Edwards: Israel not a threat to world peace

(Washington-AP) February 20, 2007 - John Edwards' presidential campaign wants to make it clear that he doesn't consider Israel a threat to world peace.

A spokesman for the 2008 Democratic candidate issued a statement Tuesday denying such a report on Variety.com.

Columnist Peter Bart reports that Edwards told a Hollywood fundraiser last month that the possibility that Israel would bomb Iran's nuclear facilities is perhaps the greatest short-term threat to world peace.

Edwards' spokesman Jonathan Prince says the article is erroneous. He says Edwards says one of the greatest short-term threats to world peace is Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Bart says Variety stands by its report. The host of the fundraiser, Adam Venit of the Endeavor talent agency, didn't respond to a message seeking comment.

Posted 8:22pm by Chantelle Janelle