Consumer Alert: Sorting through credit card offers

(National-NBC) January 30, 2007 - How many credit card offers do you get? They never seem to stop coming - one tempting deal after another.

From airline miles to discounts at home improvement stores, credit experts say lenders have more ways than ever to catch your eye. Bettye Banks of Consumer Credit Counseling says, "They are becoming very, very creative."

So how do you sort through all the credit card offers? Reading the fine print helps.

You might also take a look at the website It compares hundreds of different credit cards and rates them based on interest rates, annual fees, and rewards.

You can search for a card based on your needs, like miles on a specific airline. You can even read reviews by card customers.

But before you sign up for anything, Banks suggests you "make sure that you're really going to use that stuff."

Will you really use the miles or points? Some of the offers are good, if you're willing to keep up with payments on the card. Banks says, "If you have good control over your finances, you manage your credit well, I recommend it."

But the experts say you must be able to pay off your balance every month. If you can't, resist temptation.

If you change your mind, just remember there's another offer coming.

Posted 5:31pm by Chantelle Janelle