Perspective on Families Helping Families - - Columbia, South Carolina

Perspective on Families Helping Families

Inside a dark warehouse in Columbia, the spirit of Christmas burns bright.  Everywhere you turned, there were piles of Christmas presents - and dozens and dozens of shiny new bicycles. But it's not Santa's workshop. It's the distribution warehouse for Families Helping Families, a joint effort of the Palmetto Project and WIS Television.

For 16 years now, Families Helping Families has helped the needy in the Midlands and their children at Christmas.

The Census Bureau tells us that more than one of every five South Carolina children lives in poverty, one of the highest rates in the nation. But in this season of hope, 15 hundred of you have come forward to help your neighbors. At a time when many charities are struggling, Families Helping Families is having its most successful year.

A record number of WIS viewers adopted a needy family, child, or senior. You shopped for gifts with care and kindness, and delivered them to the warehouse.  Many of you spent hundreds of dollars on your adopted family.  And Russell and Jeffcoat Realtors and GTS Associates made major gifts to program.

Now, that's a side of South Carolina that makes us proud to call this home.  Thanks to our donors -- and our many volunteers -- who gave so unselfishly in this people-to-people effort

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