to have an opinion. You don't have to agree with it, but he is allowed to voice his opinion. Or do we not live in the United States of America? I'm sure many of you in support of the flag didn't see anything wrong with Don Imus voicing his opinion, making degrading comments about that basketball team, but heaven forbid Steve Spurrier say anything against that precious flag of yours. Secondly, I completely agree with Spurrier. That flag has no business being on the grounds at the State House. Yes, it does represent a part of South Carolina history. But how can anyone be proud of what it stands for? It is obviously very painful for so many in our state! Much more harmful for them to have to be reminded of how they were so wrongfully treated so long ago, than to those who would miss it if it were in a museum. I think this is an issue that has been on Steve Spurrier's mind for some time now, and he finally let it out. I'm proud of him, because he knew it would make so many of the "Good 'ole Southern Boys" that support the Gamecocks furious. But he didn't let that intimidation stop him from saying what he believes. And for those of you who are thinking, "She doesn't understand because her family must have moved here after the war," you are mistaken. I have several relatives who died in the Confederate war. Granted, my family was originally from Georgia, we didn't move to South Carolina until the 1960's. So I know all to well about my family's part in the "War Between the States." The difference between you and me is I know when to admit I (or other things in my past) am wrong. If you had any compasion for people at all, you would realize someone's feelings right now in the present are much more important than preserving a moment in history.
  • PS, Lexington
    The old man is right about one thing. The flag should still be on top of the State House, not on the State House grounds. It is not a sign of racism, but a sign of respect for the men who died for the South and I am proud of it. What happened to the South, especially Columbia during the Civil War was terrible and undeserved. Old Steve needs to remember that the Confederate Flag only flew over slavery for 4 years, but the American Flag flew over slavery for 80 years.
  • TJ, Kershaw
    Spurrier is entitled to his opinion just as anyone, but publicly expressing his opinion is downright tacky and embarrased me that he represented USC in that manner. The flag was moved to the grounds as a compromise, but now since nothing else seems to be happening that the NAACP can boycott, he must think they need to start again. For those who don't understand, the flag represents heritage, our forefathers fought not against a race, but to keep their homes and land. There are more underlying issues that are the root of racial problems, but the flag isnt harming anyone. If the flag must be removed, then every African American monument must be removed. Spurrier, before you publicly embarass yourself and our state, please inform yourself the purpose of the flag and don't blame recruiting issues on a flag. Georgia has the flag on its state flag, but they have had consistantly good teams. Stick to coaching and keep your opinions to yourself, especially if you know that they will embarass you, the state, and the university.
  • JT, West Columbia
    Here we go again! What is it they say about journalists? I think it's "if there is no news, make it." WIS-TV and The State newspaper are both champions of this philosophy. So far as what I think about Spurrier's comments, if the Confederate flag deters good athletes from coming to SC, we have lots more problems than the flag!
  • JB, Columbia
    The confederate flag should definitely come off of the state house grounds and placed in a museum. It in no way represents all of the people of SC. When the terrorist groups like the KKK and Ayran Nation wave the confederate flag at there rallies are they confused in regards to "heritage not hate"? No black athelete should attend any division 1 college in this state until it is removed from the state house grounds.
  • KF, Columbus, GA
    I pledge allegance to the Confederate Flag and to the Cause for which it stands. I'm glad to see that so many who've posted on here are proud of the Confederate flag. But, it doesn't represent only South Carolina, but twelve other Southern states and two southern territories. We're on the same side here folks. Spurrier is from Tennessee, but how deep are his Southern roots? I saw one poster who is an 11th generation South Carolinian, making him a true Southron. Spurrier's folks might've came to Tennessee after the war...or he could be someone like Dale Earnhardt Jr who is ignorant of true history and is ashamed, of his Southern heritage because of what he perceives to be true. Jr drives for a living, but Spurrier is supposed to be an educator. He should know better.
  • mj, lexington
    Once again someone from another state sticking there nose is South Carolina business. Spurrier if you want better recruits start coaching and stop trying to be a politician. No wonder Washington and Florida didn't want you anymore. The flag has nothing to do with recruiting. Get the Gamecocks to be a contender in college football then you will get better recruits.
  • dl, hartsville
    sounds like old ball coach has joined the democract party. maybe he can run for an office in another state what was he thinking?
  • DP, West Columbia
    If spurrier Does Not Like What We Have In South Carolina, He Can All Ways Pack His Bag & Go Else Where ,Why Do The Coaches That USC Hire Just Do The Job They Were Hired For & Not Try To Cut Down The State Of South Carolina ,First It Was Holtz Saying How Dirty Our State Was And Now spurrier Comes In & Says How The State Laws Should Be Changed Because He Does Not Like The Laws . Love It Or Leave It.-----
  • RG, Atlanta
    Spurrier's remarks are out of line. Most of us learned when we were children that we cannot always have everything our way. The Confederate battle flag is a war memorial to fallen soldiers doing their duty. It is the right size, right shape, right height, at the right location, and is there for the right reason.
  • JC, Columbia
    Coach Spurrier was right on the money. Our legislators don`t have enough courage to put this divisive symbol in a museum, where it belongs. It will take feedback from others from outside of South Carolina, apparently, to show how foolish we look.
  • JC, Gilbert
    I have a high regard for Coach Spurrier as a great football coach. He is not, to my knowledge running for any office so why is he bringing the Confederate Flag into the arena? Has he been pressured so badly from the NAACP that they are running interference for the black students being recruited to not sign with USC because it is located in South Carolina where they still fly the flag? How dare he or them... That flag is our heritage as much as any heritage claimed by the black community as theirs. It "Is" South Carolina. Love it or leave it.
  • GK, Columbia
    When you hate the Confederate flag, you hate my ancestors who fought in the most idiotic war in US history. Additionally, you are demanding I forget about them, when they suffered just as the inscription on the obelisk in front of the flag portrays. And so I suffer. Your hate is based on the comments of race baiters and self-pimping, racist con artists, many of whom have police records and are responsible for murders and violence against ethnic groups in NYC. That is patently more egregious than a 3x3 foot piece of cloth we are returning to its historical context instead of associating it with hate groups. We leave it prominently placed to remind us how stupid things can get if you let one issue get too much focus. Removing the flag from view will not change things, as the race baiters and racist con artists will continue to pursue other issues as an exercise in one-upmanship instead of solving their problems, such as uncountable numbers of unwed mothers, disproportionate incarceration of ethnic males, and gender-specific educational failures. Further, removing the flag will not reduce the number of arrests in the collegiate sports arena, although disparaging our history decidedly refocuses our thoughts away from that disgusting problem --, which is, of course, the real reason for certain comments highlighted in local news. Go ahead: forget history. Repeat history. It's that easy. It's okay to hate white American history, because it is all evil -- or so we're led to believe. Narrow minds have broad tongues. My ancestors died in vain. Rub it in already.
  • ks, columbia
    I think steve spurrier should worry more about his football players and the upcoming football season. If he wants to concern himself with such issues as the battle flag of the confederacy then he should retire from coaching football at this university, and take up politics. But then again he probably couldnt run a political office because he cant keep his players from getting in trouble down at five points one week and then the next week the same kids keying a professor car. Someone should also point out to Mr Spurrier is that when someone wants to wave the flag he/she is just using their freedom of expression just like he uses freedom of speech when he uses profanty when speaking to news reporters.
  • AD, Bishopville
    Just as the American flag represents the totality of the American experience, the Confederate flag represents to some the totality of the Southern experience or "Southern heritage". Some fly the flag to honor their ancestors who fought in the Civil War. That's understandable. But it should not be claim to represent the totality of the Southern experience during the days of the Confederacy. The "Southern heritage", specifically during that time period, was built on the backs of slaves. One cannot claim one and deny the other. The Southern heritage cannot be exclusive of slavery. It must include it. It must include the attitudes of slave owners and the opinions of others regarding anyone of color (free or slave) during that time period. The Confederate flag represents equally the right of man to fight for his home, the right of a slave owner to fight for his "property" (and thus continue in slavery), the right of states to secede from a Union, and the totality of the African American experience during the South. The Confederate flag is stained with the blood of slaves. The Confederate flag represents so many things to so many people. But it does not represent the totality of So, uth Carolina's heritage, just its history during the years of the Confederacy. It is nothing more than a historical relic. Its sentimentality is understandable, but its history is a much more compelling reason to bring it down. Waving the Confederate flag, with its varied meanings, will continue to be a symbol of pride to those who love "Southern heritage" (without understanding the totality of the Southern experience) and a slap in the face to all African American (who understand the other side of what that flag represents). The Confederat, e flag is a symbol of division and will continue to be so.
  • RW, Ridgeway
    If Steve Spurrier wants to talk about embarrasment to the state he needs to look more at the athleletes he is recruiting. How many USC players have been on the news for stealing, public drunk, fighting etc. These are people who are fortunate enough to have their tuition paid, but still embarrass the State of South Carolina. Freedom is the reason someone was waving a confederate flag at the Tennessee game, that has nothing to do with the memorial on the State House grounds. Steve Spurrier needs to worry about football and trying to keep his players out of jail and leave politcs to the politians. He was correct in one thing, no one asked him!
  • B , Ridgeway
    Coach..., I have respected you for many years and have uphailed you for your recovery of our Gamecococks! But, how dair you put down, desecrait my forefathers who fought and died for the South, which, by the way stood for other things beyond slavery. This goes to proove, everytime we have a coach come in from outer state..He is not the local deity of who we should follow! Good Luck...Spurrier You Lost my respect of many years! A REAL Devoted Gamecock and Southern Fan of the USC
  • JS,
    I agree with Sprurrier's comments. South Carolina is the only state that in 2007 still has a confederate flag flying over the state capitol. It is time for SC to come into the 21st century. Whether he is from SC or not has nothing to do with the slave mentality of the people who live here. It is not only the flag that still shows that mentality, but basically everything that happens in this state, still evidences that good ole boy mentality. This may not get posted, but it will only be because it is the truth, and we all know that the truth hurts.
  • DW, Columbia SC
    I'm not even a southerner, and yet I respect that flag as southern history. Blacks and whites fought side by side to defend what they felt was their land and their rights. I do not see what it has to do with tryng to attract good football players. Mr Spurrier needs to spend his time and energy on tryng to win football games. In additon, it might be a good idea to teach this so called "hero's" that they too should obey the law. They are NOT SPECIAL and if they continue to steal and lord knows what else, put their little behind in JAIL where they belong. To let them get awy with things because they can play football...or any other sport for that matter sends the wrong signal to all these young people and is a total dis-service to the University of South Carolina and the public in general. Wake UP Mr. Spurrier!!!!!
  • jg, cayce
    i have never liked surrier and i am among those that didn't want him here in the first place. i've always felt there is something about his character, he's not a good person. this comment is just the lastest attempt from him to get his name in the news. it is so obvious since it was an off subject comment and even after he said,"i'm not suppose to talk about this..." he continued talking about it. i can't believe how gulible people are, falling for this guys publicity stunt. is his team so bad that he has to make up controversy? he has no reason or right to say anything about the flag. he's not a south carolinian and it's not his place to say anything. He needs to stick to what he knows, football, and leave the flag along!
  • JB, Lexington
    Wonderfull....Just when we thought we had gotten rid of all the silly excuses from Holtz on WIS...now we can sit back and watch Spurrier blame his future season on a flag. Are you ready for some Gamecock Football?!?!?!?
  • NA, Irmo
    It is unfortunate, Spurrier who can't seem to recruit anything but hoodlums and thieves to play here has now taken up political commentary. Coach should concentrate on doing the job he was hired to do. If it is politics that he chooses, then he should resign coaching and let us see his name on the next ballot. I think it is time for people to just grow up, let the past be in the past and move forward, we have enough problems in this state let alone worry about a symbol of the past.We all need to let the symbols and a few words go over us and worry about the reall issuses. "sticks and stones....."
  • RC, Sumter
    I am a Fan of Coach Spurrier but I beleive to call the flag what he did was very irresponsible and if people really knew what the Flag stood for then maybe we could all get along. It was demanded to remove it from the Dome but even after that more demands have been made. I think if the Confederate Flag is remembered for any negatives from when it originally flew then so should the "American" flag. remember it flew during those days also!
  • aw, swansea
    Spurrier should be remove from his job.
  • WM, Ridgeway
    What right does Spurrier have to talk about the flag? He's not even from here. History is much more important than recruiting a football player. The flag is where it belongs, next t, o the confederate monument. It's our history, like it or not. There was slavery under the US flag as well, so why don't we take it down too? It would seem to me that most of his players are always in the news getting arrested. Why doesn't he focus on his high paying job and leave the flag alone!
  • FW, Columbia
    Lets have a poll on the flag and see how many agree or dis agree with the "old coach"
  • jh, lexington sc
    I agree the flag should be removed it is not the true confederate flag. It would be nice if everyone making all the fuss about the flag would have their facts straight. What everyone refers to as the confederate flag is only the battle flag. Check out the true history of the flag!
  • RW, Gaston
    To Coach Spurrier: Shut Up and Coach!
  • TK, leesville
    That knappy S.O.B should go back to Florida.He falls under racist lines now..South Carolinians should light torches,wave the flag and run him slam out of town...Why would he make such a comment...I'm just fed the hell up with this world.No dang wonder people load up guns and walk in and start shooting...Spurrier,you idiot.....
  • MC, Batesburg-Leesville
    I see no reason for Spurrier to become involved with the placing of the Confederate flag. He kept saying how he wasn't supposed to be involved in the political realm, he was quite reptetative in saying that. But what was contradictory was that statement was quickly followed by one saying that the flag should be removed. I don't care if he's the coach for the University of South Carolina or not, how can you take anyone seriously if they continue to contradict themselves like that; no matter what position they are in.
  • ep, rock hill
    spurrier needs to keep his mind on the game and stay out of political type affairs..the flying of the confederate flag is of no concern to him..however im sure that since he is the " ole ball coach" that he can stick his nose into other aspects of the state and influence people to take his side..well im a huge gamecock fan but will never be a fan of spurrier..even if we do someday have a good football team
  • ST, Columbia
    I am a Spurrier fan, and I do agree that he is entitled to his opinion, but for him to blame the flag for his so-called lack of good recruits is ridiculous. I can guarantee you that if the scholarship is big enough - black or white - these players are going to play for Carolina. The flag isn't what's keeping them away... bigger scholarships at other schools are.
  • SG, Newberry
    The coach has a right to his opinion, but removing the flag will not give anything to the poor, keep anyone from being homeless, or get medical help to someone in need. Understanding is a two way street that all races have to work toward to help each other. Reminders of our history should be honored, not argued over. All men that fought for it or against it believed in God. God Bless them for their attempt to protect their state and family.
  • SR, West Columbia
    Spurrier's remarks affend me! His use of four letter word sets a very poor example for the younger generation! As for the flag,it didn't hurt anyone 20 years ago and sure isn't hurting anyone now!Spurrier needs to watch his language!
  • DW, Columbia
    What's next? Let's remove the bronze stars from the state house and continue to "erase" history...the flag is a memorial now..like hundreds of others across the country...history happened!! Let's not forget or try to rewrite it...but maybe we can learn from it!!
  • WM, Ridgeway
    What right does Spurrier have to talk about the flag? He's not even from here. History is much more important than recruiting a football player. The flag is where it belongs, next to the confederate monument. It's our history, like it or not. There was slavery under the US flag as well, so why don't we take it down too? It would seem to me that most of his players are always in the news getting arrested. Why doesn't he focus on his high paying job and leave the flag alone!
  • BS, Charleston
    Coach Spurrier is entitled to his own comments about the flag...but his comments come at a time when a radio personality (Dom Imus) was fired from pressure from minority groups. Seems to me Coach Spurrier isn't having any problems recruiting minorities or any other folks for that matter. Also, instead of worrying about how to defeat the SC government he needs to worry about how to beat Dawgs, Gators, and Tigers!!
  • JE, Columbia
    Reading the responses on this board is embarrassing to me as a native South Carolinian. It's also pretty sad testimony to USC fans -- you would really abandon your school and your team because the head coach has a difference with you on a political issue? Folks, it's time to get over it. The war's over. No one lives today who remembers it, and few live whose parents remember it. And guess what? We. Lost. The CSA is a dead nation. Let's keep alive the parts of Southern heritage that matter -- honor, chivalry, honesty, decency, and loyalty -- and let go of the flag. If you need that flag to be a Southerner, then you weren't really very Southern in the first place. And like it or not the flag *is* an issue in recruiting. The NAACP and various other organizations contact any recruit planning to come to SC from out of state and let him know that there is a boycott and that he should go somewhere else. If a student is wavering between USC and TN or GA (or FL), wouldn't that be a convenient excuse to choose some place other than USC? Grow up, South Carolina. This attitude is one of many reasons we haven't progressed economically or educationally here at the same rate as other Southern states.
  • DW, Bamberg
    I am very proud to have Coach Spurrier at USC. He is full of integrity and is taking a stand on what is right. The flag is a part of history and history belongs in a museum NOT on the state house grounds. The mentality of the people in this state is backwards and it's no wonder why our state can't move forward. Way to go Steve!! Even prouder to be a Gamecock!
  • JC, Lexington
    Apparently the Coach is looking to his future after football...Maybe looking into politics, mustering up votes early, the only time recently the flag of our fallen ancestors and heroes has been mentioned is by political candidates from out of state trying to garner the black votet! The Flag "The Southern Cross!" is part of history.. The flag itself has gotten a bum rap because of this adoption as a symbol by the KKK...! This flag had nothing to do with that, it flew over a group of valiant and dedicated men fighting for what they consider right-now some people want to throw their memories and sacrifices to the wind! Get over it people-History is history, u may not like it but u can't change it... Realistically speaking, how many of you people white or black have actually seen the flag flying on the State House Grounds? I am sure everyone travels by there everyday just to see it and either be overwhelmed with pride or offended.... Get over it people! Expend that effort toward gang and drug problems, teen pregnancy, school dropouts, crime-crime-crime...the raping our federal government is allowing of our economy and the run away oil prices that have oil companies reporting billions of dollars in profits while they are killing the common hard worker folk.... The Flag is a non issue today.... It's History -- Work on today and the future! Give it a rest.... Go Tigers! You have lost one stanch fan Mr Spurrier...
  • VS, West Columbia
    Granted Spurrier is entitled to his own opinion. However, with his position in the community he should be more selective of what he says. The Confederate Flag is part of SC's history as well as other southern states. I personally am sick & tired of the true south carolinians having their rights and history taken from them! You know slavery should've never happened, but it did just like many many other awful events in history. The NAACP and others need to STOP trying to take our heritage from us! We already have black history month, martin luther king day, as well as many many other african american events. Do we see a White American History Month???? I don't think so. The ones who are wanting to be so politically correct are allowing us to fade away into the bac, kground of America and I for one don't want to stand by and watch that happen!
  • BB, Winnsboro
    Mr. Spurrier is entitled to his opinion and I am glad he voiced it. Now, it seems as though the opinion of the overwhelming majority of respondants to The Question Of The Day have voiced theirs. Mr Spurrier, does it need to be stated any clearer? Your subdivision is close to the Interstate. You shouldn't have any trouble following the signs to another state where the Confederate flag is not flown. Please stay away from NASCAR races though because you probably won't find any recruits fitting your needs as we race fans do love our Rebel flag !!!!!!!!
  • MS, Easley
    i find it funny that many of you seem to think that the falg belongs only to south carolina. i mean really!!! you feel so strongly about something that you dont even understand. Coach is from tn which was a conferderate state he has every right to give his opinion.
  • JM, West Columbia
    I think it was very disrespectful of Mr. Spurrier to refer to the flag as the damn flag. Our forefathers lost their lives under that flag.I was very disappointed to hear him use those words. He says that it is hurting his recruiting. I believe the reason he can't recruit is because we are not winning games.
  • GW, Gaston
    the fl, ag that is in question stands for a number of things, some very good some not so good. just think why that war was fought....not only over the issue of slavery
  • JH, Camden
    Wow. True Carolina fans, some of you are. Go on and pull for the orange team. We don't need you. That flag needs to come down. I'm as Southern as they come, but I'd like to move into the 20th century at least. Thanks, Coach. You have every right to weigh in as long as you pay taxes in this state. It doesn't matter which state you originally came from.
  • TM, Sumter
    I understand that there are some who genuinely feel the flag represents a racist attitude, but I must disagree. While I respect the opinions of others and value them, the flag is a historical marker and nothing more. It is time for all people to work together on substantive issues rather than getting worked up over a symbolic piece of South Carolina's unique history. Literacy, poverty, and hunger need more of our attention. Every group has the right to their opinion, but the boycott is sadly, in my opinion, much ado about nothing and invests far too much energy over the confederate flag. Furthermore, a compromise was made which included moving the flag from atop the dome. If the flag is moved from the Capital grounds I will give serious consideration to flying one in my yard out of the respect for my confederate anscestor Joseph Samuel Meetze who fought for only one reason - to protect his home. Please, let us move on.
  • DG, Sumter
    I think Coach Spurrier has a right to his opinion. I do not happen to agree with him. I have no problem with the flag being on state house grounds. The flag is just one symbol of history in South Carolina. There are other symbols of history on the state house grounds such as the monument to African American leaders. If the flag needs to go, then all symbols of South Carolina history need to be removed from the grounds. Why can't we all just look at them as articles of history and let it be? We should not be defining ourselves as "this" American or "that" American. We are Americans and South Carolinians. We all have histories that are important to us. I don't feel that we need Black History Month or any other specific type of recognition. I think we should honor all of our great leaders whether they be Black, White, Native American, or whatever ethnicity. Plain and simple, I am an American.
  • BS, Laurens
    Looks like plenty of Clemson fans have opinions on this.
  • DD, Columbia
    He should be more worried about making a #1 team out of a 2nd rate team. A team that is no stranger to Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center. Keep your opinions to yourself and coach a team!
  • TH, Irmo
    A limited number of folks believe in a certain "heritage" associated with the flag. However, it seems nearly all folks believe it is a modern tool for those who would encourage division. Take it down. Thanks Steve.
  • JW, Columbia
    Maybe Sprrier should remember he was invited to SC and since neither the Redskins or Gator's apparently folded without him he should be greatful. For someone who has spent more time driving through SC on I-95 than living here, he thinks he can leglisate our state and dictate to us what we should remember about our heritage (and please, I'm not speaking about the war or slavery). He should be spending more time leading his hoodlums at USC and keeping them off the police blotter instead of badmouthing SC and his players all the time. Since he doesn't like this state or his players who can't win a championship perhaps Lou could use a sidekick to help him trash SC. I say do your job better then you won't have a problem recruting your "blue chip players" and earn your big bucks. We can have Nazi's come to Columbia to speak but not the southern flag. But then as we all know, the hollicost was just a hoax made up by the greatest generation of WWII; wasn't it.
  • JC, Columbia
    In reading most of the responses from those who want to keep the flag flying, I realized why South Carolina is last in education. Take it down and move on.
  • ED, Summerton
    I think the flag should stay where it is and not on individual homes. it shows disrepect in my opinum. But, everybody has thier own.
  • GF, Columbia
    Keep the Flag, Dump Spurrier! Remember to come show your support for the Flag and memory of our Ancestors on May 5th at the Confederate Memorial Day Service in front of the State House.
  • Jk, Columbia
    I guess I will pull for Clemson now I hope he loses all his games. I was a fan of spurrier not anymore
  • MF, St. Matthews
    I am confused as to why this sort of comment was necessary. I for one don't see how it harmed recruiting. We had one of the top 5 recruited teams in the country. It is sad that we can't just leave well enough alone with the flag issue. If folks get there way about removing it from the Confederate Monument then what would they want next? Remove any mention of the war from text books? Or maybe just forget our heritage altogether? Leave it alone people. Spurrier says no one asked his opinion. No one asked mine , either. The lawmakers of the state, both black and white, made a decision. I have always been and always will be a Gamecock fan but now I will be less of a Steve Spurrier fan. If you are embarraced by the flag then don't look at it or just leave the state and go back to Florida.
  • CF, Columbia
    ok, start another petition and send it to the state reps. taking it down was half of the problem. where to put the confederate flag was the next problem. pole on lawn was just a resting place due to more pressing problems such as budget, education, domestic violence and child abuse.
  • JG, New Zion
    As a graduate of USC, I am embarrassed that Coach Spurrier made such a comment about the flag. I once had an English teacher who told us that using profanity was a sign that one had a very small vocabulary. How can we expect the athletes to adher to rules of good behavior and good speech when their adult professors exhibit such unnecessary behaviors?
  • JR, Myrtle Beach
    There was not a Confederate flag in Washington and Spurrier could not win there,now he is using it as an excuse for his poor showing in SC
  • MR, Columbia
    Mr. Spurrier, Leave , go back to Florida. You have know clue about history of the Civil War.Beside that, you are just a Football coach! You are already screwing the Gamecock fans on the price`s on tickets and parking! So please shut -up or pack-up your ignorance and arrogance are truly showing.
  • RR, Columbia
    Coach needs to keep his focus on football and stay out of lawmaking! It is the law, if he wants to make laws, then he should quit coaching and run for office! Holtz did some of this and look what happened to the team and Holtz.
  • JA, Irmo
    Hooray for the Ole Ball Coach. Yeah, let him run for governor; but only if he governs AND coaches!!
  • TH, Cayce
    The old ball coach should keep his comments to himself, he found his way into SC and he can find his way out. I will not be watching USC football.
  • MM, Irmo
    I agree with the Coach...the flag does not belong on our State House grounds....the war is over and the South lost...also it is offensive to many South Carolinians, both black and white....
  • TM, Batesburg
    He's a blooming iodiot what do you expect. The confederate flag is our heritage and it needs to stay on put. Spurrier needs to back to his home state and make comments there not here.
  • BO, Jefferson
    The flag represents a big part of our history. My Great Grandfather fought in the war and the flag symbolizes the actions of the soldiers. I don't understand why people want to take it down.
  • JL, West Columbia
    I guess all the money they pay this man to coach football gives him entitlement to dabble in politics too. Give me a break. He's just another overpaid football coach for USC. Why doesn't he worry about teaching his team the importance of getting an education not just being there to play football.Or teach them the importance of being an upright citizen and not getting in trouble. Oh that's right they don't pay him to do that. Go away Spurrier, what a joke.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Steve Spurrier isnâ€TMt a philosopher, an ethicist, a political scientist, or even a politician. Why is his opinion of the Confederate Flag so newsworthy? Why should it mean any more than mine or anyone elseâ€TMs?
  • MG, Gaston
    I support returning the flag to the capital dome and giving spurrier a one-way bus ticket to Florida. I have lost all respect for this man, he needs to worry about his team and restrict his comments to football only.
  • VC, Chapin
    He needs to worry about the thugs and criminals on his team and not on the flag. Noya bizness Steve.
  • M , Batesburg
    i think Steve Spurrier was wrong in asking for removal of the confederate flag.Our fore fathers fought and died for that flag .Its a " grand " old flag .Long may it hang .If you dont want to see it ,then dont look,or just move out of the state.Just let our flag stay .
  • JM, Lexington
    Spurrier needs to stick to football. If his team was any good he would not have any prob, lems in attracting good players.
  • AG, Camden
    We need to focus on more important issues in our state than just a "Damn" flag, that ALL OF OUR ANCESTORS fought for; also a the confederate flag has nothing to do with recruiting players, take Georgia for instance, they have the confederate flag on a portion of their flag and they do not have a hard time with their recruits. People just need to take a history lesson and learn what the flag really stands for, than just condem it all the time.
  • BT, Camden
    No one asked you
  • JS, Camden
    Oh boy. The old ball coach has fallen victim to "Dixie Chicks"syndrome. Hey coach, we're pulling hard for you but just shut up and coach how about it??
  • SP, Camden
    I was of the opinion that besides being a footbal coach, that Coach Spurrier was also an educator. That flag is a part of South Carolina, and United States History. This flag issue has become ridiculous, and also someplace Coach Spurrier needs to leave alone. It's time the people of SC, whether black, white, green purple or what ever accept the symbols of history, display in the name of history and go forward instead of fighting battles that have already been fought. Certainly there are many more important issues that need to be addresses instead of dredging up the old ones. Coach football Mr. Spurrier, stop trying to change history.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Spurrier isn't a philosopher, a political scientist, or even a politician. Why should his opinion of the Confederate Flag mean any more than mine?
  • SL, Lexington
    Spurrier needs to stick to football. next time one of his players get in trouble blame him, just like everyone blames the flag. I keep hearing the flag is a symbol of hate give me a break that horse is dead, anything is what you want to attach to it and i say if you dislike it don't look at it. i would say to those that oppose it,would removing it changes things, make things better? or change the history that is attached to you. who are they to say because they have a negitive view of it, that should be the only view?
  • EA, Chapin, SC
    I think Spurrier needs to concentrate on football and leave the flag alone. I have lived here all my life and I am sick and tired of people complaining about the Confederate Flag. It is part of the state's history and has just as much reason to be on the statehouse grounds as anything else. I am disgusted with people coming from outside our state and taking aim at the flag and our state. I never thought of it as a racial symbol, but now people are implying that is all it stands for. It's part of our history. If you don't like it, go away.
  • ER, Fort Mill
    They took it off the State House dome where it was kinda hard to see, truth be known, and put it smack dab on the front lawn of the State House. And this was a compromise? <, /LI>
  • WS, Lancaster
    Mr. Spurrier's comments were out of content. If he were running for an ele, cted official then he could make a remark like that. People who come from out of state are constantly trying to change or erase our history. It still exist whether he likes it or not. We honor all our heroes, the Confederate soldiers, were "OUR" grand fathers, who fought for OUR homes and families. He needs to pick another forum to get attention next time.
  • PY, Kershaw
    I think Spurrier should stick to coaching and leave the flag along
  • NW, North
    Our Confederate Flag is really none of Spurrier's concern.He not from South Carolina and when his time is over at USC,I'm sure he will not stay here in SC.He needs to stick to Football and keep his players in check.And let the people of SC take care of SC business.The Flag is just a Flag,A part of being Southern and nothing more.
  • CP, Lexington
    Were does Spurrier get off saying this about the flag, he is a import to this state. He has no roots here,so he thinks that if the flag comes down that his pay check goes up. He is so scared that if he does not go alone with this, he does not get the attention to his so call ball team or has he been given the choise to do this or else.It's not right to take the Confederate F, lag down, this is apart of history so we just delete this part. We forget about the Confederate War and what roll it playes in SC. Are we going to give in to him and all the other's to take it down and delete this part in history and also take it out of schools also. Spurrier has no right to take action on this just the right to say what he thinks. He thinks he has trouble know with his name in the news, if this takes place he will wish he was in some other state,he needs to leave this part alone.
  • AP, West Columbia
    He should stick to football, something he knows a little about. All we need is another OUTSIDER telling us what we should do. Steve, you run the football let the citizens run the government. Why should we not be proud, and able to show that pride, of our southern heritage? It's not like we have a Southern History Month dedicated for the people to show their roots. Our ancestors fought and died in the civil war and I for one will not give up their memories so easily.
  • SJ, Chapin
    Tell Steve he needs to stick to football & don't worry about the Confederate Flag , He's not from South Carolina so he don't understand the pride we have in that flag , I am a 11th generation South Carolinian , it's about heritage Steve not hatred , go back to where you came from , you're not that good of a coach to be telling us how to live.
  • BW, Columbia
    I salute Coach Spurrier for his candor and courage in speaking out against flying the Confederate flag. His is right: the flag is an embarrassment to South Carolina and should be considered offensive to all its citizens.
  • TP, Lexington
    The road that brought Steve here goes both directions. If he doesn't like the way our state is run, use the outbound lane!
  • DC, Moore
    I guess I'm a Clemson fan now!
  • JS, Leesville
    Mr. Spurrier is certainly welcome to express his opinion, but if he's not happy in this state, I, for one will not miss him.
  • CJ, West Columbia
    I think he should leave it alone. he is not from South Carolina so he has no say in what happens with our heritage. I think the whole issue is stupid. When the whole thing started, all the black organizations were yelling to take it off the dome and put it on the state house grounds. Not that they have gotten that wish, they are yelling that they want it gone completely. LEAVE IT ALONE PEOPLE! It means nothing to you and it is not hurting you physically in any way. You just want something to complain about.
  • LW, Summerton
    Who is Spurrier to say what we in SC should do with the Confederate Flag.The Confederate Flag is not what is hurting the Gamecocks. If the team members would stop breaking the law we might have a decent team.
  • MC, Chester
    Stick to football Steve.
  • AS, Raleigh
    Bring out the dead horse again -- how is this newsworthy? We don't ask doctors their opinions about farming subsidies, so why does it matter what an Ol' Ball' Coach' says about a flag and a political issue? He made a career out of throwing a ball and suddenly we're supposed to look to his poltical advice/opinions like he's Henry Kissinger. Find a real news story, media. Or ask Sanford his opinion on the flag, he was actually elected by the people, not bought like Spurrier.
  • DP, Columbia
    I think Spurrier should just worry about coaching and leave state problems to the people how live here and not bring the flag into sports.
  • DC, Lexington
    I'm sure he thinks the flag is affecting recruiting, so it's obviously a concern for him. However, he needs to understand that everyone involved had their chance to speak out and have a hand in making the decision to remove the flag from the State house and onto the grounds. Just because certain groups didn't get "their way" doesn't mean they should continue to have such influence over what happens in SC. It's ridiculous -- the decision was made, and EVERYONE has to live with it. If they didn't like the solution presented, they shouldn't have agreed with it. I'm all for diversity and fairness, but that's not the issue here. Why we (SC citizens, government, etc.) continue to let these groups control our state is beyond me. Someone should step up and put an end to this craziness. Spurrier has quickly become a prominent man in our community/state and I think he'd have served us better to publicly support the decision that was made and help find ways to make it work, rather than just a blanket statement of "that damn flag has to come down." That's just another band-aid to the problem.
  • DC, West Columbia
    I applaud the coach's stand on this issue. With issues like gang activity,unemployment rates at 0%,College athletes (of all races)no longer getting arrested.....Perhaps the flag should not be the top concern for embarrasing topics in South Carolina.Perhaps high schools should teach our students that the melting pot contains more than two races.The football coach should concentrate on football and events of his followers.
  • JO, Prosperity
    It's sad that Spurrier is using the Confederate flag as a recruiting tool. I would hope that he directs his energies toward running a clean football program rather than trying to run our South Carolina government. I used to have the utmost respect for Steve Spurrier but since his coming to USC and the way he has mishandled some issues,that respect is waning real fast.
  • LP, Elgin
    I don't remember anyone asking for his opinion.
  • KH, Lexington
    I am now a newly born Clemson Fan. I am so glad I know how he feels now, my children will look toward another college. The flag is not a racial matter. I do not understand this racial issue in our nation. There is a ALL Miss black america pageants, no whites allowed. Now do you honestly think the orginial Miss America pageant could say All Whites only, oh Heavens no. There is NAACP group, can we have an all white group, I think not-as we will be sued. Come one, who is actually being discrimated agaisnt here???? Why can't everyone just leave the flag alone, it has been flying for MANY years. If the balck or whites do not like it-get out of South Carolina!!!!
  • RW, Orangeburg
    This position taken by Mr. Spurrier, he leaves little doubt as to his priorities concerning greed/money and truth. He cares little or none about truth and rates money as his top priority. His best move now would be to quietly leave. I'll find someone else to support.
  • BP, Columbia
    The Head Ball coach has never had a problem voicing an opinion. I don't believe this will effect his ability to coach or recruit, and he should not be censored. don't ask the question if you don't want an answer.
  • RC, West Columbia
    In referance to the confederate flag, when i was a young lad we use to use the flag to play war between the south and the north. At that time we had no idea that the flag was considered racial. I also recall that when the blacks demanded that the flag be removed from the top of the State House and put on the grounds, i think i read that they were ok with that ? That said, i do agree with coach Spurrier that the flag be put to rest in our museum.
  • MT, Columbia
    Finally, someone in a position of influence is speaking out about progress in the State of South Carolina. The confederate flag should have been put in a museum years ago. I agree with Spurrier - I am embarassed by the flag and everything it stands for. Steve Spurrier needs to run for governor when he retires from football.
  • MM, Jefferson, SC
    You ask these questions about different problems in the state and in the country and when you take the time to write your thoughs as to what ever the question is in a respectful way and the statement does not suit your political agenda or the way you think you choose not to print peoples responses even though they are not offensive material. Why waste our time or your time when you only except responses you agree or disagree with. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  • LA, Anderson
    "The head coach saluted the racial diversity of City Year's corps members and supporters." Now can he do the same with his football team... or at least get the average GPA of his current players above a 2.00. That Retailing major must be more difficult that I first thought.
  • CL, Lexington
    All this controversy over the flag is way out of hand. I toured the Capital and found there is just as much support for our African American leaders and past leaders and many salutes to our African American leaders than there is with the flag. Its a waste of tax payers monies and our state's time to keep making this an ongoing issue. If you ask me Spurrier seems to be saying only African American players is what he is wanting for his team. He is displaying a false non support of the flag just to win the African American community in my opinion. I do not see African Americans as the minority any more, when can every one else see that too? This state can only be as one when everyone quits wasting gripes over items that if researched well enough, are found to be quite equal around the Capital with salutes to both whites and African American leaders and past leaders. There are by far, way more state issues needing serious attention than the flag. Spend those wasted monies on the flag issues, on our schools, on tougher criminal bills, etc. Its time to quit wasting monies on the flag issues and start spending those monies on what is more important, if you can't see that than you never will become a part of making this state better like you claim you want to do.
  • BG, Lexington
    If the "ol ball coach" doesn't like it... there are at least 4-5 major interstates heading out of the state he can jump on. He must see something he doesn't like in Spring practice and the best excuse he can come up with is the Confederate flag.
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