Cold Case Mystery Update: Woman gives surviving girl reminder of her mother

(Gaston) December 1, 2006 - A WIS viewer was touched by our interview with Kelly Shivers about her murdered mother, and had just the thing to comfort the young girl who grew up without her mother.

Kelly told WIS, "I don't remember how she dressed or how she did her hair, makeup. The only thing I really remember is the way she smelled. She wore White Diamonds perfume. I'll never forget that."

Kelly's mother Merry was killed five years ago during a robbery at the Piggly Wiggly in Cayce.

Carol Adams was watching when Kelly talked about missing her mother's perfume. Adams had a full bottle of White Diamonds perfume.

Adams says her mother also wore the scent and she died two months ago. She says she had a bottle of White Diamonds she never got to give her mom and Friday night she gave it to Kelly.

Adams tells WIS, "When I heard her talking about her mother's scent and it being White Diamonds I thought that's what I had to do with the cologne."

Kelly was touched, "Nobody has ever done that since my mom died. Nobody has ever given me something like this. It means so much to me."

Kelly says this gift is even more meaningful because she's almost out of her mother's last bottle of the perfume. Her mother's murder case is still unsolved.

Posted 11:35pm by Chantelle Janelle