What does the maintenance agreement do?
Air conditioning and heating systems are like cars:  they need to be checked and cleaned regularly to insure safety and operating efficiency.  We have a detailed inspection checklist that our technicians perform on your system each time we come out.

What does it cost?
The cost depends on the number of systems in your home or business and the type of air filtration and humidifiers you have.  Our staff can tell you what those costs will be for your house.  At your office we will need to come out and do a survey of your building to determine the hours required to perform the proper maintenance.

Do I call to schedule my maintenance?
Our staff calls you to schedule at your convenience.  Always feel free to call us if you want your maintenance done before we call you.

Are repairs covered by the maintenance agreement?
No, the agreement provides the labor and materials to perform the maintenance.  Any repairs are billed as a separate charge.

Do service agreement customers get a discount on repairs?
Yes, contract customers receive a 10% discount on repairs.