Consumer Alert: HD radio

(National-NBC) March 14, 2007 - Wouldn't it be nice if you could get the same quality sound of music from your radio that you get from a CD? Well, now you can. It's called HD radio.

So, what is HD radio? Simply put, it's digital radio. It's transmitted just like traditional AM/FM stations, and Radio Shack store manager Nicolas Pinault says if you enjoy radio, "You're gonna get a clearer sound out of it. Less static, and you're going to be able to pick up an alternate lineup."

So it's enhanced sound, but it's also getting more listening options from one station.

Pinault says, "If you don't like a song playing on one particular side of their station, you can go and listen to something else on the same station."

And the best part is, it's free - no contracts, no subscriptions. However, you'll still need to buy an HD radio receiver which costs about $200.

Some of the benefits of HD radio are more info on your dial - such as traffic data and stock information - FM stations with CD quality sound, AM stations with FM sound, more music, talk, comedy and news.

HD receivers do cost a little more than your basic radio receiver, so expect to spend about a $150-$200 for a unit.

Posted 3:29pm by Bryce Mursch