Psychologist says war harmed Marine who pleaded guilty to Iraq kidnapping

(Camp Pendleton, CA-AP) February 16, 2007 - A psychologist says combat damaged the mental health of a Marine who pleaded guilty to his role in the kidnapping and killing of an Iraqi civilian.

At a sentencing hearing for Lance Corporal Robert Pennington, Glenn Lipson said his patient "seemed to be locked in a fight mode." Lipson said the 22-year old displayed many traits associated with post traumatic stress disorder after multiple combat deployments, including one where he saw a close friend die.

Pennington pleaded guilty Tuesday to kidnapping and conspiracy. He was part of an eight-member squad accused of kidnapping and murdering a 52-year old man last April in the Iraqi town of Hamdania. He was the sixth member of the squad to plead guilty in the case, though one of them withdrew his plea.

Pennington faces up to life in prison.

Posted 9:30pm by Logan Smith