Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies
Prep time:  30 min + (1 hour in freezer)
Cook time:  5 min
8 cookies made

1 cup self-rising flour (orig.  1½ cups)
¼ cup half light margarine, half shortening (orig.  ¼ cup each & stick margarine)
½ cup sugar (orig. ¾ cup)
Egg substitute equal to 1 large egg (orig. 1 whole egg)
1½ tsp vanilla
Cooking Spray

1. Cream together sugar, margarine and shortening.  Beat until it turns white in color.
2. Add egg substitute and vanilla and combine.
3. Slowly add flour (1/4 cup at a time) to mixture and beat until smooth.
4. Place dough in freezer for 1 hour.
5. Heat oven to 350º.
6. Sprinkle dough and hands with flour or powdered sugar.  Form dough into a ball.
7. On a well floured surface with a floured rolling pin.  Roll dough to ¼ inch thickness. Dough will become sticky so surfaces will need to be re-floured throughout rolling. 
8. Cut desired shapes out of dough and place them on a greased cooking sheet.
9. Bake for 3-5 minutes (until bottoms are just turning brown).
10. Allow to cool on wire racks before icing.

1 tsp  light margarine (for white icing use shortening)
½ cup  powdered sugar (use more if you want a thicker icing)
1 TB skim milk

1. Melt margarine.
2. Mix in ¼ cup powdered sugar.
3. Mix in 1 teaspoon of milk if needed to thin icing.
4. Continue adding sugar and milk until desired consistency is reached.

Nutrition Facts (1 cookie with 1 tablespoon icing):

181  calories (35% fat)
5g fat
1g saturated fat
20g sugar
252mg sodium
Original Recipe Nutrition Facts (1 cookie with 1 tablespoon icing):
305 calories (50%)
13g fat
3g saturated fat
26g sugar
378mg sodium