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(National-Consumer Reports) December 4, 2006 - Having a cold can be miserable, and using a scratchy tissue just makes matters worse. Consumer Reports recently tested six facial tissues which claim to be ultra-soft.

If you've got a nasty cold, you don't want a scratchy tissue. Some tissues are hypoallergenic, some have lotions, and many claim to be strong. But by far, you'll most typically find that tissues claim to be soft.

Consumer Reports just tested six types of tissue - from Puffs, Kleenex, and Scotties - to see which brand really is the softest.

"To evaluate softness, we assembled our trained sensory panelists and we asked them to feel tissues for smoothness, graininess, and fuzziness."

To evaluate the tissues, panelists first ran their fingertips along the surface. Next, sensory panelists gathered tissues in the palm of their hand to feel the stiffness of the tissue and how easily it conformed to the palm of the hand.

And the tests didn't stop there.

Maxine Siegel says, "Then we asked the panelists to gently rub the tissues on the most obvious place, under their noses."

Consumer Reports also tested for strength, because a soft tissue that isn't strong doesn't do you much good.

Testers used a machine called an Instron which measures the strength by recording the force needed to pierce each tissue.

It turns out Scotties soft and strong was the weakest tissue, with a little less than half the strength of the strongest tissue.

In the end, the strongest, softest tissue turned out to be Puffs Ultra by a nose.

So it's worth reaching for this cold and flu season.

Two other very soft tissues in Consumer Reports tests were the Puffs plus lotion aloe & vitamin e and the Kleenex anti-viral.

Posted 1:58pm by Bryce Mursch

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