Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Cracks in a Home or an Office Building's Foundation?
This often means the structure was built where expansive (clay) or collapsible (sand) soils are known to exist. Combine that with extreme moisture and/or poor drainage and the structure becomes unstable. Something as simple as rain run-off from the roof and allowing the water to "pool" can be the cause your foundation to shift. Structures built on back-fill lots are always in danger of weakened foundations because of potential air pockets in the soil and soil composition itself.

Will Piles Stop All Settlement of the Structure in the Future?
Once the home's foundation has been piered the opportunity of movement/settling in the repaired area is extremely unlikely... so unlikely that we guarantee the areas we pier with our Transferrable Lifetime Warranty. The same cannot be said about the areas that were not piered, but representatives try to identify all problem areas and suggest the most comprehensive repair to avoid future problems.

Will all Cracks in the Brick Walls Close Once the Foundation is Corrected?
If you mean will they close to the exact position they once were, probably not. Our technicians are absolute experts at knowing when and if it's possible. However, to what extent cracks will close is impossible to predict. Many close completely. Our standard procedure is to tuck point any remaining cracks, and the areas repaired are guaranteed to be stable for the life of the structure.

Why Should I Select a Drive Rite Certified Contractor?
Drive Rite's commitment to quality products that are fully engineered and supported by the manufacturer will give you peace of mind that Mount Valley is of the highest standing in the areas of quality, efficiency, and customer service.  In other words, you are working with the most professional local contractor because that is what Drive Rite expects before the contractor is authorized to install the Drive Rite products.