Sumter guardsman sends message home through WIS

(Sumter) March 30, 2007 - A group of Sumter guardsman is serving in Iraq. The members of the 151st Field Artillery Brigade are among 800 Army and Air National Guardsmen currently deployed overseas. One sergeant wanted to send a special message home.

Mortar attacks are common in Iraq. Working behind the scenes to locate the mortars is Sumter's Sergeant Aoron Powell. His work is mostly with computers, but Sgt. Powell is aware of what's happening on the front lines.

"From your perspective," asks WIS' Hannah Horne, "is it getting better or worse in Iraq?"

Sgt. Powell says, "I think it's improving, but to what extent, only time will tell you that."

When Hannah asked if he thought the troops could finish their work, he said he would prefer that someone of higher rank answer, "I have all confidence in the president and I'm proud to serve, so I'll do what he needs."

Powell has been in Iraq for five months of his one year deployment, but a big part of him is still at home. He says what he misses the most is "my wife and kids."

And he has a message for them, "I think about them every day and hopefully soon, I'll get to see 'em."

Sgt. Powell and his brigade are set to return home in the fall.

Reported by Hannah Horne

Posted 6:03pm by Chantelle Janelle