Donations over $120,000 to help members of 218th come home for leave

(Afghanistan) March 28, 2007 - More than $120,000 was given to the National Guard Wednesday to help bring home members of the 218th before they deploy to Afghanistan.

Right now, the guardsmen are training stateside. They'll get a nine-day leave next month.

The gift was from the Defenders of Freedom Fund and the Jake Knotts War Fund.

General Thomas Sinclair of the National Guard Association of South Carolina says, "There's no doubt in South Carolina that we hang together - no doubt. I'm not surprised at all by this, because this is people taking care of people and we do that better in South Carolina than anywhere I know. Thank you."

The donations are more than enough to bring the guardsmen home on leave. The additional funds will be used to support the troops and their families while deployed overseas.

Posted 9:12pm by Chantelle Janelle