System Replacement - - Columbia, South Carolina

System Replacement


What brands of equipment do you install?
We install several different brands depending the application and the customer's preference.  We will survey your home or business and its current system, talk with you about your needs and determine the replacement options that are best for you.

Is there a charge for the survey and proposal?
No, there is never a charge for the survey and proposal.

Will a new system reduce my power bills? 
Equipment efficiency has improved steadily over the last 15 years.  If your old system is ten years or older, you will see a measurable increase in energy efficiency.

Can you repair my duct system?
We will check the condition of your existing duct system and recommend modifications as needed.  That could be as simple as tightening the ductwork and repairing leaks or a full replacement of the duct if that is needed.  We can also adjust the airflow with the use of balancing dampers to eliminate hot and cold spots in your house.

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